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Assetto Corsa Competizione - Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by bgil66, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    So no one talk about the surprise kunos have for us? :eek: (i come back in the forum for that lol )
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  2. carlossanchez97

    carlossanchez97 Hardcore Simmer

    As it is a surprise, I guess there´s not to much to talk or to speculate about, although I would bet for Nordschleife :D
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  3. Source?
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  4. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    It's what Marco said in the recent RD interview. I will guess that Stefano now has 3 cats:p
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  5. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Great fanatec have again pushed the release date of the DD2 to mid august :(
  6. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

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  7. david m

    david m Rookie

    sorry if it was treated before but I don't lograte see it using search button. I'm asking if in 1.0 we will have acces to see laptimes and sector times of every driver in the session?
    Also, we will have the opportunity to see detailed results(with laptimes) of our multiplayer races when we go out of the game?¿ in 'browser' mode.

    thanks and congratulations for your progress with this gam..sorry ..simulator!!! :p
  8. vortex19

    vortex19 Racer

    So Blancpain is racing at Nordschleife? If not, dream on!
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  9. They should do it :cool: Best track out there.
  10. carlossanchez97

    carlossanchez97 Hardcore Simmer

    No, they don´t, but in some interview Marco named it as one possibility. Dreaming is free....:p
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  11. PabloVND

    PabloVND Racer

  12. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Very neat mate :cool: Must have taken some work. And shameless people come here bagging kunos:(. Ill take the Ferrari 330 P4 and Porsche GT1 thanks :)
  13. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    After a little more than a week without driving ACC, or any other sim, first because off a bad cold and then because of travelling for business, I drove again for a short stint against the AI. It made me feel sad for all the people that are not, for whatever reason, enjoying ACC like I do. The graphic in VR, the AI, the physic, the attention to details both for the cars and the tracks is in class of his own, superior to anything else I have ever drove so far.
    Two more weeks and we will have the balance of cars and tracks, after watching the races at Brands Hatch and Silverstone, I am looking forward myself to replicate the races and immerse myself on Blancpain racing.
  14. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Just dont get confused between dreams and reality or they can quickly turn into nightmares and dissapointment. :eek:;)
  15. MrGit@Twitch

    MrGit@Twitch Racer

  16. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    For a while now I've had to turn the wheel a lot more in every turn, especially the tight corners such as chikanes. Have you all experienced this? Is it a result of the steering ratio tweak that came in 0.6? Or is there simply something funny going on with my wheel?

    Sorry for this late and possibly silly question.
  17. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

  18. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I think it will quieten down a bit as a few are busy, they got these buggers pretty blunt the last week and may need them ready to go release day. :D
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  19. Little suprise = mclaren 720s gt3 :oops:
  20. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    The picture is quite self explanatory, but THAT guy... no.
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