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ACC Blog Audio - Monkey hear, monkey do!

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by AC Support, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I don't care if it was written 1000 times, already: the sound of ACC is fantastic. Raw and realistic, with grunt and timbre, including a lot of sounds I don't even know what car part they belong to :-D

    At first I played with my monitor's speakers and thought the levelling (especially tyre scrub) was a bit off. Now after a nice session with headphones I can't confirm that. It sounds really good as it is.

    Beautiful job!
  2. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Yeah. I already wrote it too. And i'm not at all a sound "fetishist". Sound is great really. :)
  3. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Sound is certainly vast improvement over AC, downshifting Huracan doesn't get old. Looking forward to hearing 488 as it sounded good already in early builds
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  4. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    We are looking for it.
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  5. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    My only gripe about ACC is that after hearing the new amazing sounds there will not be a 458 in the game.
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  6. pons

    pons Simracer

    Loving the sounds. On my very very aged system I can run ACC around 20 FPS which is not very useful when you want to hit apexes and so on. But I come back to just drive and listen to the sound. When going back to the AC Lambo I can't believe how much an improvement is the new sound. Can't wait to hear the other cars onboard. Keep up the good work!
  7. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    So i was just doing 35min special event thingy... and after 15min in to it i had weird downshift in the last chicane and than i started hearing the weird sound in the background.. weird to explain it but like muffled ambulence siren. and it was night time nowmy brake zones were messed up somewhere car goes deep etc. but i would usually hear the sound in brake zones..or when car is cruising.
    @AC Support could this be overheated brake sound? do you have sample off overheated brake you could share?
  8. Retrolux

    Retrolux Gamer

    The Sound diversity is really awesome especially when using good headphones. Also the reverb zones are a great addition which makes the atmosphere even more believable when riding near concrete walls reflecting the engine noise :)
  9. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Can't share samples right now, but if you drag the brakes in practice session you can fade and hear them clattering.
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  10. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien


    I dont belive it was clattering but will try deffinetlly to see how that clattering sounds :) tnx
  11. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Well, if you are able to reproduce that ambulance sound :D, please open a thread in the Audio forum so we can check, thanks.
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  12. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    Sounds good, it's still very early and I'm sure you will iron out the little things later on. Just wanted to make sure it's been pointed out :)
  13. Josefhead

    Josefhead Racer

    it's not overlooked... but you are listening too quiet :) .... it was already in AC ... you do hear the car going allaround the track while pinning your camera at one place for example... (well maybe not the nordschleife :D but a usual track.. didn't tried it at the nordschleife if it acutally fades out or if it stays at a minimum) ... but you need to crank up the speakers for it... well ofcourse... in reallife it is also like that... you can only hear a racecar around the track all the time.. because it's so brutal loud... so if you hear very loud... so that the car is very loud when it is by your side.... then you can hear and trace the sound all around the track...

    and I think that's a good way to do it... because ofcourse you could over compress everything so that you could hear it even if the speakers are not loud... but that would be an absolute cluttering of soundmess then... and well overcompressed mess... overcompression does only belong to a dirty drumloop or a neurofunk reese bass or something like that :D it shouldn't be used to drain any dynamic range out of a dynamic content... (even it was quite fun at battlefield3 lol the wartape setting)

    if you want to hear something that is 2km away from you or so... it has to be loud :) if you turn the volume down.. it's not loud anylonger.. so you don't hear it

    well didn't tried it in ACC yet... but we also don't have the possibility to fix the camera yet I think.. :)

    oh just to explain... it's not like you turn a slider for ambiend sound... because it's no ambiend sound.. it's a real sound.. which is louder if it is close and quiter if it is away.. you would need to compress the sound (making the dynamic range smaller) doesn't matter if it is upward compression or downward compression.. it does the same... downward compression makes loud stuff not going as loud... then you can make it louder to get the quiter sounds louder... and upward compression is the otherway around.. so making the quiter sounds louder...
    however that will always decrease the dynamic range... and even I am a fan of compressors and compression techniques I am still a fan of dynamic range :) ... I like it if it is more or less realistic...

    but some soundcards do have such options (don't know if windows itself has it too) ... where you can choose if it should compress the sound or not... often they refer to it in some differend terms... like normalisation or level equalisation or such thing (don't confuse it with the equalizer) ... but I am not even sure if those options work for games.. or if it just for media playback ...

    however if kunos finds time to tweak differend compressor settings (because fmod has compressors and limiters built in) to cater for differend tastes... it would be nice ofcourse... but I think other thinks are more importend then those settings... since the sound is already very good...

    and also another thing is... the more you compress the less you will hear the cars on the other side of the track.. when cars are rushing near by ... because they will compress the other cars out of the dynamic window ... thats why I ment... more dynamic range is better.. because overcompressed stuff pushes and squeezes everything away... you will loose detail and so on.... compare it to a ffb struggeling with clipping...

    so if you want to hear cars on the other side of the track.. while cars are running by near... the only solution would be.. no or very very little compression ... and then crank up the speakers.... but if you have neighbours better do that with headphones :)

    there are people out there that just don't like loud GT3 cars... yeah strange I know :D
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
  14. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Yep can confirm. In A.C. you could hear cars on the other side of the track, but not if you have the volume low. I realised this when I was playing with really low volume for about two years then pumped it up just a few notches and the sound improved a lot.
  15. ttooff4351

    ttooff4351 Rookie

    Both AC and ACC have dynamic range compressors/limiters. These are essential to prevent saturation of the audio output due to the massive amount of sounds being mixed together.

    Now in AC, the output stage limiter is located after the in-game volume control. This makes it possible to control the dynamic range by playing with both the in-game volume control and the soundcard/amplifier volume control.

    In ACC, the dynamic range does no longer seem to be impacted by the in-game volume control. This make it sound quite "flat" in comparison with AC. Cars passing by do not scream as much as they should when viewed from behind.

    So indeed a dynamic range adjustment would be definitely a valuable feature.
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  16. IMrIMike

    IMrIMike Hardcore Simmer

    I can only add and agree to the general opinion in here, massive improvements and kudos to everyone involved. I love the dynamics of the engine and the transmission when climbing up the gears, fantastic stuff.
    If theres one or two things that can be improved, I´d definitley say the bodyroll sample. No idea if it´s a placeholder (as its straight from the previous game) for now or an area of work in progress at all, but imo that sample doesn´t really fit. Reminds me more of a shopping cart filled with groceries, but again imo, mostly personal preference. Also regarding downshifts, I wish there was more "ooomph" from the engine itself during the rev kick, right now its more of a sneeze.

    Nevertheless, reading about all those parameters in the project file, really appreciate the love for all those details. What would I give to have those parameters and possibilities in the AC sdk for sound modding :rolleyes:
  17. tow

    tow Gamer

    Very impressive sound compare to AC1. It would be perfect if the sound add more aggressive like this video, especially when down shifting.
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  18. nhitrac

    nhitrac Gamer

    Holy hell these sounds are intoxicatingly awesome! Love the rawness of it all especially all the mechanical clanking.

    Glad Im on this journey with you guys!
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  19. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte Racer

    Just coming back to this thread after having been looking at the audio effects channel usage on some new hardware I got recently. As a PRO user for tactile, I now have the ability in using two of these which let me test/monitor my tactile configuration and see it operating in real time. In how I have them configured the controls can determine the output mix from 1-3 sources being used at once, for example (Audio Sound Tactile / SSW Telemetry Tactile & Simvibe Telemetry Tactile). Basically at my fingertips is the possibility to determine what source output and its gain level (if any) goes to each channel or individual tactile unit. Outside of using a USB multichannel interface and professional DAW software and plugins it is a very good and handy solution as a method of controlling and pushing the limits in tactile immersion.

    When using this Behringer unit, it has excellent LED lights for monitoring each channel's output activity (over the 6 channels). The LED's vary between green-orange and red if clipping. So it shows easily what is happening per channel and I can then look at using individual effects or when all effects combined as to how the audio is output over each channel. If I want to connect 5.1 to a single unit then it is no problem and easy to see all channels for any output from 2 channel - 6 channel supported.


    Soooooo, back to ACC Audio

    Yes, indeed while the sound effects quality is excellent. I have to say that currently Competizioni, has disappointing stereo placement for various effects.

    Let me give an example, compared to Assetto Corsa.
    If running only "Surface" effects in Assetto Corsa we clearly can hear and see that running left wheels on curbs they are represented on the left channel, and likewise, right wheels are heard on the right channel. Some effect use the front channels, some more the rear too. Competizioni in comparison just seems to have several effects going to several channels at once bringing no sense of directional placement.

    I really hope that ACC, as it progresses, will utilize some effects in producing them with independent operation of each wheel on the 4 main channels. Not a sound effect sent to multiple channels at once.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
  20. Josefhead

    Josefhead Racer

    are you reading that out of those few leds ? or are you trusting your ears.. ??

    because you can also get peak indications etc.. on those leds.. if it's acutally reverb and not the direct sound..

    well I didn't made a listening try yet.. but just wanted to say... since we know have interior reverberation.. you might get confused by those kinds of LEDs .. and should more trust your ears... since the sound is verbing in the whole car... in a realcar you also hear the sound everywhere vibrating and reverberating and so on... ofcourse you hear and feel the direct source.. from it's direct position but you also get all kinds of reflections from everywhere... so if you look such things on peak meters it might look like they just play the same.. but it's just the level on almost the same and not the actual sound.. however like I said didn't looked / listened into that thing yet... it was nothing that I thought I need to look into.. and usually if something sounds off.. I do recognize it quite instandly..
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