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Assetto Corsa Competizione - Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by bgil66, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    lol you are right about that:D
  2. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    My turn to write down some impressions:
    what a weekend! I and my wife drove for 600kms with the mighty Miata/Ford and arrived in Misano Thursday afternoon. Time to unpack the suitcases and then we met with Marco and guys from AK Informatica, ready to prepare our booth. Later Aris arrived with his low-powered Miata together with Kevin (Minolin), then Davide Brivio and so on the rest of team. Just Gergo with his gf and Alvio with his Jet-A1-powered-very-high-fuel-consumption Citroen C3 would come the day after.
    The dinner... oh the dinner... Italy is also known because the food is good... and Emilia Romagna region is the proof. During the dinner, we planned activities for the next 3 days. After dinner, there was a long chat near the Hotel's pool with Aris, Davide, Kevin and me. I gave up at 1.30am, they pushed until 4am and thanks to the power of Limoncello (google it if you don't know), they were able to develop 5 new games in a night and plan tasks until 2053.
    Friday morning, while Aris was waiting for Davide's holy resurrection to go out running, I met KS and AK guys in the paddock in order to set up our booth. Meanwhile, some drivers were coming because of the weather forecast was rain and they wanted to try ACC in wet conditions. One of them never drove on the real Misano and he spent a good part of the late morning to learn the track through ACC (and he finished in 4th position in the real race if I remember).
    Activities (real and virtual) were suspended because of a HUGE thunderstorm, so basically Friday ended this way (we were able to run simulator just for a few hours in the late afternoon when the rain went away).

    Saturday was a great day! Sun, calm wind and many many drivers, journalists, sim racers and casual gamers that came to test the simulator. It was the perfect occasion to meet people that I only knew on the web. Overall feedback was VERY positive and as witnesses can confirm, we were very open to suggestions and criticism, especially when real drivers reported us their feedback, they were literally soaked by us/Kunos staff.
    Talking about them, I was lucky to meet David Perel, he was a smart and kind guy as well as a great real driver and sim racer. He confirmed us the importance of the simulator to prepare the race, learn the track and take reference points. He said: "for me, simulator comes first, then the real track". He explained to me which things can't be heard from the onboard videos as well as sounds that they can't hear because of the earplugs and helmet, then he made some suggestions to improve the overall driving feeling and immersion (and I'm already working on that :D). The next day he talked with Aris. David was very impressed by the sensitivity of the car (Aris made some brake bias adjustments, because the standard setup was "safe" for obvious reasons) and the overall handling that matched the real counterpart. You can read the rest of his feedback in his honest and detailed article. I took a video of our chat and can be seen how much passion he puts in simulators and tech talk. It was a very interesting and formative experience for me.

    Dries Vanthoor, Audi driver, spent with us more than an hour :D He started trying the dry event... and then he left just because he had the real race to drive. Jokes apart, he was another wealth of information and very detailed, honest and professional feedback.

    Raffaele Marciello was able to test his car into the game and it was FAST! Very precise and efficient drive on wet, he also provided some important feedback to Aris as well. As said, many real drivers tested ACC and were really thrilled to report their impressions: Albert Costa (Emil Frey Lexus), Kelvin van der Linde (Attempto Racing), Nico Bastian (AKKA) , Gabriele Piana and Razvan Umbrarescu that won the GT4 races, Steijn Schothorst (Attempto Racing), Alex Riberas (WRT) and many others that I didn't spot because I was busy with other tasks.

    I want to thank all the people who visited us, talked with us, reported their feedback and suggestions. Many thanks, it was a great experience!
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
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  3. myimac

    myimac Alien

    Sounds boring, now I’m glad I couldn’t make it :p

    It never ceases to amaze me that the same way we are all fan boys of Assetto, you guys are sim racing fan boys too. This is the difference for me, where as this type of event for most other companies is just marketing hype, for you guys this type of event is like when you visit your friend to see their baby... the parents end up showing off and saying oh even his pooh smells nice :D

    Never loose that enthusiasm. It’s what powers this sim to be what it is.
  4. That poor wife always comes 2nd, it seems :D:p:D
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  5. tow

    tow Racer


    Four years after the beginning of Assetto Corsa, last winter Kunos Simulazioni announced Assetto Corsa Competizione, and considering that the title that preceded it was updated and evolved until December 2017, one wonders if "Competition" in represents an evolution, or something new and unpublished. I went to the Misano circuit, the second Italian stage of the Blancpain GT Series Championship, to find out, given that after the presentation with a bang at the E3 in Los Angeles a few days ago, the Italian team finally gave the European public the first taste of a title that seems destined to make people talk about themselves.

    Arrived early in the morning at the Misano racetrack, challenging a storm of rain and wind that hit the Adriatic track from the early afternoon, what to define out of the norm is little, I had the opportunity to try for a long time the new official Blancpain championship simulator GT, also having the opportunity to listen to the enthusiastic comments of the real pilots who carried out a simulated test, then exclaiming: " Incredible feeling , remaining then partly disappointed when someone from the Kunos team explained to them that the game was not available yet!
    But let's go in order.

    At the stand specially set up by AK Informatica with the collaboration of Sparco Gaming, it was possible to try Assetto Corsa Competizione, with the important added value given by the presence of Kunos, with the possibility to chat, provide feedback and opinions directly to Stefano Casillo, Marco Massarutto, Aris Vasilakos, Luca Sodano and others. The software is a customized tech demo for the Misano event, updated with respect to the version used at the recent E3 in Los Angeles, with the opportunity to try four different events: a session of fast laps in the dry with a Ferrari 488 GT3, a in partial wet conditions with the Lamborghini Huracan,

    The choice of the 4 different cars not only allowed to try different experiences, since the cars are naturally different from each other in many aspects, but has allowed the Kunos Simulations to try the real drivers of the Blancpain their cars to the simulator, for receive valuable tips to further refine the physical model. The video below shows us for example Dries Vanthoor Racing , pilot Audi R8 LMS, who took advantage of the event for a real training session, remaining in the lead for almost an hour, while at this link (in English) you can read what David Perel thinks. The circuit used was naturally that of Misano, for the first time made with laser scan technology in a product intended for the general public.

    Just sitting in a position in front of the monitor the first impact with the new menus is very pleasant: as you can see from the image, they have been completely redesigned both graphically and layout and have the great advantage of being clear from the first moments. The only active menu was that of special events, but I assume that even with the final game there will not be radical changes in style. You immediately notice a pleasant new AC Competizione: it is not necessary to use the keyboard and mouse to navigate the menus and make your own choices, because you can use the appropriate keys mapped on the steering wheel. Comfortably in position, with a few clicks on the steering wheel (a Thrustmaster Sparco TS-XW Racer) arrival at the first event.

    I choose the hotlap event on dry with the Ferrari 488, because I want to immediately realize the differences with Assetto Corsa and after the click arrives the second pleasant surprise: the loading is very fast, almost lightning! One of the news, I explain, of the new graphics engine. Part of an introductory video that seems to watch the real Blancpain on TV: my Red is ready on track with the mechanics intent on the last checks. All around is full of "life": there is a photographer who shoots, known the public, the pit wall, the attentive commissioners on the edge of the track. Evidently a new approach to game design that aims to create an immersive atmosphere and racing not only when you're at the wheel, but in every moment of the experience. It seems clear that, if the I'm leaving calmly, I do not know the Misano track well and I'm still admiring all that I see around me, the asphalt of the track, the landscape, the curbs, the sun beats and the reflection gives me a little annoyance, damn it all seems so TRUE. I dare not think of the level of immersion that can be achieved with a VR system.

    The new hud is very clear, beautiful big, with a quick glance individual all the most useful information: gear, speed, timing, gaps and now in default also the slides that indicate the pressure of the pedals. I ask for information on the tires (temperatures, pressures ...) and they explain that at the moment they are not yet available in the interface, but obviously they will be included when they release the first build.

    I decide to concentrate on driving, it's a damn simulator, it's the "driving" that counts! I have to plant it to look around me ... First march, I leave. The sound of the Ferrari 488 GT3 envelops me, full bodied, but there are many new effects that affect my ears, the sound in release is fascinating. I finish the first lap going for a walk, with a delicious feeling of deja vu, I feel at home: Assetto Corsa. Start pulling and ... it's NOT Assetto Corsa, there's much more!

    The feeling and the feedback of the tires is higher than AC, you "feel" much more grip, you can clearly perceive what the tire does and therefore the car, when for example an understeer or an oversteer is triggered, it is received at the wheel in a direct, quick, clean, everything is very natural. You also feel the lateral grip of the tire when you are driving a bend. Arrival at the first tight hairpin, but I exaggerate, I go a bit in blocking and I clearly feel the tires that suffer, even at the corner exit I have big problems and I struggle to keep the car in the trajectory. In a flash I'm at the next corner, I have problems braking, the front tires vibrate, I do not keep it, I'm going out wide ... luckily Misano has ample escape! Calm. I remember what Stefano Casillo said to me shortly before: You can not run like crazy without using your head, especially in endurance races like those of Blancpain. What a show. AC Competizione will probably be sweeter in the first approach for novice virtual pilots, because the cars have a lot of grip and they feel it perfectly, but going really strong will require experience, concentration and intelligence. With such a dynamic physics and dynamics it is not possible to drive by turning off the brain and concentration even for a second. And if this is the dry thing, what will the wet look like?

    Step to the second event, a very special hotlap: during the night it rained, but now it is good weather, the track is only wet but still presents insidious puddles and, as if this were not enough, my Lamborghini GT3 mounts slick tires! I start on the straight of the street, down the gas, all right. I was in the dry. Halfway straight on a puddle: at the same instant of feeling the unmistakable sound of a "SQUISHHH" of the passage on the water, I perceive on the steering wheel my tires that float on the water! But now it's late, suddenly my Lamborghini turns, scary pirouette, aquaplaning with no chance of salvation and hit the wall. I start again with the correct calm, attention and above all dosing the gas and the brake at the critical points. I have to be careful about the puddles. It takes TESTA. Imagine what will happen in online contests with all these variables. To pass on the water is a show. The track, however, is in a non-rubberized condition, as well as wet.

    The third race event is instead in pouring rain, full wet asphalt and the Mercedes AMG GT3 with rain tires (thankfully). Let's say what Aris Vasilakos explained to me: we must not only consider the amount of rain and the water conditions on the track, but also if and how much the track is rubberized, because in case of heavy rain like this, avoid the puddles and walk the external sections where the track is dirty and therefore with greater grip with the wet is a huge difference! All these parameters influence each other, so in fact the possible combinations are endless, every time on the track we will have to understand the situation quickly, driving accordingly. Run under the same conditions, with limited visibility, the water flowing on the windshield.

    The fourth and last event is dedicated to a race with a day - night cycle, with an Audi R8 GT3 and an accelerated time that concentrates everything in 9 minutes. After the start launched I am immediately in struggle with numerous opponents. The AI is not bad, defends itself and attacks in a plausible way, even making some mistakes, even if it is set at a low level and it is indeed quite simple to lengthen the breakaway and enter inside to overtake it. After a while, however, the pitfalls arrive, with the red fire that sets and starts to annoy, then it goes to dusk and you start to notice the lights of the track and the headlights of the cars. Graphic emotions. The night is terribly fascinating and you have to drive with great care, the view is limited to the beam of light of the powerful headlights and the street lamps positioned on the circuit. And when a car behind me flashes with the reflection in the mirror ... I dare not think of a race at night and in the rain!

    Precisely the races, the online championships. Regarding the multiplayer this demo did not reveal anything, but a chat with Stefano Casillo made me particularly happy and anxious to get to the availability of Assetto Corsa Competizione: "We are working on several things for online. - Stefano explained - We want a driver goes on track, taking care to drive well, carefully, staying on track, without errors, with respect for opponents, with intelligence, so as to make progress and move forward in higher and higher challenges. without experience of simulation and racing online, he travels his way towards better performances, we have to guide him on a path like in real motorsport.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2018
  6. nfsw55

    nfsw55 Hardcore Simmer

    Kelvin van der Linde:

  7. tow

    tow Racer

    It will be nice if the game allow you switch the page/mode of RACELOGIC VBOX LapTimer.
  8. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

  9. BrainsBush

    BrainsBush Hardcore Simmer

    After watching the first minutes of the NEW released ACC onboard footage on official YT channel (thanks to @wicken for sharing on GTP!) I asked myself if it wouldn't be great if we could choose our own engineer voice? (just like Belowski's CrewChief hint hint).

    If this is pre alpha then I wonder what the final product will feel, look and sound like. This is already very good in my humble personal opinion. I would say ready for EA :)


    Edit: After watching 3 video's I have to admit I'm on the hype TGV. Call it midlife or whatever but this is great and I'm looking forward to EA*

    EA: I just booked our holiday from July 14- Aug 2 so please after Aug 2. haha egoist
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  10. LRM

    LRM Simracer


    Graphics wise its very promising indeed, every things seem well tuned apart from the following points :

    - Sky clouds seems unrealistic and doesn't reflect sun lights.
    - Missing rain particle on the windshield but I guess it will be implemented in the near future
    - And most importantly AI doesn't emit light from headlight at night ( no light reflected in the car interior when the AI are behind), is that for optimisation purpose ?

    Apart from that it look way above the current AC.
  11. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    - Sky clouds are still WIP plus it's not my area.
    - The rain particles are there on the windshield but some tuning is required, at the moment they just have a linear density controller per rain intensity. Also the spray will have to boost the particle density, but this is not implemented yet.
    - the AI cars do emit light but it's reduced to a smaller projection due to both performance optimisation and visual appearance.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  12. tow

    tow Racer

    After watching those gameplay video, obviously my GTX970 can't handle it. GTX1180 is only way to go.
  13. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    That's imo pushing it, making a decent pit radio with 1 voice is big enough task, pCars 2 shows one horrible failure, with just 1 voice option. CrewChief is result of long project, not imo fair comparison.

    However, API support so that we could use CrewChief with ACC would be nice. I like what I've heard so far from the pit radio, but doubt it will ever match CC. For example making it announce laptimes, deltas/ gaps that sound natural, is huge task alone. Jim Britton reworked how numbers were handled by CC, originally laptimes etc. didn't sound fluid at all.

    CC has over 20 000 sound files... all recorded one by one manually, mostly by Britton. Something even close to that will never happen with ACC fairly sure of this....
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  14. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Dunno. I wouldn't want to judge it from a video.

    My computer is surely too slow though. :D
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  15. LRM

    LRM Simracer

    I don't know if you are serious, but probably this game optimization target the current console gen average performance, expect GTX 660/7850 minium requirement for medium settings 60 fps 1080p.

    Thanks @pankykapus for the clarifications ! :D
  16. Psit

    Psit Alien

    It is not coming to consoles... :p (i think?)
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  17. tow

    tow Racer

    My target is ultra setting, 30 cars, VR , 1080p+solid 60 fps even at night time+rain condition. Trust me, GTX970 can't archive this target.
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  18. David Wright

    David Wright Hardcore Simmer

    I'm sure it will come to consoles if at all possible. Kunos said the menu design for example has been done with consoles in mind.
  19. LRM

    LRM Simracer

    I meant its just an average performance target, I think console performance is like a standard for game developers.
  20. chakko

    chakko Alien

    If that'd be true, then i wouldn't have to worry about my system running it! I have a feeling though that it will be more expensive than that.
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