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Assetto Corsa Competizione - 2019 Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by dave967, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. m_box97

    m_box97 Racer

    I think fuel consumption, tyre and brake discs wear aren't effected by time multiplier but I'm not 100% positive on that.
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  2. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Don't think so, and wouldn't make sense to me. Tyres wear the way they wear, whether you decide to compete in a 1 or 10 hour race.

    There is no setting to accelerate any of the wear like there was in AC.
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  3. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Racer

    Thanks guys. To be honest I've had wear disabled until now as I'm slow enough anyway, for 1,5h races I will try it now.
  4. kidmaciek

    kidmaciek Rookie

    Where can I see the session settings in multiplayer? Yesterday I was surprised by a DSQ for not doing a mandatory pitstop, but I haven't found any information about it before or during the race.
  5. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    You can see if there is a mandatory pitstop by looking at the driver standings widget. If there is an orange bar with a number on it, it means there is a mandatory pit. If it shows a green bar, it means there is no mandatory pit, or that the mandatory pit has already been done.

    You can see this as soon as the starting grid countdown starts. In competition servers you can also see it in the sign-up screen, before joining the server.

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  6. nimp

    nimp Racer

    It's better to check the Pitstop MFD page. While you can see, if there is a mandatory stop in the standings, you don't see what actions you are required to perform in the pits. On the bottom right of the pit MFD it will tell you everything you need to know - number of mandatory stops, if you have to swap tires, if refueling is mandatory (you can see, if refueling is allowed before the race. on the setup page, where you put fuel in the car, it will tell you "refueling not allowed in this session" in case). Also it will tell you, if there is a pitwindow or you can stop anytime you want.
  7. kidmaciek

    kidmaciek Rookie

    Thanks for answers, I have to say this is not very intuitive. What about other server settings, though? Things like allowed aids, penalty rules, tyre and fuel wear, time progression etc.
  8. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Yeah, a page that tells you the session rules before the start of the race is still missing.
  9. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    Not only that. A session summary with detailed information is also needed (especially important for leagues --> pTracker in AC) just as a description of the setup settings. On top of that the looks of the interface in broadcasting mode could be vastly improved. Why not add the GT World Challange style to it? It's the official game is it not? :)
    Actually thought all this would hit with 1.0 since it's rather basic stuff. Hope it's in the works :)
  10. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Do pit repairs mid race always restore the vehicle back to 100% or are there some suspension or aero damage that can not be fixed completely..?
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  11. CheatingTJ

    CheatingTJ Rookie

    As far as I can remember, I've done a few races where I had dmg to the suspension and the wheels weren't alligned with the steering wheel anymore. That wasn't fixed after stopping at the pit. But I think it was a bug... and they fixed in one of the recent patches. Can't confirm it though.
  12. Rogue Leader

    Rogue Leader Gamer

    If It helps I blasted a wall last night in the GTR at Bathurst to the point I drove into the pits with the wheel completely 90 degrees left just to go straight, and the pit stop fixed it perfectly.

    Trust me I didn't want to help by hitting the wall... but here we are....
  13. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I did the same today. I have a feeling all returns to 100%.
  14. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Jeeez, the devs need to cut down on the amphetamine.
    Another patch!

    Changelog v1.3.5

    - MP: Fixed total driving time counter behaviour in MP.
    Now total driving time correctly freezes on pit entry and resumes on pit exit.
    - Minor fix to the time multiplier display on session summary.
    - Stint timer is now linked to the timing HUD when auto-repositioning.
  15. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    nah go nuts! keep em coming..
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  16. Creegz

    Creegz Gamer


    I'm really glad to see the patches coming in though. It looks great, keep it up!
  17. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    I think their work ethic is excellent, just praying the next patch cures the stuttering issue's..
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  18. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    have you tried not running your CPU at 4.8 Ghz?
  19. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Excellent work on the blame system @Minolin. I was hustling a driver into Murrays corner at Bathurst. He botched it and bounced over the outside kerb and then came back across the track and cleaned me up.. No SA deduction.. :cool:

    Curious.. Will the large stutter we all receive when a new driver/car combo joins a server likely to be resolved in the furture or is it something we have to live with.? Some tracks you can get away with it however drivers joining Bathurst mid way through Qualifying is nasty especially when going down the Dipper.. :eek:
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  20. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    most of the servers these days have new entries locked during the race so not a huge issue
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