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ACC Blog An Italian, Hungarian, German and Greek meet at a... Belgian bar...

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Aristotelis, May 28, 2019.

  1. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    What do you do when it’s lunch time in Kunos HQ just one day before release?
    Well, obviously you set up a 20 minutes race to test the server and the ratings. Minolin asks for volunteers and me, Gergő, Davide Brivio and a beta tester join the server.

    We find a wet Spa track, sun and 22°C and puddles… What to do? Should I put the wet tyres and play it safe, or go for the slicks and risk it? I go for the slicks. Fast! Into the setup screen, safe setup with bit more rear brake bias, slicks but high pressure because I know I won’t be able to warm them up, a click here… or a click there… maybe… times up! There's a big countdown in the UI but I'm an idiot and I miss the opportunity to go to the grid so I have to start from the pits. Luckily the system lets me out of the pits, while the others are doing a full formation lap. I have to catch them but I’m dead last and a bit further away.

    Green light! We are racing. I go up the Eau Rouge in 4th gear an still holding for dear life! Just after the pit exit there’s an enormous puddle that crosses the whole road width. Keep your foot steady at over 200kmh while there’s simply no contact with the surface… I’m flying over the water. Keep your breath and the wheel steady… it only lasts a tenth of a second but seems like ages


    After the long straight we start dancing in the turns. The kerbs are deadly, better stay away from them. I’m trying to find grip lines, trying to put the car straight to accelerate, otherwise I either slide too much or the TC is slowing me down. I try to modify the ABS level to see how much I can push the braking zones.
    On the voice chat I can hear the other guys having difficulties as well. The beta tester has already spun on a puddle. Gergő is on slicks on the Nissan GT-R 2016. That’s a hell of a difficult car to handle on slicks. Sure he has plenty of power down the straights, but there’s tons of turbo lag and all that torque and lack of traction surely doesn’t help him. I can hear him complaining… nah scratch that, I can hear him breathing heavily everytime he is trying to tame the beast!

    Kevin isn’t on a much better situation. He has the big BMW M6. Talk about massive torque and power delivery… but he is not complaining about traction, he is complaining about overheating tyres. He has wets! He is telling us he is actively searching for wet spots to cool down his tyres. But his choice does pay dividends in the early laps, as he clearly makes a big gap from Gergő and Davide.

    Davide by the way is on the Aston Martin Vantage V12. How he manages to deal with the savage V12 and the lack of downforce on slicks, is a mystery to me. I’d like to hear more from him, but there’s complete silence. He is not talking. He is probably not even blinking. It pays off as he gets closer and closer to the struggling Gergő.

    Back in front Kevin is doing his best Hamilton impression. “We did you put those tyres on me? I think I can feel a bit of blistering, is that possible Aris? Should I go for pitstop? How much time I would lose? What TC should I use? Oh it’s overheating again!”

    I’d love to tell him to use more TC intervention, to keep it smooth and bring some brake bias to the back. To go outside the drying line to cool down a bit the tyres… but I can’t. I can see that I’m gaining and I have to push. I’m trying a click less TC and almost lose it at the Blanchimont! I barely touched the outside kerb and had a big moment. Up one click again on TC. But I keep pushing the brake bias rearwards and it helps. I don’t do more than a click at at every turn but I keep doing it and I end up with 1.6% less. My turn in improves and I can push even more.

    Laughs and courses on the voice chat! What happened?
    Gergő was still struggling in the braking zone of the bus stop. Davide was catching fast on him and he thought he was letting him pass… dived in the inside but Gergő was closing. A touch, a spin, Italian appreciation words, mixed with Hungarian classic education and thanksgiving poems.
    I chuckle in greek and keep on pushing as I see them in the horizon.

    The track is getting better, I can feel the steering wheel getting heavier. Before I can say something about it, Gergő confirms my impression. “I can finally brake later and getting some traction out of corners!”. Davide is too busy pushing and pulling away on his Aston. Kevin is the only one not happy about the situation. The pit radio says we’re at half way through and Kevin shouts something in German… my impression is it wasn’t a nice word but it’s german so it might have said he loves us all… who knows.
    “My tyres are fire red what should I do!?! I feel vibrations and loss of grip!”
    I reply: “You’re overheating and when overheated they wear down faster, take it easy.”

    I’m behind Gergő now, he is deep in trouble I can see it. All I have to do is prepare my overtake on this exit and… I touch the exit kerb. The rear end snaps and I’m like 20 degrees sideways. After a shoulder dislocation, an ankle sprain and 2 heart bypass, I’m still alive. Gergő must have had something similar happening to him because he remains more or less at the same distance. I go into the inside at T1 and an easy overtake. Davide is there in front of me so I must keep concentrate and push.

    I’m in a good rhythm now, I’m behind Davide’s Aston. Sorry about that… but what an ***! This car is so sexy! Now I drive the Lambo, it has a massive V10 engine that screams at any rev range. Still, I can hear that V12 tearing apart the time space fabric. It’s amazing. On every exit Davide is pushing hard on the accelerator and I can actually hear the TC trying to control the V12, cutting some of the cylinders off… but he has so many… cylinders I mean. I can clearly catch him under braking and mid turn, but at every exit, once he manages to put down the power I almost can’t hold his slipstream.

    I keep the pressure on him and I notice that on some turns the engine doesn’t seem to cut so much as before. The rear end moves a bit more too. Has he changed his TC level? And… can I really hear that?!
    I have to take a move now, he is holding me back. I prepare my exit at the bus stop and at the T1 I dive into the inside headlights flashing, V10 screaming at every downshift, ABS trembling while the inner front wheel is locking… I can see Davide staying very wide… he want’s to cross lines and pass me on the exit… I’m finishing wide, I know that, I try my best to keep it together.
    The T1 has some puddles in the middle, I somehow manage to stab the accelerator and rotate the car. I know face the exit and accelerating but I know I’m slow. I’m looking for Davide, nowhere to be found. I can’t hear his engine, I can’t see him on my side… where is he?
    I better look behind and there he is, facing the wrong way at the corner exit. He had lowered his TC trying to gain on exit speed and defend from me. He overdid it and the puddles took him by surprise. He was still on slicks to remember.
    “He spun!” I shout and a collective “oooh” from the other guys comes through the headphones.
    “Damn I had lowered the TC to keep you back!” Davide shouts!

    “What laptimes do you do?” Kevin is asking. He is far ahead but in big trouble.
    I’m doing 28s while he is lapping high 30s. We have just 3 laps to go, no way I can get him, but he is having problems so I’ll just keep on pushing and see what can happen.
    I do a 27, and another one, while he is doing 31s, there’s hope!
    But there’s something strange. Kevin is no longer complaining of the tyres on the voice chat. “Kevin, how’s your tyres? What’s going on?”
    “I’m saving them for your attack, I can lap and keep them ok now…”
    I have nothing else to lose, this is the time to attack. I start widening my lines, occasionally going over the kerbs. It’s very slippery but if you land on them straight you can handle them. It’s a risk, but I have to take it. I can see him at the Kemmel straight. At every turn exit I see him going into the next one and I get closer and closer… We’re now going to Blanchimont and I’m ready to take my risks. Until now I would brake enter in steady gas and be very careful. This time I don’t brake. I let go the gas for a tenth of a second and then I turn in. The Lambo is sliding and moving around and I can see the outside kerb coming in fast… I’m on the limit and I know the Lamb won’t forgive me. I see the kerb, there is nothing I can do to avoid it so I go wide and just easy a bit the accelerator… just enough keep the car together. The intelligent penalty systems sees that, counts the amount of time gained and decides I don’t need a penalty… but it is no use.
    Kevin is away safely exiting the bus stop and crossing the finish line. He pushed on the last lap, he cooked his tyres but he kept the 1st place.

    On the voice chat Gergő and Davide are still exchanging Italian appreciations and Hungarian congratulations. We join the discussion and we realise it was just 20 minutes test…

    Someone please convince Marco that the 3 hours race that is about to start is for pure testing purposes!

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  3. xHyper

    xHyper Staff Member

    I can't wait for this release, really need to do another one ASAP :D
    Stickdeath1980 likes this.
  4. Psit

    Psit Alien

    Push the button.
    bgil66 likes this.
  5. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    But then go we for the full hour..

    .. no wait. 20mins was just fine. How about 18?
    chksix likes this.
  6. pastranario

    pastranario Racer

    Excellent story..
    Waiting for the output version. !!!
  7. PabloVND

    PabloVND Racer

    ¿How you get access before release?
  8. hi, sorry for OT but will the NSX be released tomorrow or it will be part of future dlc?
  9. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Awesome stuff, reading that was like watching a replay, better in fact :).
  10. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I wonder if any of this really happened or did you just write this whilst sitting around watching dirty movies like the rest of us. Either way it's a nice way to earn some coin... :p:D

    Congrats Kunos devs, bloody tip top effort! :cool:
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
    Aseeth, Son and anthony galmiche like this.
  11. xHyper

    xHyper Staff Member

    we're developing it mate :D
  12. pazzi008

    pazzi008 Racer

    THAT'S what I'm expecting to feel playing ACC! Thanks for the story Aris :D
    LeDude83 likes this.
  13. Lino Carreira

    Lino Carreira Hardcore Simmer

  14. sairuscz

    sairuscz Gamer

    Fun reading:). What time will it release tomorrow GMT?
  15. Aston 4 life!!!
    Son and Salvatore Amato like this.
  16. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I'm not sure if it's more probable that he came up with all of that out of the nothing :D
    Dookie, manuel_rendo, dek and 2 others like this.
  17. xHyper

    xHyper Staff Member

    We are patiently working on polishing the build as much as we can. The release date is confirmed May 29th, scheduled during the afternoon.
    Dookie, vanveen, sairuscz and 3 others like this.
  18. ignission

    ignission Simracer

    Oh man, 1.0 can't drop soon enough, great post!
  19. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    True. I guess your right... Lambo rear ends must really get his creative juices flowing then...:D:p
  20. vandella1

    vandella1 Rookie

  21. aaaaaah awesome!
    Last edited: May 28, 2019

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