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Attis Sim Racing [ASR] Club 18-30 ACC event.

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Andy Haylor, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Andy Haylor

    Andy Haylor Rookie

    Hello one and all, and welcome to our invite to our club 18-30 events that take place every Monday and Thursday on the Attis Sim Racing Club 18-30 server.

    Why club 18-30? Simple, we do 18 minutes of qualifying and a 30 minute race. Results are uploaded to our discord channel for all to see at discord.attissimracing.club

    Every Monday and Thursday a couple hours before the racing starts we announce the track and cars. The event starts at 21:30 UK time. However usually the server starts at 21:00 with a 30 minute practice as well.

    The SA rating is 50+ and we always monitor and admin our servers, we look forward to seeing you there, feel free to join our discord to keep in touch,


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  3. Andy Haylor

    Andy Haylor Rookie

    Tonight on the 18:30 event we are going over to the famous Paul Ricard. See you there!

    Server will be online by 21:00.

    Track - Paul Ricard

    Car Class - GT4.

    18 minute Qualifying.

    30 minute Race.

    Good luck all.

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