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Anyone using a gtx 680 or 770 (4gb)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Fahim, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    Anyone using a GTX 680 OR 770 (4GB) in a triple screen setup?
    Appreciate what scores your getting and what settings.

    I've bought to water blocks which are interchangeable with the 680 and 770 as they are more or less the same card but might sell them as someone on tomhardware forum has told me a single 970 will beat 680/770SLI.


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  3. GT1

    GT1 Racer

    My cards will hold their own with a 970 and walk away from a 780 or Titan in most games. I would expect a pair of 680s to really get up and leave a single 970 far behind, 770s too for that matter, in fact those two SLI set ups should walk past a 980.
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  4. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    Wonder how they fair with triples. I can't see Kunos making another AC within 5 years so as long as I get setup right for this game.
  5. I have a pair of 680 in sli with triple, while it's not a rocket it work ok, get around 80-120 FPS for spa in a quick race. for the game the setting is about medium
  6. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    you can't even max it out on sli. jese what resolution?

    can't you set max frames to 60 and run 60hz. what hertz do you run?
  7. no I can't max out, it drop in the 30-40 range
    6000x1080 (120 HZ) resolution with 2X AA, and enhance another 8X

    I have that card (GTX 680) since 3 years, so at the end of this year, I will upgrade to a 980SLI or the newest one
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  8. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    Is yours 4gb version btw?
  9. no 2GB, 3 years ago it seems there is no 4GB version
  10. Salajutsu

    Salajutsu Hardcore Simmer

    I have the 4gb 770, and I cannot max everything on triples, with 3 screens. Reflections low, low cube maps, no AA at all, 8x antistropic, and medium DOF quality, everything else max. With over about 10 ai it bogs down.
    It can run, but not full on. I do need to reformat, it's been a while, and before the official 1.0, at least 2x AA and slightly higher settings were fine. Games like BF4 run perfectly fine, and generally, it's a fine card for the price, but the 9xx series is probably better option overall.
  11. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    What resolution and herts are you running. I am getting more performance out of my gtx480 sli lol than what you just listed. Mate somethings not right there. You doing the nvidea inspector profile trick. 0045
  12. RC36

    RC36 Rookie

    I have 2 gtx 680 sli with triple screens and works great.
  13. I'm on the fence about getting another gtx 770 2gb for SLI, or just upgrading to a newer/faster single card.
    Since Oculus Rift is on the horizon, I have no clue what would be the best option here, but google helps, plenty of tests and reviews to give information to form an educated guess.
  14. 0045?
  15. 1karl1

    1karl1 Simracer

    I had a 680 2gb AC ran brilliant in triple screen . In the market for a GPU now myself and i'm looking at the R290 4gb as the best bang for buck card atm around that price range .
  16. Fahim

    Fahim Racer

    sorry, too vague. ninspec.jpg

    when I had problems getting both gpu's running at max capacity then used the above settings. Both of my cards are maxed out 99% when running. So I got more performance.

    I've left it like this even after 1.0 update.
  17. thx mate

    yeah, I have use that trick too, I get more performance also

    EDIT: in all fairness, if I remove the apps that I use, I can gain another 40 FPS, yes I have quite a few open (8 or somethings)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2014

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