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Anyone tried motion yet with ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SteelyEyedMissleMan, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. hodrob

    hodrob Gamer

    I'm planning to build a motion rig since a while, and as the weather getting colder, I'm getting closer-and-closer. :) The new born baby is still a barrier, but doesn't seem insuparable. :)
    I saw this SFX-100 project a while ago, and it was very interesting. I always wanted to build a seat-mover rig with traction loss. Like the one @Nick Moxley has. I'm wondering, which is the most fun: having heave with the 4 actuators, or traction loss? (I know, theoretically, I can add traction loss to the SFX-100 rig later.) Does it justify the huge price difference, or would I be happy with the original plan?
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  2. I got my rig from DOF Reality...

    6 DOF plus Traction loss.. $2800 bucks..
    The ACC experience is sublime.. You will never turn back.. :)

  3. hodrob

    hodrob Gamer

    Which one is that exactly?
    I'm rather a DIY person. I would miss that part, if I would buy a complete package.
  4. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    6Dof eh....Didn't know they released that yet.

    Or are you talking about the P3 ?
  5. Now obviously take this with a confirmation-bias-grain-of-salt. I tried the Simexperience 3dof (seatmover + traction loss) + GS5 seat part way through building my platform. For my tastes I prefer SFX-100/4 actuator.. the seat mover gives you more roll/pitch whereas the platform mover gives you more "road feel" through heave, just watch my video as you're going through curbs, and things like the end of the front straight as speed builds up and the track gets bumpy you get that feeling of suspension compression...which is *awesome*. Seriously the track just comes alive.

    I *loved* the GS5's back/side panels for cornering g-queing. The one I was in had road noise/texture coming through the bottom of the seat which was just plain weird. However the back panels were amazing. So if I could DIY up the back/side panels in the seat in combination with the SFX I think for me that would be "it" and done.

    Traction loss for me was a bit 'meh'. The other consideration in this rigs is how much space you need.. I'm constrained on a longitudonal space (ie behind the rig has to share with my other toy) so seat mover is a non starter.

  6. Ooops

    My bad .. 3 DOF P# traction loss
  7. Slowly tidying the rig up, got the screen mounted and done a quick video with the intensity levels wound up/exaggerated. This is actually too much to try and put any serious hot laps in so I dial it back quite a bit. You'll see the types of things it simulates if you look closely. In no particular order - juddering of traction control, heave on the straight as the track is undulating, my personal favourite on T2, the sideways loading/skipping of the car through corners.

    Also a quick walk around the rig showing the components of the motion system

    I'll do a full write up/video of my experience with it over the course of the next week or two and post a link to it.

    In short 10/10 would build again :)
  8. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Very nice videos, thanks for sharing. My favorite effect with the actuator system is the heave-effect but, the traction-loss (vibes), rev-limiter stumble and drive-line flex effects all work great too. If you play iRacing, most of the cars have very effective elasticity for the drive-component flex although, RaceRoom's is quite good too. Most titles have little - if any such effects, so it's good to know which titles offer them. Of course, Dirt Rally is even more fun with motion and AMS has the Super Trucks if you want to really test the full travel of the system over the jumps. :D
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  10. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Awesome project that I very much plan on replicating in the not too distant future. What is your thoughts on travel length of the actuators? Have read some people talking about going for 150mm but haven’t seen any actual builds
  11. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    I have no experience with the SFX100 system but, my D-box system is only 38mm of travel and it does a very good job for road racing use. Granted, more travel would allow greater angles for combined axis effects but, I hope to add a GS-5 seat or implement some form of sustained G-force system down the line. The 100mm of the SFX100 is 2.63 times the travel and that should be plenty for any road-racing duties and would be more convincing with Rally / RallyX / Super Trucks, etc. The longer the travel, the slower the transition speed, the less effective the results but, 150mm would be better with Flight Sim's for sure.

    The most impressive aspect of the actuator systems (imo) are the heave-effects which add a sense of suspension dynamics to the rig but, there is a limit to how much is useful. Beyond a certain point, a race car can feel more like a Rally car, even with only 38mm of travel in play. I think the 100mm travel is really pretty ideal for Sim-racing use because it can always be turned down to suit the vehicle. There's only so much any motion system can do; actuators excel at heave effects / seat-movers excel at momentary 2dof effects (mostly braking) but, I think the ultimate motion system is one which combines the best aspects of 2 or 3 different systems. The G-seat is said to provide the sustained effects very well and can enhance the actuator system quite effectively, even with braking forces (especially when a seat-belt harness is used).

    The NDA was just lifted from the GS-5 seat beta test so multiple reviews should be coming really soon. Unfortunately, I wasn't chosen to be among them but, I've been following developments closely.
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  12. I don't think you need/want 150mm actuators. There is plenty of movement with 100mm. Look at the first video in the review - it's really hard to convey the sensations, but intensity level is too high to put in serious lap times - that was "turned up" for the video. Maybe for flight sims. Or the roller coaster sim (yes I kid you not) might benefit from more travel.

    Yes I've tried the GS-5 :) on a SimExperience seat mover. (going and updating my review now, forgot to include that). I've got to say I'd take the concepts of the GS-5 with the SFX. I didn't like that I was swimming in the GS-5. I did *love* the panels on your back, going round corners is amazing. The way this particular one was setup the road effects were just plain weird. By putting pressure on your body you're more closely give cues to g-forces, as opposed to the seat mover's angles of rotation.

    The SFX absolutely gives you brake dive (it's fast enough to do it). It doesn't give you quite the same angle of rotation and the Seat Mover can be faster because there's less inertia.. however you have to be a masochist to want a higher velocity surge than want the SFX can do. I turned my down as it starts to become not fun.
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  13. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Yeah, the D-box does brake-dive, rev-limiter stutter and drive-train flex effects really well but, it's also not quite enough movement to be convincing with a seat-belt harness attached at the floor-level either. As a result, I have to choose what effects I want to focus on with limited range so, 3-4 inches of travel seems quite good.
  14. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Thank you. I've heard about people modifying the Geko and combining them with racing seats but, this it the first one I've actually seen. There is/was a Geko seat posted for sale at ISRTV for $750 shipped (USA) and I was tempted. Something like this might work pretty well but, not really an easy mod either. I'm considering adding G-force paddles to the bolsters on my existing sim-racing seat.
  15. Well, I just put someone in my rig who'd tried out a DBOX 6" unit yesterday. Paraphrasing the conclusion "sell the D-Box, build the SFX, pocket the difference"

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  16. get ready to launch your own company
  17. Oh it's not mine! - it's designed by a dude Saxxon66 and it's (mostly) open source. See here https://github.com/SimFeedback/SimFeedback-AC-Servo/blob/master/README.md

    I just blog my experiences as there's about $0.00 spent on marketing it :) people are finding out by forums/YouTube - it's a game changer as far as motion goes....
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  18. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    The SFX100 project is a DIY (non-commercial only) project intended to provide an affordable actuator-motion system for Sim-racing / flight -sim enthusiasts.
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