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Anybody know ?

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Mexanico83, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Mexanico83

    Mexanico83 Rookie

    Anyone know if they have any news if the AC will have variable weather like rain fog night races etc?

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  3. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    It should be common knowledge by now, that those features you mentioned, will not come to AC1, due to engine limitations, and a choice in design.
  4. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Yes there will Ace, just play it outside. :)
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  5. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    The ultimate in immersion!
  6. Mexanico83

    Mexanico83 Rookie

    I'm actually regretting buying AC.
  7. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Please don't cry near the Oroville Dam! AC is the best sim you will get on a console for a very long time. I'm sad you do not like it, maybe you have grown used to the instant win racing games you have been fed by the console developers. Think of AC as a very steep learning curve and you have never touched a car before. Start with the little cars and work your way up. As the good old saying goes, Crawl before you walk, walk before you run, run before you fly.

    Don't give up, try, try and try some more.
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  8. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Simracer

    have to disagree on that, just the lack of options that other games have is killing the experience for me. Setting so extremely high in the cockpit and dash cam feels just to unreal. Its currently causing me to keep trying to change cars to find one that resembles the feeling like I'm setting in a race car. I cant get to the point were I'm testing car handling because these views are so high up. Its causing it to have such a disconnected feeling. It feels like im driving in the chase cam or something but I'm driving cockpit view and dash cam. Unless I'm mistaking, and I hope I am and please correct me if I'm wrong, I cant even run apps like crewchef, Vhud and so on in the console version like other games. The game play is being limited to much by want is missing in the option menus.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
  9. Mexanico83

    Mexanico83 Rookie

    Until the 1600 atari endura had weather variation
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  10. But no racesim has so far real rainphysics in addition that the KI use the same physics as players. Pcars for example have rain but you run nearly the same laptimes like in the dry, because they can't handle the AI in rain.
    So they make they physics after 1 or 2 months nearly like the one in the dry, because the community can't catch up the AI. It looks great but I reality you run dry physics under rain. Looks great but nothing what kunos ever would do.
    Only F1 2016 can handle different weather in a believable way, but even here no sim physics. But they give me the best immersion.
  11. Badi1994

    Badi1994 Rookie

    I'm still impressed how dry tarmac can feel - did not even think about weather missing...

    I feel like Kunos are perfectionists who take quality before quantity - and this can be seen in every bit of AC.
    14 tracks instead of 30+, but made in the detail to be seen nowhere else. Just under 100 cars instead of many hundreds, but every car has all it's real life systems working as it should.

    As for me this is how every developer should do. Kunos are a great thing to happen to gaming industry.
  12. Yes for sure but I'm missing some tracks that I would love to drive with AC like Hockenheim new and classic, Paul Ricard, oulton park, Salzburgring or Oschersleben. Really sad that console never will get mods.
  13. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    so you think a sim that is in constant stutter mode is the best on console, a sim that is half complete on console, a sim with some pretty basic bugs in it, is the best on console. omg lol

    The only award it gets for best on console is the handling model, all the rest is pretty awful.
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  14. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that! :(
  15. TeKnO-_-91

    TeKnO-_-91 Racer

    good for you!
  16. Mexanico83

    Mexanico83 Rookie

    I said that because all I hear about this game is no, no da, no such as. Like I said before I like the game a lot but it has many bugs like for example it does not start right a race it stays stopped and the camera stays static when it goes out with the car and etc, I hope it p game right, just wanted an attention Higher by kunos for the consoles. thank you . Sorry if the translation is not good. I'm from Brazil and I do not know English.
  17. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    How do you say "beta candidate" in Brazil?
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