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Anybody willing to share Audi driving experiences?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Bob Peirce, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    Since I own a Cayman that's what I've been driving and I'm getting pretty good with it. However, I'm thinking of getting an S7 or RS7 this year so I thought I would try the S7 mod on street tires.

    I'm having a heck of a time controlling it. It takes forever too brake because of its weight and all four wheels slide in the corners at any speed much above walking, or at least it feels that way. It also understeers something awful, although that is to be expected with a front engine AWD car. Maybe I'm getting the best I can out of it but it sure doesn't feel that way.

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  3. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    I think I may be getting the best out of it. I just have expected too much. This is a sedan, not a sports car. I took it out on the Nordschleife and just backed off. I was 45 sec slower than the Cayman, but I never really got loose. I just had to remember to brake a lot earlier and carry slower speeds thru the corners. I think I will be able to improve my times but it will never be a Cayman. Because of the extra power it is a real demon on the straights but you have to spend a lot more time slowing it down for the corners.
  4. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    Much better. On most tracks the S7 seems to be about 5% slower than the GTS. I got to about 20sec slower on the Nordschleife. However, I did encounter one thing I've never seen before. There is one really hard compression and twice I managed to destroy the engine!! The first time I had no idea what was going on. The car just stopped. The second time I figured it out. The engine was red on the damage display. After that I was careful not to hit that spot too hard.

    Another thing is this car sucks gas. Generally, because of time I try to run about six laps. I'm not sure I could make six laps on a full tank. The tank holds 75L and I use almost 13L per lap. That's less than 4mpg. I've never exactly checked the GTS, but I get about 9mpg on track in my R. What's interesting is both the S7 and the R have equal Highway ratings. I guess they never use full throttle for that.

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