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COMPETIZIONE Assetto Corsa Competizione Online Special Events

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pankykapus, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Are the special events ratings problems fixed? Nothing seems to have changed.

    I try to post positive stuff but the pace/special events system seems to have been broken for months now. I really thought we’d have new routine and DLC special events with the big patch.
  2. No changes to any of the special events yet. is there anything on the roadmap from Kunos on when the special events will be functioning again?
    I haven't been able to register a score on any of the latest series of events.

    It would be fantastic if we could play the older events which are now shown on the menu even if our times didnt count towards scoring/driver rating after the event is closed.

    The best part of AC was the challenges so not having them functioning in ACC is a bit of a drag.
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  3. special events are working again finally after the new update. hopefully they will set the old events as options to play too as well as adding some GT4 special events
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  4. Nox

    Nox Racer

    special events rating (PC Rating) works?

    no PC Rating not work!!!
  5. I didn't check my PC rating but it was there from previous seasons. For some reason I thought they give you an update when the current season ends or am I mistaken?
  6. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Simracer

    The events were not broken, you could drive and register your times. The only thing broken is the pace rating, so the conversion into a number in the ranking.
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  7. They were for me. Every event I tried would not register an entry on the leaderboards until the update this week.
    As I mentioned before, the pace rating I have has only ever updated when a season ends and the final best event position seems to be taken as my pace rating.

    It isn't clear how this works so I am not 100% sure that it should be that way but would be open to an explanation on this from someone who knows more.
  8. Pace has always been updated once your Pace changed, not only at the end.
    At the end it becomes zero, or 50 or previous, until you set a lap.
    But it has always continued to update lol.
  9. I know some are saying SE are working. But for me, they are not, just don the Lambo hotstint challenge. My time has not registered... and yes I did it twice to see if there was a mistake some how.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It's not registering times for me on the lambo at leguna seca either. The rest work fine though. I thought it might be some competition you have t register for first.
  11. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Simracer

    Those are not regular events, it is the qualifier for the lamborghini real race, you have to register on https://esports.lamborghini to take part.
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  12. Unf

    Unf Racer

    Still no new events... STILL, for god sake...
  13. NilisW

    NilisW Gamer

    Yeah just checked and still the same. Season 7 is pretty long :S
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  14. Atticvs

    Atticvs Rookie

    Are there going to be new special events again at some point in the future?

    Or is this feature discontinued?

    I'd love to see new ones, the competition element used to motivate me to improve my knowledge of the tracks back in the day.
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  15. Unf

    Unf Racer

    It seems to be worthless to ask anymore, we are totally ignored. Even short "no" from devs is unachiveable.
  16. We know they were rebooting the leaderboards in the very last moments of this features. I think that, or they have deep problems they cannot overcome, or they are completely rewarking the feature. Or a different, but equivalent feature.
  17. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Hardcore Simmer

    More likely a lack of player numbers and they've given up on it.
  18. Atticvs

    Atticvs Rookie

    Nah, I mean I just checked and thousands and thousands players set times in the Season 7 (or whatever) events we have from way back.

    That has to be OK.

    I mean, maybe not changing them every month, just every two months, because I did see a few events earlier, which only had a few hundrend players, but with a bit more time, these events seem to be poplar.
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  19. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    I kind of miss the Steam achievements from original AC days
  20. Unf

    Unf Racer

    Even if they have given up, they could just say it and close the topic, instead treating us like fools, being absolutely quiet so long.
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