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Apex Online Racing - Simracing Community - 1000km Silverstone - 23.05.2020 - Sign up now!

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by khrop, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. khrop

    khrop Gamer

    Apex Online Racing is a simracing community which originally started out back in 2010 as a F1 league. Over time it grew to become the official F1 2017 and Project CARS GT3 League. To this date, AOR has hosted over 80 full-length racing seasons in 12 different games.

    We have just finished our second season of the ACC sprint league, which saw over 140 drivers signing up, dividing them into four distinct skill tiers. Right now, preparations are underway for season 3. We have just launched a Porsche Cup miniseries with double-header races and, depending on the success of our second endurance event, we will be creating an endurance league too. If you have any other ideas for a league, forward them to our staff! Our leagues are community-ran, our coordinators are volnteers from the community itself.

    Sign up at our website!
    Forum link
    Join our Discord community!
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  3. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    Where are your ACC servers located?
  4. I recommend this community. it's awesome.
  5. khrop

    khrop Gamer

    Hey, our servers are in Ireland :) this way our North American drivers have a reasonable ping.
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  6. khrop

    khrop Gamer

    Apex Online Racing is pleased to anounce that the sign ups for season 3 of our league are now open!

    For season 3, we have decided to introduce a number of important changes:
    • Calendar is 8 rounds in total (5x 60 mins and 3x 90 mins)
    • Championships will be Overall Points Leader and Team Championship after 8 Rounds
    • We will be using a driver stint window of 45 Min for Sprint Races (60M) and 75 Min for Endurance Races (90M) which means you will need to pit before the end of the stint window. After pitting the stint window will reset, this should help reduce bugged pitstops and if you have damage early you have more options available.
    • We will be using a Weather and Race Settings post for each round in addition to each tiers race threads
    • The AOR formation lap will still be in effect, however it will be done under the green flag. This means we won't use the built-in formation lap. The reason for this is the AOR formation lap allows the field to spread coming into Turn 1 and gives the Coordinators flexibility in case there are issues. Read AOR formation lap under 2.6 Manual Rolling Start.
    • We have introduced a number of changes regarding the penalty system. Penalties are much harsher now and use the in-game mechanics rather than our own mandated ones (drive through, stop and go).
    • If procedures and league adjustments are needed during the season we will do so especially with ACC updates
    Sign ups are still OPEN, we have 80 drivers already registered!

    League calendar:

    Anyone is free to sign up, as long as you have never been blacklisted from previous AOR Assetto Corsa Leagues.

    You should only sign up to the leagues if:
    • you intend to complete the full season.
    • you intend to be active on the forum.
    • you are a clean, fair and mature racer.
    After signing up, new drivers will be required to participate in at least one of the evaluation races, where we will check your racecraft. You will also be required to complete a 10 minute hotstint on Nurburgring, details in the "Time Trial" thread.

    Sign up to our community and sign up to the league!
    League rules
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  7. I will change my schedule to join this amazing league
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  8. VoodooChild

    VoodooChild Gamer

    (hope you'll appreciate the ideas more than my wonky technical execution :p)

    also, 100+ singups already in only 5 days!
    Season 3 is gonna be HUGE!
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2020
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  9. khrop

    khrop Gamer

    Apex Online Racing is pleased to anounce the 1000km Silverstone race!
    Event information:
    • Date: 23.05.2020 (Saturday)
    • Track: Silverstone
    • Event structure:
      • Detached qualifying session - 16.05.2020 (Saturday) 18:00GMT - 1 hour
      • Pole shootout - 17.05.2020 (Sunday) 18:00GMT - 1 hour
      • Signups closing 20.05.2020 - late signups will have to start from the back
      • Pre-race practice - 23.05.2020 (Saturday) 13:00GMT - 1 hour
      • Race - 23.05.2020 (Saturday) 14:00GMT - 6 hours
    • Lobby name: TBA
    • In-game time of day/weather information:
      • Qualifying conditions: 18:00 Friday IGT, 0.3 cloud coverage, dynamic weather disabled - 18 degree average ambient temperature, 20 degree starting track temperature
      • Superpole conditions: 12:00 Saturday IGT, 0.1 cloud coverage, dynamic weather disabled - 22 degree average ambient temperature, 24 degree starting track temperature
      • Race conditions: 15:00 Sunday IGT, 0.2 cloud coverage, 3 randomness - 18 degree average ambient temperature, 25 degree starting track temperature. Rain limited to 2/3rds of the maximum amount.
    • Qualifying structure:
      • The first qualifying session will take place on a specifically set-up server. One designated driver from the team will have to be present on this session. Drivers will then have one hour to post their fastest lap time.
      • The following day, a superpole session will take place. The 15 fastest qualifiers will have a second chance at beating their opponents in a single-hotlap style qualifying session. Drivers will only have one outlap to prepare for the lap, followed by one hotlap. After completing their hotlap, they will have to drive back to the pits. Drivers will be let out of the pits in sequence and spaced out enough so that they will have a free track in front of them.
    Sign up to our community and sign up to the race!
    Join our Discord community!
  10. Frank Conte

    Frank Conte Rookie

    What time do you guys race
  11. khrop

    khrop Gamer

    Our leagues mostly run at 20:00 BST. Season 4 of the sprint league might see a slight change to that.
  12. Haico Wiersma

    Haico Wiersma Rookie

    96 teams have so far signed up. If you're thinking about joining still, at this point you better hurry :)
  13. drukqs

    drukqs Gamer

    By GMT do you mean UTC or current British Time, which is UTC/GMT+1, also known as BST?

    It's a mistake often made, hence my question.
    P.S.: still any spots? :)
  14. OiTant

    OiTant Rookie

    I'm in! Hope the driver swap works :)
  15. Haico Wiersma

    Haico Wiersma Rookie

    Currently all slots are filled, but that may still change on Wednesday. All teams that signed up, are supposed to confirm their entry latest Wednesday.
  16. Still space for one more ?
    Last edited: May 11, 2020
  17. Haico Wiersma

    Haico Wiersma Rookie


    We are delighted to announce Season 4 of the AOR Assetto Corsa Competizione GT3 league. After a successful third season, it's now time to include some of the recently added ICGT tracks to our calendar. With a ninth round added and a new starting time for our races as well, we couldn't be more excited to invite you all to our new season.

    Important Links:
    General notes:
    • The calendar for Season 4 contains 9 races. Five races of 60 minutes and four races of 90 minutes.
    • All races in Season 4 will start at 7:30pm UK time.
    • There will be two championships: an individual and a team championship
    • We will be using a Weather and Race Settings post for each round in addition to each tiers race threads. Weather will be posted within 24 hours after the previous race
    • For Season 4, we will once again use the in-game widget start
    • A couple of changes have been made to the rules, including a change to the penalty system
    Notable Dates:
    • Sign-ups open: 10th May
    • Sign-ups closed: 27th May
    • Driver Placements announced: 31st May
    • Season Start: 02/06/20
    • Season End: 04/08/20
    • Season duration: one race every week for a total of 10 weeks, including one break week
    Hope to see you on the circuit soon!

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