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Assetto Corsa Competizione - 2019 Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by dave967, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    A "leave me alone, I know what I'm doing" button!
  2. XettMan

    XettMan Simracer

    Only for finnish people available.
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  3. It's not funny to read, it's sad. I understand people, because that's the only thing they can do when they get SA not through their own fault.

    You have to fight not with people, but with the curve of the SA system.
  4. redadeg

    redadeg Racer

    SA: I stick at 68

    No changes since a couple of races...yesterday to clean races without any enemy contacts
  5. My SA59 and in MP can't lift it.

    The only SP option is to raise the level. My fault since June 1st is two or three strokes. :confused:
  6. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Hmmmm. I'm not utterly convinced they aren't a big part of their problems. I did a race last week at Zandvoort and I managed to get my self along side a car on turn 13. The other guy had no awareness of the fact I was there and just slammed right into me when he came back onto the racing line onto the corner. He then called me a noob.

    I'm amazed by how quickly they can type while driving. I'm fumbling around like a blind person just to do basic stuff like hit escape and they're having conversations and throwing insults around while their on track supposedly driving as fast as they can..
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  7. There are many such examples - at the weekend I missed a faster car and the one who was behind me flew to the grass. He wrote the abuse(retard, stupid McLaren and etc.), but I looked at replay and realized that a person does not understand what he is doing. Better to ignore stupid people.

    I don't know how they print and drive in time. But when they hit you every time, it's very stressful. And it is even more tense that you are not to blame, and your SA falls. And SA is very difficult to raise, but very easy to lower - it's amazing.
  8. eracerhead

    eracerhead Racer

    I have a VoiceAttack command “Will you all please shut up?”
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  9. J Peaches

    J Peaches Rookie

    I use VR. Today in online race the HUD never came up. It was there in practice and qually but not race. Tried F2, nothing. 27 cars some had issue most didn't. Any ideas?
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  10. schlauchheidl

    schlauchheidl Rookie

    you would need to press F2 twice - then it appears...
  11. RSR2KX

    RSR2KX Racer

    Am i the only one who would have liked to see the UI Design resemble the Design style shown in EA Info Phase? I like the look. Props to the guy who designed this esp. The Rating System Info.

    I don´t know how difficult it is to design something like this as UI, but it would have been nice, just sayin...

    ACC_UI2x.jpg ACC_UI5x.jpg x.jpg ACC_UI4x.jpg ACC_UI3x.jpg
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  12. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, I notice that the 'how to improve' section in the current ratings page is still blank which is a shame. If the system can offer guidance for improvement it would be great to have this.
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  13. XettMan

    XettMan Simracer

    Still waiting for the "Driver profile in game with stats".
    There is a tracks and vehicles stats page, but not a driver stats page.
  14. Piret2000

    Piret2000 Gamer

    What's this then?
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  15. XettMan

    XettMan Simracer


    Stats is how many races, race results and so on.
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  16. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    ...which sadly isn't even working properly..or at least so it seems. I did a couple of races at Zandvoort for instance but stats show "0 races". Also the lapcount doesn't fit at all.
  17. XettMan

    XettMan Simracer

    At Monza it shows 3 races at all and 4 of them finished.:confused:
    So yes, it's bugged.
  18. FelixR1991

    FelixR1991 Racer

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  19. Piret2000

    Piret2000 Gamer

    For me, that's a perfect stats page so...
  20. Colleagues, is there any way to turn off the mirrors? Exactly turn off the mirrors so that they become black, and not get a static picture of the boxes? :confused:
    I've got them at a low level of graphics, but I wish they weren't there at all.
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