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Assetto Corsa Competizione - Generic discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by bgil66, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    CLICK ;)
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  2. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    @Rolz - I think it's ok mate. I must have been in na na land this morning...
  3. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Stop now guys.
    Get back to discuss the fresh news about the development.
  4. ignission

    ignission Simracer

    Hopefully this means that PB's for car/track combo's are coming soon(TM) which would be a great addition :)
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  5. Pulley

    Pulley Simracer

    An Odometer would be cool!
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  6. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    I wouldn’t be surprised with a central license system this would be already tracked... Minolin had this info in his MR user data
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  7. Guys I want to ask something to the community.
    Is there a website that collects the results and reports of simracing communities, teams, drivers and lists their achievements?

    *I imagine a list of teams ( sorted in many ways ) like this:
    team A
    team B
    C team

    *Then, you can select each one of them and have a report of the team:
    C team
    Founded in 1889 by Vattelappesca(fake name)
    Head of the team: X Y
    Driver 1 : X Y
    Driver 2 Z W

    C team achievements:
    x Team Championships in community alpha
    y Driver Championships in community beta

    And In the same page you can then select the drivers profile and the community profile to have an overall report or more detailed things like Qualifying results compared to driver X etc.
    In pther words Cool statistics.
    If there is anyone who likes the idea, tell me also in private.
    It is just a big database.
    If there is anyone who knows something like this already existing or in current development, tell me please.
    Thank you!

    edit: a website like this, connected with a lot of communities, with infos about the location of their servers, the team who lie in there usually, the list of championships etc.
    Could bring more visibility to the whole environment.
    In my opinion now everything is too dicsonnected. I know a lot of drivers who knew only one community...The main rule is that such a website has not to organize his own championship.
    But it could provide commentators to many communities, when they need them ( it happens they cannot stream because of no commentators in that date).
    I mean, come on let's do this.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  8. Turk

    Turk Alien

    In Wales?! I don't think so.. :p
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  9. My team did had its own "history" not updated since long but this will give you an idea :D

    Introducing: Scuderia Fronzini


    Motto:Melius Quam salus Vehiculum


    Scuderia Fronzini (pronounced [skude'ria fron'zeenee]) is the racing team division of the Fronzini Tractors and Beer company. The team has been racing in BTCC Online Championship, then in the Gt300 Endurance serie and has competed in numerous classes of motorsport (?) since its formation in 1996, including polistil races.
    The team was founded by (Vinc)Enzo Fronzini, initially to race 126 prototypes produced by Fiat (Fix It Again, Tomorrow), though by 1997 Fronzini had begun building their own cars by rebadging others. It is the worst surviving team in polistil races, having competed since 1997, and statistically the most unsuccessful Formula Granny team in history with a record of 15 black flags in a race. As a constructor, Fronzini has debts with 16 constructors.
    Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Mike Hawthorn, Phil Hill, John Surtees, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Michael Schumacher and Kimi Räikkönen have all avoided even pronouncing this team's name. The team's current drivers are Michael De Fronz and The Misterious @filipino1234 . At this moment no-one has claimed for third driver's seat.

    The team was initially based in Chiesanuova, a district of Prato, Italy. Enzo Fronzini moved the team to a new factory in Montemurlo in 1998, and both Scuderia Fronzini and Fronzini's rebadge factory remain at Montemurlo to this day. The team owns and operates a test track on the same site, the San Paolo Road Circuit built in 1972, which is used for testing road and race cars and practice on robbery and murderers.

    The team is named after its founder, Enzo Fronzini. Scuderia is Italian for a stable reserved for racing mules and is also commonly applied to Italian motor racing teams.
    The prancing beer glass was the symbol of the Italian school of Beer Transmigration from a glass to another, and became the logo of Fronzini after the founder, Enzo, was found drunk in front of a pub. Colours are traditional Prato's flag ones, while wheat and barrel are the begin and the end of the spirit of the Scuderia.

    Race Records

    Scuderia tried to compete in various online championships most notably F1-2011 and the old GrandPrix 2, without even understand how to connect online.
    Scuderia is now a real competitive (?) team of the BTCC Online Championship. Besides, its partecipation is given only because they were free slots avaiable.

    2013- Onwards
    The Scuderia Run on many serie like the gt300 Endurance, the Gt3 world championship without any big degree of success.

    Chief Head:

    Luke Cordero de Montezuma

    Technical Director:

    Stephen Sundays

    Beer Assistant:

    Paul Gascoigne

    Second Beer Assistant:

    Eddie Irvine

    Test Driver / Supporting while beer are served:

    Gerard Depardieu

    Main Sponsor:

    Scotch Ale

    Second Sponsor:

    Tennent's Super

    Driver assistant / beer coordinator

    Boris Yeltsin



    An artist depiction of an ipothetical winning Driver of Scuderia Fronzini on the podium.

    Former Driver : Jean Marc Paolier (aka TheBosZ)

    Age: unknown
    Sex: Male
    Height: 175cms
    Weight: More than enough

    Racing career:

    Jean Marc Paolier started his carreer very young running in a kart championship sponsored by his city's church "St. Devote". While he was about to secure his first win after a superb race he was disqualified/black flagged due to excessive swearing to his pit crew at the boxes, because its clutch was blocked by the wooden cross used as luckcharm by the church team. During his long Racing ban he started what became his life long love; the "Safety Cars".

    After his long stop he returned to motor racing being a Pace car during cycling competitions. But this could not satisfy the racing needs of our driver. After a short stop, while he graduated, worked as probe for FIA crashtest programs, got married and divorced 4 times he started competing in the Soap Boxes championship. He was about to retire when he received an "incredible" offer from Team 888 Slow of the BTCC Online Championship.

    Jean Marc Paolier promtly accepted the offer only to be back to motorsport. Then he was showed the car, the VECTRA. After a moment of confusion he said his firt words to the Team 888 "Ahahahah, ok guys we're the real car? I need some beer now."

    Nevertheless the driver proved himself as fast as his two teammates, and in the end secured the Team's 888 Best result at Cape Ring where the Vectra's driver managed a brilliant third place. After the performance he stated on the podium " yeah the car was fine today but we could have done better. Thank you." And left the press conference to drink a beer.

    Of him his Team-mate Micheal De Fronz (aka Karsten_Beoulve) stated "He's a good driver and also a great drinking partner". The unforgettable F1 driver Jean-Denis Deletraz said about him "He's not as fast as me, but I consider him my successor", while some rumors talked about being the next driver after Felipe Massa.

    So he now was hired by the resurrecting Scuderia Fronzini, he stated very entusiastically "Yeah this year I'll be more competitive, I think we can score some podium and wins.." So he said while he was eating his Magnum icecream.

    Scuderia Fronzini welcomes Jean Marc Paolier and wishes for him the best for the upcoming season.

    Driver 1: Michael De Fronz (aka Karsten_Beoulve)
    (driver 1 as in he signed off first :D )

    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Height: 181cms
    Weight: 75kgs

    Racing career:

    In spite of a great passion for motorsport, Michael De Fronz tried for long years to play succesfully soccer with weak results. He used to drive his father's car after his disappointing performance in the soccer fields, and then his love for driving arose thanks to a Lancia Thema. After training his braking skills again various police speed traps he finally started racing with karts.

    He was signed with a red kart for his first championship under the sponsorship of the local communist circle. After a very bad season he has his first win in a race where the leading racer was disqualified for excessive swearing. This opened the young driver great oppurtunities like discount for pizza at aforementione communist circle, some free coffee etc etc. After this first win the driver had great troubles finding a ride and refined his skills with various "Real Driving Simulators" and as a pro driver in luna-park bumper cars. After a small time he was first contacted by Team Volvo and joined it due to his great knowledge of the car (he used it to go to work everyday). The first season on the BTCC was a season with many mid grid results, and almost no satisfactions.

    It all looked grim for Michael De Fronz when a surprise offer from Team 888 Slow was delivered to his door. He gladly accepted in hope of an easier season. This proved a false hope for the season beside a couple of 5th places and a lonely 4th was merely depressing. The driver was very often heard complaining that the Vectra "handled like a boat" and consumed tires "like a grater". In spite of all this difficulties he managed to finish ahead of the first driver Captainhelmet (that in a Captain Schettino fashion was the first to abandon the boat) and the promoted third drive Jean Marc Paolier.

    The ex F1 driver Gaston Mazzacane said about him "I saw him and he's INCREDIBLE" words that made Scuderia Fronzini rush to sign the driver. After the pre-seasonal test were less than stellar when asked again Gaston Mazzacane said "uh he's a racing river? I was referring to that day in the pub, when they serve half price beer!"

    The Scuderia wishes the driver the best of result and a definitive improvement in his lap pace, or they hope so.

    In the following year he improved up to became a stable midfielder but podiums were most of the time out of his grasp.

    Only one Hurra! in his career when he won the the:

    GTP 6 Hours of Nurburgring GP/F - Winner of GT Cup Class {With NinjaEvo & Storm_SP17}
    #74 GTORacing Lotus Elise 111R '04

    A title he bring on proudly until he'll have something better to boast about.

    Driver 2: Filipino

    The whole racing world is excited at Fili joining the "famed" Scuderia Fronzini. A fast and well recognized driver, many still wonder why he joined the Scuderia.

    Voice from the boxes murmur that hi contract was signed during a really peculiar situation:

    The voices of the circustances about Filipino's sign-up to the Scuderia run wild when this transport was seen in the nearby of the driver's flat.

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  10. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    I use a 24 degree FOV on my 49" which is awesome and feels right to me. When you're up close with other cars it feels completely realistic and immersive in a way that no other sim is for me. I have zero stutters. FPS is supposed to be locked at 60, but as you can see from FRAPS in the corner, it dips - but that makes no difference at all, it's buttery smooth at all times.

    Screen caps below.. sorry they're dark ones.. I'm practicing for a wet race!

    AC2   9_6_2019 11_07_45 AM.png
    AC2   9_6_2019 11_07_33 AM.png
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    From my amateur experience in races with a max of 45 minutes, you are not ware of the helmet, 2 layers of Nomex etc., even in in 30 degree C weather, too much else occupying your attention.

    But I think siting at ones desk, with no G forces, money or even your life not at risk, its easy to be distracted by being uncomfortable.

    Hemet fogging, being one commonality with VR though.
  12. very cool stuff! that's exactly what I mean.
    For all teams who want to use the platform.
    we need a validation system from the communities tho, otherwise you can write what you want.
    I am not referring to you, just to clarify.
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  13. I don't think so.
    You notice it in the first place.
    Then just like you said, you forget about it.
    I never tried VR, but I think it's similar.
    And I think that placebo plays the biggest part, since no go forces.
  14. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Thanks matey, Sexy screens! wOw 24 FOV, I wonder how my brain will cope with such a large change.. I'm curious, what FOV is required to show both mirrors?

    LATE4APEX Alien

    So you have never tried VR, and what form of RL racing have you done ?

    That would allow you to make a comparison or judgment.
  16. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    Dont remember - I tried it but it looks ridiculous, completely unusable. Tempting, I know - but trust me, put it out of your mind :) The view that I have is great in practice.. I now have a TrackIR too, but haven't really used it yet, but in theory it should complement the ultrawide well...
  17. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Nice. That's what I am thinking if I go down this path.
  18. I race with karts whenever I can. for many years now.
    So is it that different in the end? I made no comparison anyway...

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Glad to hear about your Kart racing, makes it easier to discuss your opinions here.

    Ever banged up your chest ?,... I did pretty good once, even with the chest protector.

    But still have to disagree that being uncomfortable while sitting at ones desk because of VR, without all of the sensory inputs and possible consequences of RL racing, not being a good comparison.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  20. never got my chest on the wheel thanks god.
    Anyway I never said vr is uncomfortable or even the contrary.
    you disagree with someone else lol.
    you probably read someone else post thinking it was me mate eheheheh
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