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Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.0.3 update OUT NOW!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Dear #ACCompetizione racers,

    the v1.0.3 update is live on Steam! It introduces several updates, including a brand new controller settings page, updates in Multiplayer and Ratings, gameplay, VR (mouse scroll function, HUD rendering tweaked), replay management and audio encoding. We suggest to set Temporal Anti Aliasing method for VR.

    Restart your Steam client in order to detect the update and head over Assetto Corsa official forum for specific support requests!

    v1.0.3 Changelog:

    - Audio optimizations to lower the memory footprint.
    - Fixes to overall game stability and added logging.

    - Fixed a rare bug that failed to turn on the ignition in AI cars.
    - Fixed driver swap missing in Race 2 of career race weekends.
    - Fixed autosave not storing tyre set wear data.
    - Fixed random weather not randomizing ambient temperature.
    - Fixed potential issue not auto saving replays

    - Fixed disabled driver foot animations in the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

    - Revamped controller options menu, allowing keyboard, direct-input and X-input customization.
    NOTE: old controller presets will continue to work.
    - Fixed widget position when the car crosses the finish line.
    - Camera movement and look-with-wheel sliders activate/deactivate in relevant camera modes.
    - Fixed a bug on the weather page that allowed rain level without cloud level when after entering the page.
    - Fixed confusing behaviour of random track button on the weather UI.
    - Fixed weather summary incorrectly reporting dynamic weather disabled with random weather on.
    - Fixed podium sequence not responding to mapped pause key.
    - Fixed championship AI aggression being incorrectly limited to 80-100%.
    - Default championship settings updated.
    - Resume button added inside the main Championship and Career pages.
    - Revised layout organization of race-end messages.
    - Fixed wind speed not being absolute value.

    - Mouse in VR: added wheel and scroll bar support.
    - Fix to the HUD stereo layer clipping with the car geometry.

    - Solved "No CP server in your region" display for users that should actually see them.
    - Server pings are now displayed accurately in the UI.
    - The "too slow for Eau Rouge" fix introduced in 1.0.1 is now more accurate.
    - Fixed a an issue where cars can load without setup (=no ABS/TC) applied / HUD invisible.
    - Entrylists can now use "isAdmin" as intended.
    - Entrylists can now use "overrideDriverInfo" as intended.
    - Added ServerAdminHandbook v1 to the server folder.
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