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Anybody using a T500rs ??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ray HT, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Ray HT

    Ray HT Simracer

    Hi guys ...
    Changing my wheel to either a T500rs or the Fanatec csw base , but can`t make my mind up which one to get ???
    I`m using a csr elite at the moment but find the wheel to small and want to be able to change wheel types etc ,,

    Any ideas what to go for ??

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  3. Well CSR-Elite is basically a CSW, and you can buy F1 wheel for it. If I were you I wouldn't change it.
    I have CSW and it's great, probably a bit better than T500RS.
  4. Ray HT

    Ray HT Simracer

    Yeah your right , although I think the csw has two motors and an extra port for another shifter etc ....
    I have seen the F1 wheel but that`s all they are doing for the elite , I would like the larger M3 wheel as well , so its a problem as with the T500rs you can also change wheel rims / types ...
    Also the T550 rs has a good write up on it but it don`t as strong as the Fanatec stuff ...
  5. Darren Blythe

    Darren Blythe Hardcore Simmer

    I have both, but prefer the T500 personally. The build quality isn't as good but it has more torque, faster response and less dampening which i like. Not to mention the fact, it doesn't break down lol. The CSW is an awesome piece of engineering if you can put up with some niggles. It's just personal preference really.
    The two main downsides to the T500 are the static paddles (for the stock rim) and the noisy fan. I modded mine to alleviate both those issues and couldn't be happier. This thread might help:

  6. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    The static paddles are probably the best quality of any wheel though...
  7. Ray HT

    Ray HT Simracer

    Cheers Darren , That`s a great help .....
    Do you have just the standard rim for it ? , as I would like the F1 add on rim just for the open wheelers ....

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