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Are AC street cars too easy to drive on the limit ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Caleb Mils, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    I just watched this video about crashes at Nordschleife and have a feeling, that many of these crashes would be easily avoidable in AC. In AC I saved many slides without any effort that looked way more serious than some of these crashes from the video.
    In AC I didn't even have to be very precise when counter steering. I needed only to counter steer more or less the right amount and at the right moment, and the slide calmly corrected itself without any hint of tankslapper. Yet on the videos you have to be very precise with your counter steering and when you miss the correct time to unwind the steering wheel during counter steering, you can be almost sure to have a tank slapper.

    I am only talking about self induced slides and crashes.

    The guys on the video are driving their street cars, in which they have done many thousands of kilometers on the public roads without crashing them.
    Now they come to Nordschleife and when they try to push, they crash.

    I don't know, maybe street cars a more difficult to drive on the limit than in this sim.
    What's your opinion ?

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
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  3. I have only watched the first four minutes, and I have already seen two crashes at the Nurburgring GP first corner that could have come straight from the AC public servers :rolleyes:
    The black Golf (I think that's what it is) driver at 1:00 really should have known better than to try and power his way out of that crash whilst still riding the kerb.
    Perfect AC grass physics demonstrated by the red car at 4:30
    And another Nurburgring GP T1 prize plum at 6:30 :rolleyes:
    LOL @ the little white car trying to keep up with the Porsche at 11:45! Bless his little cotton socks :D
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
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  4. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    look at this


    And judge for yourself:)

    And remember AC has no wet or damp conditions, which are the real killer on Nords.
    Besides doing 10000 miles in a super car at street legal pace isn't comparable to driving on the limit. So many car heroes aren't used to ( me included, never driven a RL car as in AC)

    I think AC does just fine.
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  5. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    But in this video 90% of crashes and slides are in the dry conditions, so argument about wet surface doesn't convince me.
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  6. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    There are some problems with a lot of guys driving their real cars out there:

    • They have thousands of unspectacular miles on public road, think they know everything, but have never been close to the edge before
    • They often don't know the track, its ideal line or how to take apexes
    • They see a load of spectators at Brünnchen or other popular spots and want to show off some acceleration or even slides which they can't handle
    • Overtaking at ridiculous places, somehow most road car drivers are horrible at overtaking in my experience (driving a bike gives you a real advantage here)
    • There's a fast car coming up from behind and they don't want to risk being overtaken
    • They think the Nordschleife is the best place to switch off the ESC for the first time in their cars
    • Most guys drive supercars in AC with Semislicks while the usual crashing showoff won't have gone through the trouble of a tire change just for driving a race track
    • Can't delete these to points from my phone...

    I've been there myself a couple of times and have seen a lot of very ****ty behaviour.
  7. Please tell us Caleb, everybody is on pins and needles wanting to know, what sim do YOU think comes closest to replicating street car behavior at the Ring?
  8. Housemania

    Housemania Gamer

    + most of the time you drive at 100% grip and 35 + temp
  9. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Well I always drive on "old" + 12 degrees Celsius and at least some cloudy conditions.
    Otherwise it's not the Ring :D
  10. Ferdi

    Ferdi Hardcore Simmer

    Plain and simple, road cars aren't too difficult to drive on the limit, but they're very easy to push over the limit of what they're intended for. Add driver error/inability into the mix and you get plenty of crashfootage for youtube.
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  11. Street cars and race cars as well.
  12. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    I also choose street tires for street cars and never choose optimal grip. I usually choose old surface.
  13. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    So Caleb have you never hit a wall at Nords in AC and are you able to easily set a rsr record in any of the cars without also having ever hit a wall yet. Most of those people in the video have likely only crashed at Nords 1 time and have likely not run many laps and many arent very good drivers.

    If you can set any RSR record in any street car with no effort and have not even once had a spin or crash there then you do have a point if neither of those apply to you then you have no actual point. :D
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  14. The very same old comment again and again... setting WRs is also difficult in mario kart :)
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  15. Actually grippier tyres and track surface makes driving harder in many cases (like in real life too). You have more grip but also the grip loss happens from higher speeds and the loss itself is much more aggressive.

    I remember very well when people complained how tyres regain the grip too violently in AC and Kunos listened. Now it's so smooth on street cars that it's hard to believe to be true. Atleast when I compare to my limited toying experiences with real street cars. On the other hand if I would have been driving +950 hours with different cars on various tracks, I'd propably be a very quick with real cars too. Put first timer behind the sim wheel and they're struggling a lot..

    But let's not forget that this 'easy limit' thing is not the whole thruth. There are many street and race cars in AC that aren't 'easy' on the limit.
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  16. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If its so easy on the limit then he will be the fastest wont he and he would never have crashed. If he isnt the fastest then he is further from the limit and if he has never gone off the track at Nords in any street car in AC then I applaud him. I have run many street cars on my servers and I can say that many are nowhere near the limit and it doesnt need to be RSR records simply server record laps on stracker that have never gone off track. So every single one of their laps is valid and everyone is a record lap where they also win every single race.

    How else can someone determine the limit if they arent going faster then others, and if someone says its so hard to crash or spin then I sure as hell have never seen them in my server. There are many good drivers that have been on there but everyone has had some offs here and there, if its so easy then Caleb has never had a single one of those yet he is the quickest and easily on the limit. ;)
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  17. Currently all cars on AC are way too easy to save and control. Unlike real life you don't even need to be fast or precise to make corrections, just countersteer the wheel a bit more and the car will straight itself slowly. That's why it's so rewarding to novice drivers.
  18. The limit is determined by your slip angles, period.
  19. I'm the master of slide recoverys seeing as I have a Drifty setup, but I wouldn't even risk taking corners in Nordschleife at that kind of speed, or even drift for that matter.

    From the video to me it looks as if its the drivers fault, if they knew what they were doing it shouldn't have happened lol. For example that crash at 0:50 with the VW was hilarious, you can just hear some girl in the car screaming her head off due to her boyfriends "Flawless" driving skills.

    There have been a few times so far in AC where i've span out at the slowest speeds, but I can even admit thats me not paying attention. I would say its probably easier to drive in AC as you can simply restart, whereas in real life crashing can result in £10,000 worth of damages. But comparing it to real life, the cars are setup rather similar, so they are identical when it comes to actual driving difficulty. :p
  20. Lol thats all fine until you drive modded cars with derpy setups ;)
  21. Caleb Mils

    Caleb Mils Gamer

    This is simply not true.
    Slow but aggresive drivers are very often below and over the limit and rarely on the limit. What I mean is they overdrive some corners but are too slow on others.
    Fast smooth drivers are the ones who can stay on the limit most of the time.

    So you can be slow and be more prone to having accidents, than fast good driver.

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