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Assetto Corsa SpeedFreaks Public server (MR Open to all currently)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by balls of steel, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. *Edit* Server now only accepts drivers with MR grade of C and above.

    Hello everyone!

    First things first.. don't mind the username.. lol, not sure what I was thinking back when I made the account, but yeah - you can call me Tw0tch - which is also my in-game name. (with added [AcSF] tag obviously.

    Feel free to use the [AcSF] tag in your name as well if you become a regular driver with us ^^

    The server is called:
    Assetto Corsa SpeadFreaks [AcSF] 24/7 Dedicated with Mratings!

    The server can be easily found when you search for "speed" in the online browser in-game.


    Once upon a time I had a couple of servers running, but me being me, I started way to big (5 servers, facebook page, Teamspeak server, website, etc...) and ended up shutting the whole thing down after a month or 2 - this was when AC was still in alpha tho, so not to bad I guess lol.


    With [AcSF] "2.0" I am taking a different approach to it all -> start small with 1 server and if this works and get's crowded enough on a daily basis I'll add more along the way.

    My steam group is still alive and I'd be happy if it would become a bit more lively in there after 3 years of silence haha, so please feel free to join :)

    So - here is are some thoughts/rules etc about the server:

    - Currently it's open to any "MR Grade" drivers, meaning anyone can join more or less.
    - Currently 1 server (Track is Silverstone Intl - 24 slots and a nice variety of *Non DLC!* cars to choose from)
    - Currently no dedicated website, just this forum and the Steamgroup for now
    - The server is meant for people who are serious about Sim Racing, even if it's open to all atm as long as there is respect and you are trying your best to be a gentleman, there is no issue :)
    - Helicorsa is highly recommended if you don't have a triple monitor setup or VR headset (and even then it's handy :p ) - since this will help you with clean(er) driving. it can be downloaded from here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/helicorsa.5199/

    - Eventually all server(s) will be at least "C" MR Grade to enter

    The server is located in Germany, so any EU players/drivers will have low (between 20 to 40ish) pings, and our overseas neighbours in the US can expect 100 to 150ish, which is still fine.

    Eventually I want to start making teams and organised events (where the servers will have a password and only members who want to participate and qualify will get the passwords)

    But that's just a dream for now - I hope we can make this dream a reality together! :)

    Any suggestions/thoughts/recommendations are welcome!

    I will post a proper list of cars available and other settings for the server here tomorrow - I need some sleep now lol.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and see you on the track!

    - Tw0tch
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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  3. Woah, lol currently 22 people driving on the server! :D

    This is great, I randomly logged on to see if anyone was driving, and BAM! haha.

    Not sure if anyone from here is actually driving, but if you are - Thanks a lot for doing so :)

    That's what we want to see - I currently can't actually drive until I get my new wheel and seat (and a new dedicated Sim PC) which should all be sorted within a week or 2.
    I refuse to try and drive around with my controller or keyboard, hehe.

    Thanks again if you're driving on the [AcSF] server! If you enjoy it and want to become part of the community - please join the steamgroup - which is also handy for chatting with other drivers! :)

    Much <3

  4. This weeks setup:

    Cars: Pagani Zonda R (only)
    Track: Mugello
    Qualify: 5 Mins
    Race: 6 Laps

    Tyre Choice: Slick H, Slick M, and Slick S.

    Weather: Heavy Clouds


    - Post any requests you would like to see here (You can use the little list I posted above) - I will make sure they get into the mix if they're viable suggestions ^^

    Exciting Side note;
    I'll be joining the races from tomorrow again as well - PC and chair will be sorted, and i'll have to use my old Logitech Momo still, but it'll have to do till my T300 is here sometime next month or so :D
  5. This weeks setup (Sunday 18th to Sunday 25th) for the main server:

    Cars: Pagani Zonda R, Mercedels SLS GT3, BMW Z4 GT3, Ferrari 458 GT2, Mclaren Mp4-12 GT3, Audi R8 V10.
    Track: Silverstone Intl.
    Qualify: 5 Mins
    Race: 6 Laps

    Tyre Choice: Open to any available for your choice of car.

    Weather: Heavy Clouds.

    GL and HF :)

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