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Anyone tried motion yet with ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SteelyEyedMissleMan, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    Most of us started with 2DOFs, many with wipers motors. Once you have done that and you got it working, you got 95% of the knowledge you need to go bigger.
    Many have stopped there, with a 2dof, maybe adding traction loss, because for car simulation is more than enough. Just upgrade to better components (motors, hall effect pots, etc)

    I can tell you the better part of the process is the building process itself. Getting the knowledge.
    Just don't rush, read all the FAQs, and view as much projects as you can, there already are hundreds of working DIY ones nowadays

    Good motion
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  2. Thanks kindly @metalnwood for that detail, I'll pm ya for the links. Started trying to source bits - I figure I'll start stock piling the parts now potentially a good xmas holiday project to get the actuators running. I can see it's a hip bone connected to the leg bone project. Actuators need something to mount to, current rig won't do, so will need to change to 8020, that will change current rig monitor setup, rig monitor setup will need to......

    Like a lot of things in life :) Cheers @Blamer
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  3. metalnwood

    metalnwood Simracer

    Yes, I have a steel frame I made a while back and while it has been very good it's not idea as may hardware has changed. So I will go to the 8020.

    My plan there is to build a simlabs p1 copy using 8020 sourced in nz. It will be about $800 cheaper than buying and shipping one.
  4. @metalnwood, @SteelyEyedMissleMan Gents, if it would help either of you to compare to one of the Next Level Motion V3 units, I am not far from either of you here in Glenfield

    It is mounted into a Simlabs P1 80/20 frame with HPP pedals/Sim-plicity SW20+ DD and I have the OG Vive also if either of you haven't tried VR yet (with a Pimax 5K on the way next year).

    If you get stuck with measurements etc in pulling together your locally sourced 8020 copy Metal, happy to help there as well.
  5. metalnwood

    metalnwood Simracer

    The world is getting small. Steely and I have just established he works with my brother and now you turn up :)

    I moved to VR with the DK2 and never went back, I cant do flat screen any longer. I would never pass up the opportunity to try nice gear I have never tried. We have the same pedals and more or less the same DD, I have the small mige with a simucube build. I have not tried racing on a motion platform yet though.
  6. I can't go back either...AMS for example is a great game but if there is no VR support it just isn't the same, I preordered the Vive from launch so that was my first introduction to VR but for sims in general it is transformative.

    I am running the NLM V3 but have gone a cheaper route with Arduino Uno based vibration using 8 xbox controller motors, so you can try that out as well if you don't have shakers yet. Very cheap to do and very effective.. particularly on the pedals and shifter...also a great combo with VR as it adds a lot to the immersion.

    I randomly saw the post and thought I would give my 5 cents then realised you lot were already on the shore lol, it really is a small world. Rope in a few more and we can just about manage a zero latency racing league!
  7. McNappa

    McNappa Simracer

    this looks like a good add on
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  8. The world gets smaller and smaller. I would be keen to come check out the P1 at some point, and maybe try VR again although I think I know what the outcome will be (would have to do it towards the end of a day so I don't ruin my whole day being sick!)

    I assume the answer is "it doesn't flex"- I would be very interested seeing exactly how sturdy the P1 is.

    @Sustained Silent Reading @metalnwood A meeting of the minds one arvo/evening next few weeks perhaps?
  9. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    The P1 is insanely sturdy, the nature and internal design makes it stupid rigid, more rigid then a race car I would say. Could not get mine to flex if I wanted to in any way
  10. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Not sure how you are for 8020 in NZ but I went through this process in Australia. The aluminium profiles were going to cost about $1k on their own at a minimum (I chased prices everywhere). Sim Lab were kind enough to supply the lengths of aluminium profile needed and are happy to sell you all the other bits needed for the P1 so you can get the profiles yourself. By the time I would have got all the t slot nuts, bolts, washers and brackets it would cost more then shipping a P1. In the end I just got the P1 from sim lab.

    Unless you are willing to make sacrifices on the aluminium profiles I doubt you will come out far ahead if at all. Sim Lab use aluminium from a manufacturer called Item24 btw
  11. metalnwood

    metalnwood Simracer

    @Serge M It will end up costing me about 1100 to make a copy of the P1. It's ~1850 nzd to get one in so quite a bit to be saved there.. That is counting that I have some spare aluminium plate and a CNC to make some of the other parts, not counting that as cost as it's only going to be a bit of my time.
  12. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Fair enough, I found the 40x160 profiles to be hugely expensive here, then all the bolts, nuts and corner connectors added up to a heap
  13. metalnwood

    metalnwood Simracer

    40x160 is 130nzd/M (120aud). All up the profile to get the same lengths that come with the p1 was about 900. connectors, nuts etc from china :)
  14. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Ahh, you are getting cheaper profiles. I wanted the same as sim lab uses so found the manufacturer here. Not sure if there is any diference really but I wanted the same stuff
  15. metalnwood

    metalnwood Simracer

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  16. Oooo... should have been putting on my "Aluminium Extrusion" hat on earlier. That would actually make me pause and consider the extra $ on the SimLab.

    From an engineering standpoint the design (and alloy) of the profile can make a big difference. Eg look at these two separate sections on Item24, they publish all the important engineering numbers.


    Now my engineering is suppppper rusty so this could all be wrong, that said the Ix values are what we're looking for.

    Ix = 31.81 cm4 for the light section, Ix = 52.72 cm4 for the normal section.

    The heavy section has a significantly higher resitance to torque forces. I would bet simlabs aren't using the light section for the vertical uprights...
  17. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Yeah, all the extrusion sim lab uses are the normal profile 8, no light stuff anyware. It’s resistance to any kind of flex is huge. It’s also all anodised giving it a really smooth and clean look, not sure all aluminium out there is anodised.

    I realise I sound like a promo guy here but have honestly done about 8 months of research and trying to avoid paying the roughly $500 aud to ship the thing and in the end just gave up and got it all from them, no regrets at all
  18. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Hey Serge, I know it's a tad late but did you by chance see the Rseat RS1?
    I got to shipped to Australia from Europe for $899 AUD and approx. $200 bucks import tax.
    How much did you end up paying for your rig?

    Product Model Quantity Price
    RS1 Black/Black RS1BB 1 $899.00AUD
    RS1 Buttkicker Upgrade Kit Black RS1BKB 1 $115.00AUD
  19. ''

    Yep it looks like I'll just end up paying the "Living in New Zealand" Tax.
  20. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    How much does it cost to ship to NZ on average? From Aus UPS would deliver 58kg for $76 NZD 4- 6 days.
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