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XB1 Any teams/leagues on XBOX ONE?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by CheatingTJ, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. CheatingTJ

    CheatingTJ Gamer

    I'm looking to race but theres always just a few people online and it's always Nurb training or drifting. And when you find a race, people usually leave after a crash.

    So, is there any teams or leagues that race on XBOX ONE and use American/BR time? It's hard for me to race with people from Europe/Asia because of the time difference.

    If any, I'm interested to race with you guys.
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  3. GT3RS

    GT3RS Rookie

    Same here mate. I'm based in the UK though.
  4. Fearlesstrav

    Fearlesstrav Rookie

    Beginner here also an it’s the same story in 2020 ...I’m searching for a racing team or community......did u join any or do u kno any I can join? Thanks in advance
  5. ReconHI

    ReconHI Rookie

    For the USA/NA folk, I just joined PSR, Prestige Sim Racing, pretty good group of guys, and private servers for members. https://discord.gg/Nzbnxjr

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