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Apex Cones and breaking cones

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Digitalcat, Apr 29, 2020.

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  1. Digitalcat

    Digitalcat Rookie

    As someone new to sim racing I wish to learn as much as possible, like racing lines and such other things, but personally I always found the actual racing line assist in games to be too distracting, focusing on rather what's in front of you, such as the line instead of looking further away into the distance for markers or reference points as well as the drivers in front which I rather want to do, which I think for beginners such as me, breaking cones and apex cones allow you to learn, instead of following a line and learning nothing.

    Now is my question if this will ever be implemented or the possibility for it? I loved this feature in GTSport and allowed me to be more aware of stuff around me, and I'm sorta missing it while learning new stuff in ACC, I think ACC could benefit a lot more of this than a racing line assist, which personally I think would only teach bad habits.

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  3. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Simracer

    Yes, those GT Sport Cones are easy to spot, but you don't need them!
    Every track has plenty of markers who help you to find your brake points
    I recommend to take a look at youtube
    "Aris.Drives" channel ()
    and also the drivers 61 Channel ()
    A lot of helpful hints and advices
    Have fun, welcome to ACC! :)
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  4. Digitalcat

    Digitalcat Rookie

    Thanks! :D

    I know there are markers in the track themselves already, and for tracks such as Monza I already know they out of my heart, it's more for tracks that I have never played such as Silverstone where I could really benefit of those cones as they would be in positions close where actual markers would be, thus teaching you the general area where to look and to search for, which a racing line just wouldn't do. Hence why I thought it would be a cool feature to include so people could learn as they play at a faster rate, instead of having to search up outside material. Keeps the player more involved within the game!
  5. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Simracer

    Game? o_O
    Sim! :D
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  6. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It's a good idea to have more than one preference point, if it's just a cone or board at the side of the road that could disappear during a race (they must be getting stolen by the locals or something) and leave you guessing again. A default brake position may not be suitable either, it may be fine at first but if you find you can brake later, it may end up behind you.

    There are guides on how to break down a track, how to judge the best line for you, which corners are most important and so on, I think I've watched a few of those driver 61 videos and they're good. There is a system and if you know the system you wont' have to worry about being told where to brake.
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  7. A good starting point is pick a track that is optimum and start braking where the asfalt all of a sudden goes way darker. That's the optimal condition, but it can be used as reference.
    From there you start to learn braking distances which you will be able to "musclememorize" for later. During green or fast track conditions, it's generally just adding 10-20m at most.

    I use distance boards, coloured guard rails, kerbstones...anything really.
  8. They can put all types of cones and boards around the track but what good is it if your reference point (that cone or board) is not there during actual races?

    The line assist should not be your point of focus... you should be looking down the track and using your peripheral vision to see braking points.
    Peripheral vision is how you will spot your braking markers later on anyway.

    I do not personally use the line and instead do laps picking up the pace over time and using references from onboard videos and track guides.
  9. Digitalcat

    Digitalcat Rookie

    Thanks for the tips, hoping I can learn from them, gonna watch those driver 61 videos and hope I learn something!
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