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Assetto Corsa Competizione - Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by bgil66, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    So you had your say about something that frustrated you, and I had mine about something that frustrated me. What makes my concern less important than yours? Curbs happen mate, no need to cry about it. Sure sounds like you're a sooky ginger as well bud.
  2. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    Calm down please all of u. Captain baracuda is not a troll or 24/7 moaner or anything like that. So don't go harsh on him. He has been very reasonable in general. On the other hand it is about time to get at least a new patch update soon. Or at least some short term news before the new content update on what's going to come to ACC. We are nearing end of holiday season so things should be ramping up.
    The last patch saw a resurgence of player numbers but it has stagnated a bit. So I hope we can expect another big patch update soon before the new content DLC.
  3. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    Predictions for 1.0.8

    Specific targets:
    - revising Career and Championship modes, especially in the light of the recent overhaul of the driver stint implementation and other open issues
    Unfortunately this couldn't make it in time for this hotfix cycle.
    - we will be working on specific AI scenarios, such as the ability to recognize blue flag situations"

    So this should flesh out the single player portion of the game quite a bit. Which will add depth to the game overall and cater more to offline / So players as well.
    Though I have a hunch , and some hope , the update will be more then just this.
    Update intervals are decreasing so beside vacation factor, this could mean the patch content will be even more substantial then usual. Of course I could be all wrong :D:rolleyes:
  4. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Because there were actual issues with curbs, unless you completely avoided them. You and Rolz are crying about something taking too long. Kunos have announced the update will come end of October, but you want it now? That's like having a bunch of kids in the backseat naggingly asking 'are we there yet'.
    I'm not saying I can't understand your point because I would rather have the update yesterday than tomorrow myself aswell, but that's not gonna change anything. Just deal with it and move on, go do something else in the meantime if it's frustrating you too much.

    Never called him a troll. What sparked off the crybaby comments was Rolz' sarcastic comment.
  5. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    Yeah I understand that. Though I can get the impatience here and there, the last update brought us a new Tyre and curb model plus track ir support, which was widely regarded as very welcome additions. It made me play alot more because of those reasons. If they can improve another two or three strongpoints with smaller patch items each patch on a 3 to 4 weeks release schedule it's not that bad. And in about 7 to 8 weeks we are getting new dlc content as well plus vacation is over so I still see it from the brighter side that it will all turn out just fine.
  6. kunos

    kunos Alien

    oh how I wish it was only one :p
  7. Psit

    Psit Alien


    Edit: This is a humorous post, i don't suggest ACC has 99 problems... i mean... I.... ill show myself out.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  8. tlsmikey

    tlsmikey Simracer

    New interview here on ACC, UE4 and future work


    I agree on the comments about the community getting more toxic. It's an issue and I wish it wasn't this way, but it appears to be growing in all communities not just ACC.

    Disappointed that they still feel that triple screen users are a minority and it isn't what's really holding back this title. It's the only serious sim title at this point that doesn't have triple screen support and it's a big omission for communities and leagues that are competitive. UE4 has been a disappointment from where i'm sitting, but unfortunately a change in direction means years of development for their next project so we're kind of stuck at this point.
  9. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    If I may I'll add my 2cents, before Marco's comments are lost in translation.
    It is not that we "feel" that triple screen users are a minority. It's a big big BIG fact. We're talking about very VERY low 2 digits percentage of the whole sales of AC/ACC. But it is still enough for us to care, because in the end we are simracers too. Also the fact that ACC doesn't have triple support is also a half truth. Even on the Expo there were expositors that where using ACC in triple screen with great results and people were asking how did they achieve that... Obviously it takes some tweaking and proper HW and compromises, but then again it does work properly depending what kind of compromises you're willing to do. Paradoxically enough, having community people shouting "it doesn't work at all", makes people who don't have triple screens, not even wanting to explore the hardware solution and remaining surprised when they see with their own eyes that it actually does work. It's like hurting your own community base, kinda (together with the less than ideal own implementation of course).

    That said, all of the above doesn't mean we don't care. On the contrary we care a lot and we suffer a lot that we cannot offer yet the kind of support that you guys are after. We are still trying as hard as we can do. But, what Marco says, is that while we do try hard, it is surely hard to justify to keep this and similar issues on top priority when there are many other features that objectively bring much more investment return and sales. Especially so when the community behind it, is often too harsh in its comments and feedback. This is not the case here with your comments, just to be clear. You express yourself excellently and that's why I wanted to reply to you.
    Anyway, just to confirm that we're still trying.
  10. vortex19

    vortex19 Simracer

    Is this from the cockpit or just in playback? I have no complaints about AA (using TAA) and I've yet to see any blur or ghosting from the cockpit during a race. Even during playback, I see no blur and only very minor ghosting. It must be very dependent on individual systems (components and drivers). It's certainly the best looking racing sim I've tried.
  11. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    Not to lessen the importance many put on triple screen support but does it have a limited life with larger curved wide screens being available these days? I don’t have a rig/triples but if one day I did go that route I tend to think I’d rather have a large curved screen.
  12. tlsmikey

    tlsmikey Simracer

    I've seen data suggesting that triples are declining in popularity and VR is going up quickly. I think some of the decline is VR, but you're right the wider screens are also making an impact. Unfortunately, even with an ultra wide you can't get more than 120 degrees FOV, where with triples you can hit 160 pretty easily.
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  13. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    It's a shame, but totally understandable ofc. :]
  14. Pulley

    Pulley Simracer

    If I may ask a question here please Aris, from where are you getting your figures from? I'm not for one second calling you out to be a liar (I know you better than that!), it's just I'm very keen to know exactly what the Percentages are for VR users (ACC) as well and how you come about that information please? Thanks :)
  15. ignission

    ignission Simracer

    They will have private metrics from Steam, Unreal Engine and their own custom internal logging to gather data in regards hardware usage of their player base.
  16. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    When you feel the need to explain the joke it looses it's appeal.. Relax..

    Edit: This is a humorous post, i don't suggest your not funny.. :p:D
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  17. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    I fired up AC the other day and boy it really highlighted to me how nice ACC is. Not that AC is bad, not at all, it's just ACC has a lot more depth. For me I think ACC looks it's best at sunrise, sunset and particularly sweet in overcast or wet conditions. It looks really natural and not overdone like some other HDR tittles. For me clear midday races bring it down a notch as it highlights some of the AA, shimmering, lighting and shadow issues and weaknesses. The tunnel shadows I can live with and LK already said UE4 probably wont change in this department however I think some of the shimmering and the way light is absorbed and bounces of objects in the distance by a minimal light source (ie. indicators & flashlights) in the daytime can be further enhanced.

    Ghosting, Blur & DOF... I think you are right. Judging from a few still shots some people have posted it does look different depending on the users hardware particularly when it comes to ghosting. I do not receive ghosting in the cockpit unless it is wet and only then it is around the side mirror however it shows in all conditions in the replay and like others, mainly around the diffuser. KTAA in the dry or effects to Mid in the wet solve this issue however this is not my preferred gfx settings. I wouldn't mind if there was an option to have KTAA set and DOF enabled only for replays. Currently I turn off DOF via UE4 engine.ini commands as it introduced further blur to some objects whilst driving. In the earlier builds and prior to the advanced sharpening filter the blur was pretty bad. It's great Kunos gave us this additional option as it helped a lot however I also run 150% screen percentage so I feel sorry for any 1080p user using only 100% as it is massively blurry on this default setting.

    Some of the issue threads still have "working on" tagged so I am hopeful there is still some improvements to come. That said hopefully one day I will experience ACC with 1440p 32:9 49" as I think this would be magic.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  18. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    I have triples and race ACC just fine with some compromise (meaning, ignoring a little stretching on the side monitors), as Aris suggested. But anecdotally in our league, VR is not gaining in popularity. VR headsets get too hot and sweaty in long races. The resolution is poor. The UI never works properly. We have players who have gone from VR back to triples. Once you've raced with triple screens, and can see much more of the track and apexes, and cars beside you, you can never, ever go back to one screen, whether it's big and curved or not.
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  19. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    As a VR user I won't ever go back to pancake, but accept that there are some sacrifices I have to make to have the immersion of being in the car...
    VR is still an incredibly niche market and that won't change until GFX cards can push out proper resolutions without the massive cost...
    I certainly can't justify the latest gen VR units plus the latest 2080ti that still can't push out adequately fps to the device...
    I'll hold for another year with my current system.
  20. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    I think VR for seated sims like racing and flight is an inevitability for all barring any specific medical issue which will be a minority.

    Really just a matter of each individual persons compromise level, all these compromises will be gone in time though.

    I have been running purely in VR for over 3 years now and very happy overall. Can’t imagine not actually sitting in the car, looking at the apex and glancing at opponents next to me
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