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Assetto corsa nordschleife challenge

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by denni578, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    The idea is to test different cars for Assetto Corsa on the Nordschleife to compare their performances between each other but also against the reallife performance (possible, because the Nordschleife is laserscanned so should be quite accurate to the reallife track).

    The first car which will take part in the series will be the BMW M4. The video will be uploaded today or tomorrow and I will do a challenge every week or every second week (not sure because my time is limited sometimes). If you like you can comment on Youtube/Facebook what car you would like to see next.

    Note: I will only test cars which are not illegal ripped converts out of other games. Only cars which are downloadable in the official Assetto Corsa forums will take place in the challenge.

    To give an impression I´ve made a short teaser. I hope you will like it :)

  2. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    There is no RL onboard with M4 doing a full lap:(
    There is not even decent BTG onboard lap:(
  3. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    That was just a teaser. I will upload the First real video tomorrow :)
  4. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    So here is the first "real" video of the challenge. Enjoy ! :)

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  5. Fruitz23

    Fruitz23 Racer


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  6. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    Nice vid, I like the intro/outro :)

    You might want to reduce your tire sounds a fair bit though, makes it sound more realistic.
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  7. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    Track surface was set to optimum.

    Thank you ! The advise is good. I realised that the tire is a bit too loud, thanks :)
  8. Fruitz23

    Fruitz23 Racer

    so its not quite comparable to real life. corner speeds are way too fast afaik. i really like it or slow or green. (sideways, more work, more fun)
    nice video nonetheless!

    greetz, Fritz

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  9. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    I agree with you that it´s not quite comparable to reallife but the time of the lap and the reallife time were quite close to each other. The laps in reallife are being done in nearly perfect conditions too, because the manufactures of the cars really would like to see how fast their machines are on the hardest track in the world.

    Thanks :)
  10. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

    #2 Challenge with the new Audi R8 V10 Plus:


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