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Assetto corsa + nordschleife + a real racing simulator = insane!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by 3dchips, May 14, 2015.

  1. 3dchips

    3dchips Racer

    @All AC racers
    I want to let you know that Assetto Corsa (bought at the end of 2013) was the reason why I have build this in 2014/15:

    May you kindly imagine how Nordschleife feels on it. So immersive , so exciting, so real. Thank you all developers from @Kunos for such a great work, especially the physics and FFBs of AC are unbeaten so far.
    BTW the rig is a 2DOF seat mover plus an additional heave motor (under the seat) and a separate traction loss motor at the back. Everyone who wants to step up to the next level I advise to build a 2DOF simulator as well. Already a low cost DIY 2DOF using wiper motors (a wheel can be more expensive) gives you more feedback than your desk at home :) Please have a look at the rig of @Nick Moxley, too who has done a very great work.
    EDIT: more than one year AC, more than 1000 hours played - it says all about AC
    Last edited: May 14, 2015
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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Well, I guess this is the most expensive game you have ever bought then :D
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  4. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Sweet rig! I wish I could build one myself. And yeah, Nick is like the king of DIY stuff, and I'm so incompetent that I couldn't even mod a fan onto my T500 to keep it cool. xD
    Nick Moxley likes this.
  5. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Nice! :cool:

    You could try to adjust the camera g-force effects, as default they are set to 1.4x, try 1.0x. Since you disabled virtual wheel, you could also lock virtual steering, which means you won't see the shifting paddles animation.
  6. 1karl1

    1karl1 Simracer

    That's badass . Smashed it there mate .
  7. Where do you live im coming round for a go:oops::D
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  8. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    Haha I do that with the chaps at SRH.

    I`ve know them before the company started, so I get first dibs on trying out new hardware/software on his SimXperience Stage 4 :)

    It`s pretty awesome.
  9. TAM Spencer

    TAM Spencer Simracer

    Im taking a stab in the dark, you dont have a wife?

    My rig (see specs bellow) is at the point where when she has friends over she takes great delight in ridiculing me over it, your rig may be grounds for divorce.

    Thinking about it, how much did your entire rig cost? it may be worth it, it looks fantastic.
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  10. I bet the other end of that white mains extension is working overtime :).

    Nice setup. Would be good to see it from a drivers viewpoint if you know anyone with the right camera.
  11. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    Very nice rig. Doesn't it feel strange that seat is moving but pedals stays put? Surely you're used to it now, but did it feel strange at first.
  12. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Guys, we have to help this chap! He has spent so much money and energy into this rig he cannot even afford a pair of jean! We have to start a whip-around, or look in the back of your wardrobes and send him some clothes.

    P.S. Very nice rig, envious is not even close. Ooorar!
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  13. beiacos_gr

    beiacos_gr Simracer

    AMAZING! take a lap for me also! hehe :p :) :D
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  14. blakescom

    blakescom Racer

    I think it looks quite natural,,, the chair is tilting/leaning alot to the movement of the car but isn't that natural ?

    I mean in a real car if you brake hard your body wants to move toward the windcreen (while your pedals and wheel remain fixed) but you counter these forces with your own body movements......This rig looks to be simulating those forces really well without exaggerating too much. (compared to some i've seen that you would need to be wearing a gum-shield and helmet) ;)

    but thats just my opinion and i dont know crap about it LOL, now I gotta go clean up some drool :)
    Horus likes this.
  15. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Far from the King, Some buddy's and other project's ive seen over the years Blow Mine outta the water. But Aww shucks, Thanks.

    Big Mis conception many have. Think of it in real life. Driving down the Highway @ 100mph. HAMMER the brakes, Does the wheel and pedals go forward ? No, You go forward. Speed and Accuracy on a Seat mover is Far superior to a Full frame due to the sheer amount of weight in question. I honestly cant say it felt strange, but that First On track moment when you feel its Potential is a "light bulb" moment. lol ive helped a few guys get thing's up and running in those final stages and the Sheer excitement on their face/Voice is priceless. Adding more Dof's like Chips has done just repeats that process over and over, lol and Because of this implementation of heave I will be very much planning to go 4Dof on mine.

    Also here's a litte reading material for Seat mover Vs Full Frame.

  16. 3dchips

    3dchips Racer

    My wife is wonderful - ergo I have one ;)
    LOL, probably. We are both happy (despite of that nor my wife likes racing neither she likes the rig).
    The most expensive hardware are the displays (LED by Vivitek). Anyway the most cheapest (real) car is way more expensive (and for sure less funny to drive).
    No, the gol is to trick the brain. Simulation and real driving are different, but our brain is just too stupid to check the difference (you will remark the difference, but the brain learns to adapt the movements), More information here: http://www.cxcsimulations.com/products/motion-pro/how-it-feels/
    Indeed, the jeans is old but me too ;)
  17. 3dchips

    3dchips Racer

    Totally agree, very often there is a misapprehension of simulation in general. Mostly motion platforms (where the pedals are fixed) are great for flight sims, not for racing sims. BTW at least we cannot simulate the centrifugal g-forces, but the rest we can.
  18. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    Interesting stuff, thanks for the explanation.
  19. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    Really nice work bud ...;)
    would love one but I'm just going to settle on the rseat ac edition or the raceroom rig.:)
  20. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    wow!!! it looks so sweet!!! lol

    Could you please tell what do you have there with links where to buy... thank you!

    It very nice... dream room
  21. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Your best bet would be to have a look around here and settle a few thing's first such as overall rig design, How many Dof's ect ect.....the possibilities are endless.

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