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Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.3.3 hotfix update OUT NOW!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Feb 13, 2020.

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  1. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    ACC racers!
    Hotfix v 1.3.3 is available to download NOW on Steam!

    - Fixed frame drops after a set amount of sessions, causing lower performance after multiple sessions for some users.

    - Fixed AI tyre wear in saved games.
    - Fixed a bug related to track surfaces when loading a saved game resulting in pitstop and stint timer issues.
    - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka now invalidates the next lap.
    - Cutting last chicane in Suzuka during the first lap after a short formation lap will now trigger the penalty as intended.
    - 12H race weekend game mode now has a limit of 15 tyresets.
    - Fixed a bug with Superpole game mode, allowing the player to set more than 2 fast laps.
    - Wrong lap remaining value corrected for SG penalty for pitlane speeding.

    - Fixed numberplate appearence in gallery replays of MP sessions.
    - Suzuka reflection map position update to remove unwanted green tint.

    - Audiocomms text message category and priority tweaks.
    - ECU setting changes (TC, ABS etc.) now have their own race comms category.
    - Time multiplier is now displayed in session summary page both in SP and MP.
    - Added Championship replay category.
    - Updates to driver stint messages and message behaviour.

    - NSX engine power adjustments.
    - Mount Panorama grip adjustments.
    - Suzuka asphalt abrasivity (tyre degradation) adjustments.
    - Fix for occasional setup corruption that caused a broken car state.
    - Fixed car spawn issues in certain conditions.

    - Server result.json now writes metaData, serverName and sessionType as intended.
    - Fixed an incompability with the allowAutoDQ setting, causing post race penalties not being applied when enabled.
    - Re-enabled driver stint time and total driving time rules for non-public MP.
    - Re-enabled isRaceLocked, so joining races can be allowed again.
    - Client should now handle all disconnect scenarios properly.
    - Various improvements for driver swaps and spectator mode:
    - Stint and driving time rules now work reliably in swap situations.
    - Mandatory pit stop rules now work reliably in swap situations.
    - Penalties now transfer correctly across clients in swap situations.
    - Prevented server misconfiguration that led to join order relevance.
    - Missing mandatory state update after swaps corrected.
    - Tyre compound, pressure and brake strategies transfer reliably in swap situations.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the player from adjusted pressures when selecting wet tyres in the MFD on track.
    - Pit crew visibility fixed for spectating client.
    - Fixed swap widget disappearing for some players in multi-car sessions.

    NOTE: due to changes affecting physics and track limits, the leaderboards of Special Events #55 and #57 will be reset.
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