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Generic An AC Pre-order Customer and comments on Ultimate Edition and Console Support

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Mad Dog Pagan, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Mad Dog Pagan

    Mad Dog Pagan Rookie

    YES! I AM a very ANGRY long time sufferer of the dismal support this gamer has gotten in my case Xbox One. Game crippling bugs that get WORSE with every update, DLC and Updates that are MONTHS behind PC releases and absolutely NO EXPLANATIONS from Kunos. Did you learn this from Turn 10? Forza Motorsport 7 has been a disaster for them and you should LEARN from this. Like AC it's not a bad game in single player but multiplayer truly is a disaster.

    I am completely INSULTED you announce what appears to be the final release of AC with Ultimate and the game is still not even close to the PC version in either functionality or bug fixes. On Xbox the Ferrari DLC is still a total mess and we have YET to see the latest DLC but with the reports on PS4 that is probably a good thing. I feel this game is in the same league as Project Cars 1 that had so much promise but no delivery and was STILL heavily bugged when PC 2 was announced. Is that your plan? I'm not in and won't be until AC 2 is completely stable on console.

    Since consoles are now PC's and I know for a fact that what is developed for PC is easily adaptable to Xbox One with Microsoft's PC Development tools since after all, they are BOTH Win 10 PC platforms supported by a single development platform. With so many games on Xbox One supporting PC Mods I feel there is NO excuse that this shouldn't be in AC 2 AT RELEASE!

    Let's make some some current comparisons. Project Cars 2 releases bug fixes and DLC on the SAME day on consoles and PC and yes I'm aware the latest bug fix was delayed on console but they TOLD us WHY it was delayed. Communication! It's soon to be a Multi-platform game so I will be able to race PC Players. Take note. You NEED this on AC 2. Project Cars 2 with the latest update is truly an equal of AC and they've done a HUGE amount of bug fixes since release, why haven't you released any at all lately? PLEASE QUIT BLAMING the Microsoft Certification Process. If it works, it passes QUICKLY for release and the exception is September through November where the sheer volume for Christmas CAN and does overload the system. I know, I've worked there! No PIPPO10, you can't have my info. I'm on good terms with my former workers and I'm a contractor who may decide I want to put up with Seattle again.

    I'm a Die Hard Sim Racer and I've been racing since the very first PC racing games came out and my very first wheel was a CH Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals to race World Circuit because there were NO wheels yet. When I worked for Intel I helped Thrustmaster develop their very first wheel because then they were an American company in Beaverton Oregon. I've been doing this a VERY long time. You had Xbox wheels because I worked on the Microsoft 360 wheel and also worked with Fanatec on the Porsche wheel and qualified both. I have raced my whole life and started in quarter midgets and moved up to SCCA Class F racing Triumph Spitfires. I have owned two Ferrari's, a Group C Prototype and an Indy Car and actually know how to set up a race car and race it. I actually know how a race car should feel on the track.

    Let me end this on a POSITIVE note. I don't HATE AC and feel it is has been by far the best Console Sim out there but the support has been dismal AT BEST as has been the attention to ensure DLC actually works and Online truly sucks. I don't know if this is 505 or Kunos's failure but you HAVE to fix it. If Ultimate comes out in the current games state the reviewers will absolutely shred it and the You Tubers will show it. You really need to quit treating consoles as the hated step child to the PC. I for one just HATE the PC Eliteism that exists against Console Sim Racers including the companies that produce the games. Are we a smaller market? I believe Forza 7 proved we aren't.

    I love AC but I WILL NOT accept the excuses people give in the forums for your lack of attention and lack of communication. This is MY opinion as a customer of Kunos Simulazion and 505 Games and my concerns PRIOR to you moving on from AC. I fully expect this thread to be removed but, I've had my say and I'm sure there are other fans and customers who feel the same.

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  3. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I lost it at owning group C prototype and Indy car.

    But he has the point on how console version isn't really as good as it should be.
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  4. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    He’s bang on when it comes to updates, bug fixes, dlc, then more bugs, customer support. He also forgot to mention the complete wipe out of all saved data after a years play on xbox, game reset back to day 1, unable to save a setup for first 9 months. It’s still the best Ffb/physics on Xbox though. He’s also bang on right about the multiplayer it’s playable yes, buts it’s just terribly thought out, when compared to race games of the last 5 years on Xbox.

    I wouldn’t have used project cars as a go to example of how to get it right though, yes they do release more proformance related patches, but p cars 2 does weird things, and suffers from all the same save data bugs as AC.

    Michael Hornbuckle that’s a shocking reply from a pc player who has the complete game, and clearly enjoys AC on PC, and who’s been involved in AC from the early days.
  5. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If microsoft has issues with its own as turn 10 pretty much is an MS developer then its quite likely an issue with the platform more then anything else. PC doesnt have to deal with the submission BS of consoles and if T10 has issues then really not much chance a 3rd party dev will have less issues.

    Its a bit sad to here the Xbox version is a bit of a lemon but there is a reason why PC is easier to develop for with steam allowing devs to publish multiple fixes per day if needed. On console it takes weeks to months for an update for who knows what reason and it seems MS is worse at this then Sony.
  6. Almost as shocking as a high level senior programmer with Intel that owns and races top level racecars spending his time crying about a console game in a forum; hard to believe he peels himself away from his twenty two year old supermodel third wife long enough to shed virtual tears over a video game.
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    LOL I didnt get that far into the rant, took another read beyond the second paragraph.

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  8. I'm honestly surprised he didn't mention the supermodel female or include a thinly veiled threat of legal action.

    Anyways, as a PC player I do want to try and help his situation, so I am sending thoughts and prayers his way.
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  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    This is forum gold just had to quote it unless he goes and edits out this goodness. :oops::eek::D

    I love people that think their Forza "career" is reality. I mean not one but two Ferraris, then tops it off with a Group C Proto and an Indycar. Thats some fine garage for somebody complaining about a $50 max game on a few hundred dollar console. ;)
  10. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    Pubg has had 8 patches in the last 9 weeks, so clearly there is a way to push updates out on Xbox , that being said Kunos and sms seem to struggle to get updates out as quick as other developers.
    Also the box standard Xbox is so underpowered, I’d imagine this has something to do with some performance issues, I have the x now and AC runs smoothly. All that being said the Xbox being underpowered isn’t a excuse, Kunos released the game on the platform so the game should run smoothly.
    My mane gripe is the disparity between the customer support on pc, compared to console, they might be able to get a patch through steam quickly, but they still have to do the work and submit it, on console they just leave it months then submit, most the time, the Bugs that are present haven’t been fixed, no excuse for that, and the patches always break something else. The QA side on console is shocking. Look at the PlayStation side this week, it’s unbelievable, they even managed to push a hot fix patch through Sony within a week, which hasn’t fixed the crashes. The lads on the forum are basically beta testing it, instead of racing on it, and apparently all the challenges which come with lacuna aren’t there either.
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  11. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Definitely a good thing.

    This has been said since forever and nothing hasn't changed. Just like some people will never understand the frustration. Guess It's always easier to blame the platforms or their holders, instead of who's actually in charge of developing a game.
  12. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Yes,console Assetto Corsa is flawed. It is also genius. I just appreciate the good stuff which, I think, far outweighs the bad. Glass half full. We've never had it so good.

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  13. Luciano Micale

    Luciano Micale Simracer

    i think no one here is offended(but i like very much the picture)we console users are only fearing that AC will be left like this...with bugs unsolved. it's now clear it will never be like pc version...but at least pleaseeeeee developers left us something working without bugs.
  14. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    In a thread some months ago I told to Kunos that they realized a very good product and that I appreciated it for real but at the same time I suggested them to revise their Communication approach. It is also true that sometimes I have seen on this forum people acting like children and complaining for anything.
    Kunos is free to do not proceed with the fixing of the Real bugs affecting at today the console versions but tell it to the people in a proper manner should be fair and I should appreciate it. Anyway for me AC is and remain a great product.
  15. Mad Dog Pagan

    Mad Dog Pagan Rookie

    Let me clear some misconceptions about my post. My 22 year old model wife just got her first social security check and she put up with my racing obsession my whole life. I am NOT a senior software engineer but DO have a doctorate in Electrical Engineering specializing in Test Engineering and spent my whole career at intel. When I retired I got bored and started contracting that eventually put me at Xbox in various jobs. My income paid for my family and stock options paid for cars and racing.

    I first got into Sim Racing to keep up my racing edge and completely and intimatly know every track I can and has certainly made me a better racer. Why console race? Because it is a STABLE PC platform that isn't continually requiring hardware updates. I do race on a PC but I use a Surface Pro 4 tied into my racing chassis and it works fine with the added graphics option.

    As for competition there used to be private lobbies in FM 6 that were awesome but like AC they went to hell in FM 7!

    Why do I hang out in the console forums, and I do comment in ALL of them, not just here. I want console games to equal their PC counterparts and I believe consolers should be treated equally and we are not but the game companies will take your money and give you defective product sometimes unplayable and not even acknowledge there is a problem and that's the issue with Kunos. I paid for a defective game with defective paid DLC and no word as when if ever, you're going to fix it or just move on and never fix it. I used Project Cars 2 as an example because they ARE listening to their users and COMMUNICATING with them and doing a tremendous job putting out bug fixes and their console DLC actually works! In closing I'll stand by what I said about AC and the same is true about Forza. Only a buy AFTER it's fixed for the next version.
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  16. Yatzeck

    Yatzeck Racer

    Console market is a place with the money to earn. If somebody don’t want this money...? It is up to them. Guys this is your money. You create this market. Don’t complain just spend your money on something elese.
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  17. MaxStrong01

    MaxStrong01 Racer

    I agree with you that hte console market at the end is larger than the PC one but what we do not know is how much are the profit in this market compared to the PC. The question is: are them large enough to be attractive for a company and for a product like AC?
    On the basis of the moltitude of games present on the console market (many also with a lower sales level than AC) we could assume yes but do we know how much is the difference in terms of cost to develop a Racing Simulation compared to other types of products? In a Racing Simulation you have for sure to buy cars and tracks licenses and I am sure they are very expensive. Regarding the missed fixing of the bugs affecting our console version could it be due by a financial problems arising by the lower profit on PS4/XB1? I do not know but it could be.
    I do not want be longer tedious but with what above I wished only highlight that sometimes that the things are not simple and to understand what really is going on is not easy. So what is really missing? I should say The COMMUNICATION that IMO can be massively improved.
  18. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    There is no joke for me when he says he is Ayrton Senna and owns General Motors.

    The joke comes when he pretends that people in an internet forum believes that without any proof.


    You realise they promissed the game would be otherwise, right?
  19. This is an other post where PC player are always acting like tards with many excuses that have nothing to do here.

    I'm clearly bored of this pointless classical answer by the Pc player "this doesn't suits you? buy a PC or leave it".

    I'm 125% sure that if things goes the other way (pc forgotten and console in 1st position of updates etc) all PC gamer will be crying like babys.

    But for now, they are right, because they have the "good plateform", and it's not acceptable for them to think the other way.

    By the way, i'm sure that my answer will be deleted because i'm just saying the truth.
  20. Yatzeck

    Yatzeck Racer

    PC for me is a tool in my work. Console is for me to entertain. AC, F1 2017, P CARS 2, GT Sport and my Logitech wheel is the best what I have now to spend good time. One of the factor when I leave my games in PC are console versions of my beloved sims. AC disapoints me much, much, much. Compare to PC version AC for console is a joke. But there is a competition on the market in which Kunos and 505 Games, as we see, are not interested.
    I think tomorow we will see more in this indifference.
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