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Assetto Corsa Competizione - 2020 Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by dave967, Oct 22, 2019.

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  2. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    "The speed of the Official Leading Car must be around 80 kph during the formation lap."

    Doesn't really state any max speed, just "around".
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  3. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    That’s true but then I’d expect the car behind to drive past and the slow car to lose a place. Idea would be to encourage good behaviour as it’s not advantageous to speed/slow. Hopefully people would catch on quick if there was a message saying ‘Max speed 90kph or penalty’

    A bit of artistic gaming licence could set max speed at 80kph even if regulations are not precise.

    But yes it may be no better, difficult to know without testing.
  4. Axel Vogelsang

    Axel Vogelsang Simracer

    My recommendation: no annoying limiter and decent punishment (even black flag) when not respecting the rules.
  5. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Hardcore Simmer

    "When all cars are lined up side-by-side for the start, the Official Leading Car will reduce the speed of the field to 50 km/h before pulling off the track into the pit lane. From that moment, the car on pole position will be in charge of the speed. The leader will then slowly increase his speed to a maximum of 110 Km/Hr by the moment of the start."

    I actually meant this part. Thank you for the document.
  6. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Look how many rear wing adjustments real race teams get.. :eek:

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  7. Son

    Son Hardcore Simmer

    That paintjob is upsetting haha
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  8. @Minolin
    While there is no answer to my post I want use the possibility to add an another point to my list:

    -an option to sort the server browser
    It would be really nice to have an option to sort the server browser like in AC because the preferences never worked like intented in my case. It starts always somewhere in the bottom of the list and also there no kind of sense recognizable how the list is sorted. Seems to be randomly.

    Maybe also interesting for you:
    By watching one of the latest videos of Abgefahren and reading the chat meanwhile about a guy who's upset about his SA rating was going down (60 -> 35)
    Now he's unable to join many servers online because of this.
    He got the advice by people to farm SA against the AI to get his rating back. Even after he stated he's not good enought to race with 80-90 AI there was no protest in the chat.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  9. Why is Kunos so silent? Are they on vacance?
  10. david m

    david m Racer

    I'm being surprised by how many forum post there's about the rating system and how to 'improve it' . Someone that comes here and look the forum will think for sure that rating are a problem, and the true is that rating system is one of the best things in ACC. LOL

    It's fine and it's understandable that people want to improve every aspect of the game, but is also true that seeing it in a objectively manner, if you come to forums and you are no too familiarisated with ACC you will go away thinking :
    ' saftey rating in ACC doesn't work'

    Difficult to manage, for one part is good that people talk and proposing about whatever, but for antoher part is not deserved this too much talking about ratings because seems that there's a problem.
    And don't know if i'm in the minority part , but in my opinion ratings in ACC is one of the best things of this game , far superior to iracing saftey/rating system imho. But unfortunately is not comparable and can't be demonstrate because of the difference in the multiplayer and his structure between this 2 games ,and of course the diffrerence of people playing it.
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  11. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Reason people are talking against SA is probablly becuse they had a bad race so they came to cry a bit how they lost SA points with some light touch.. not knowing all the info or bothering to read more about ratings
  12. I'm talking about the SA even after I've reached 99 ;)
    I'm talking about the SA for the reason how it affects the multiplayer experience.
  13. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    They should just give everyone 99 SA so everyone can feel special and not have their feelings hurt. Trophies for everyone! :rolleyes:

    Eventually sims won't even have finishing positions, it's very demotivating to rank people by their finishing position :eek:
  14. david m

    david m Racer

    yeah, it's good to read opinions and ideas about ratings, but let me add my opinion that the multiplayer experience is not only about the Ratings.
    The structure of the multiplayer and the amount of players it plays, it's as much as important as the rating system is.

    For the moment the structure is what it is , and the amount of players is also what it is, don't really think that rating system can do much more to improve the multiplayer exprience in my opinion at this moment, it need other parts to be improved if this is the goal of developers,that I don't know if it is.
  15. That's right.

    That's right too.

  16. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Alien

    Tbh i'm high SA.
    I now am 70 SA even with my friend playing with my rig and obviously drop my SA.
    I've had high SA from the beginning in ACC and was A into mr's AC so...

    It's not that impossible that someone can suggest something better and hope for some update.
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  17. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    My point was it's mostly lower SA drivers complaining about the SA system, so why not just give them what they want. Give everyone 99 SA because that's the way the world works now. It was a bit of an obscure rant but not that hard to work out if you've lived in this decade.
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  18. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    The only way to squash this is to release 1.1.13. One month seems to be the limit a restless community can withstand without a release these days.. :p
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  19. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I can't say I'm surprised. If you do a system like this and decide to "do it right*" = make it actually try to measure and distinguish by the individual qualities*** of users, the actual ratio of "good and not-so-good" drivers will determine how many people will be ranked well or not. And that is not a matter of the system, but the actual problem the system is looking at. I like to compare this to a "friendly fire" safety rating in arbitrary shooters; that's for sure something you could measure in similar ways and would be something people are vastly positive about - because avoiding shooting team mates is quite easy and obvious, while being a clean (sim)racer is one of the hardest things we face in general "gaming". While the ratio of the FF variant may be something like 75+% are rated outstandlingly positive, any working simracing SA system inevitably has to expose that we're talking about something like the top 20, 10 or even less % of the drivers** who are outstandingly clean. And the rest will be faced with a statement they either don't like, or don't agree on.

    So in a nutshell, if an overwhelming mass is satisfied with your SA system in simracing, you were either extraordinarily good at explaining and educating people, or something went horribly wrong and it's not worth anything. I hope we will see variant a) one day, and I hope we are involved (or at least were part of inventions leading to this golden age of simracing) - but that's more something for the future I'm afraid.

    *opposed to "do it in a fun way" as a "everyone loves it" gameplay decision
    **this number depends on the way you define the base amount of "drivers", ie. regularily active, active in MP, total users and so on
    ***to be precise here, we cannot measure actual safety but the indicators we a) can technically involve and b) think they have a strong correlation with actual safety

    True, and that's of course a problem. The bigger problem I see in this equasion is that there is something that a significant part of the users do not like (no matter if this is justified or not, just by looking at my first argument). One way to improve this is indeed to take more compromises to go away from a focus of "what works" and kind of reduce the total quality in favor of better overall acceptance. The pressure to go there is more or less defined by what else we can do to be better at explaining, but it also depends on how the community reacts and what kind of theory/statement is considered as "normal".

    Here I have a feeling that time is a bit in our favor, especially during the past weeks/months I read more and more discussions - but also discussions in a way that different perspectives are present, instead of one sided "bashing". Same goes for the one SR with the longest track record - even in iRacing there are (after so many years) lots of discussions and critism, but I guess the overall idea of "this works even if it's not obvious" has established. Sadly it takes a lot of time and deep involvement to really understand such systems, while in a first glance everything looks stupid and easy to fix - and that again reduces the ratio of well educated users with good insights and positive judgement vs. a larger group that will be more sceptical. I see the same for all the other ratings in ACC, most users who see stuff like CN and CC as useful tools are very good drivers already (who ironically don't need them), while the larger group takes this as something optional or even insignificant. But also this general consensus may shift other time, too early to tell but a trend is there.
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  20. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    They are in discussions with Codemasters:p
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