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Asseto Corsa Ultimate Edition on PlayStation

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by JVgiar, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. JVgiar

    JVgiar Rookie


    I own a PS5 Digital Edition and I would like to purchase AC (not ACC) from the PlayStation store.

    I browsed the web from my desktop PC, logged into my account and searched the store to find that the base game alone is not available but only "Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition" or the different Add-Ons (DLCs)

    I am ready to order the $39.99 Ultimate Edition. I placed the game into my cart to purchase later today. Not long after, I logged into the same account, but from my PS5 console, and found that AC was not in my cart (but is still in my cart when I watch from my PC) So I browsed the store from my PS5 console and found that AC is available with a subscription plan only but not as a purchase - neither the base AC nor AC Ultimate Edition (that seems to be available in the store from my PC!)

    I worry that if I place my order from my account on my desktop PC (where it appears in my cart), I cannot download it and install it on my PS5 console.

    Do any of you have any idea about this issue?

    Thank you very much

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