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Assetto corsa - more than a racing simulator - unofficial trailer

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Nug, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Nug

    Nug Gamer

    I think I'll do a dream pack vid once that's out.
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  2. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

    Extended version ;)
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  3. Steve Hindon

    Steve Hindon Hardcore Simmer

    Nothing to laugh at here ... almost as good as an official release video ... top job !
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  4. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    If you don't want something flashy, call it: Assetto Corsa 1.0.4 Unofficial Trailer. *(lose the mods part since the video has everything in it)
    If you want it to stand out a bit, call it: Assetto Corsa - More Than A Racing Simulator - Unofficial Trailer.

    Make sure you change both the topic title and the video title on youtube.
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  5. Nug

    Nug Gamer

    Thanks, name changed :)
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  6. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    You forgot to change the name of the topic too.

    On top of your original post there is a function called "Thread Tools", click "Edit Thread". ;)
  7. Great vid!!!
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  8. Wow, absolutely magnificent trailer!! Do change the title, it's such a professional edit and watching this vid makes me wanna start racing again and again. The camera movement is of epic choreography and the vibe really gets under your skin. Wonderful work, if you could zip into a file and upload it somewhere I can find it, this would become my intro video instantly.
    As an absolute amateur on this field of vid editing ( I use Windows Movie Maker) I have to admit to be a bit envious, but just maybe you'll have the time and will to watch one of my vids on my youtube channel? The one called Lake Louise is my personal best work but compared to this it's a piece of shiny junk if you ask me. If only Assetto Corsa existed in my young gaming years...now time isn't on my side anymore.

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  9. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    I have no idea why he only changed the video title, but not the topic's title...
  10. nivadepi

    nivadepi Racer

    fantastic !
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  11. Nug

    Nug Gamer


    I didn't change the topic title because people may want to come back to it – if i change the name then they won't be able to find it or might think its been deleted.
  12. Nug

    Nug Gamer

    Hi there!

    Thanks so much for the good comments. I can give you some tips if you like, especially on how to achieve certain shots in Assetto Corsa. I will check out your vid too. I know what you mean about time being against you, me too! :p
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  13. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    Anyone who has posted in this topic is subscribed to this thread with the "Watch Thread" function automatically. Even if you change the topic's title they will still get notifications about it under the new name. Besides if you give the topic's title as the video title it will be less confusing than it is now, plus new people will be interested in it.

    Do as you wish, it's your topic.
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  14. Nug

    Nug Gamer


    Yes I know those who have posted will still get it, but they've already seen it. I see what you're saying about maybe being less confusing and getting new people interested. Topic changed! :)
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  15. Very fine video - keep them coming :)
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  16. One Word: EPIC !
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  17. Nug

    Nug Gamer

    Thanks man!
  18. aphidgod

    aphidgod Alien

    This whole time leading up to the dream pack I've been thinking to myself how short and unsatisfying Kunos' videos were. I think I was looking for something like this one - it really is well done. Nice work!
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  19. PAKFA

    PAKFA Alien

    The DLC teaser is actually very good. It's a major improvement for Kunos on videos.
  20. Nug

    Nug Gamer

    Yes, it's a great vid, some nice editing and effects going on too.

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