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Anywhere for setups

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by AKAMAG, Sep 2, 2016.


    AKAMAG Rookie

    Hi all let me start by saying loving the game we just need a few patches to fix some known issues
    A couple of questions is there anywhere to obtain some decent setups new to this forum but see no setup section.
    Also does anyone know if they will be bringing advanced wheel settings for this game on the Xbox

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  3. cobra188d

    cobra188d Gamer

    race department, thesetupmarket.com or threads here and race department.
  4. We have started a Setup-section in the PS4-section.

    The PC-Players are on another version than the Console-Players. So you can't use their setups on Consoles as they have other specifications in the setup-screen.

    Maybe if the game is identical on Xbox and PS4 we can fold the setup-section together.

    Right now in the PS4-Version there is just my McLaren 650S-Setup which isn't fully developed right now.
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  5. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    Sadly the devs left you few options there too because the pc and console settings (Xbox One & PS4 are the same) are different. Here a couple of screenshots to show the setups are not in any meaningful way transferable. These are for the KTM Xbox from another thread but the same applies across all cars as far as I know.



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