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AOR AC League (GT3)

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by AOR Raikkonen, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. AOR Raikkonen

    AOR Raikkonen Rookie

    Hey! I'm here to reach out to the console players of Assetto Corsa and as you probably know private lobbies are coming very soon. So we AOR have decided to start to make a league for when they come out. If you are interested click the link here and it will take you to the interest thread. I hope you have a look around and find something you like!

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  3. TheMiz44

    TheMiz44 Rookie

    Great to see this! I have seen y'all in the past, and it seems like all of your times are based in the UK. Do y'all ever run anything with the times based in the US? I ask this because I am interested, but I work and go to college. This means, based on your race start time, I would only have one day that would allow me to be able to make it to a race. Anyways, great to see a website taking the initiative and seeing who is interested.
  4. AOR Raikkonen

    AOR Raikkonen Rookie

    If there was enough interest we could set one up
  5. TheMiz44

    TheMiz44 Rookie

    That would be great if that were to happen. I know a few people but not enough to fill lobbies. Any way I could help y'all out in seeing how much interest there is?

    Maybe some people could reply to this thread to help out in finding out as well. ;)
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