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ACC Blog Audio - Monkey hear, monkey do!

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by AC Support, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Oskar556

    Oskar556 Gamer

    The Porsche interior really sounds bad, but exterior is top.
  2. Oskar556

    Oskar556 Gamer

    Thanks for the answer !
  3. Seth C.

    Seth C. Gamer

    The Porsche GT3 R should be one of the loudest if not the loudest on the exterior. If we had IMSA’s Corvette in-game: it would be the one to beat the Porsche in decibel count. This is from memory, but comparatively the current in-game GT3 R sounds too linear/monotone through the rev range and not high enough pitch at peak. I cannot comment adequately on the 991 Cup, as I have no real-life to draw from with it. However, I think the main gripe from individuals is not that the Porsche sounds bad per se, but is just not quite up to par like the rest of the virtual field.
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    RL video/audio for comparison, if it helps.

    Around 2:30

    Mind you, this is from a small pocket camera.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  5. LOL, you know Luca has been to multiple Blancpain events, right? Yet you think a clip from a pocket camera is going to enlighten him? SMH

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Was not my intent, to enlighten anybody.

    Simply to provide some evidence to the audience here, what the GT3 Porsche sounds like in RL.

    And,... what, you mean Luca has been to some race events,... who knew, would never have guessed that.
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  7. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte Racer

    Congrats with the audio in general in this title (not tried all cars) but excellent execution of many effects.
    As a constructive criticisim....
    For me, one of the most annoying sound elements however when increasing "tyres" volume (excellent L/R directional effects btw) is the overuse of stones rattling in the bodywork or hitting the car.

    Some of the engine sounds are superb and the way each car has its own character.

    Will be comparing 2.0 to 5.1 mix soon but can you elaborate more if/how the surround channels or .1 channels are used in this title compared to the typical 2 channel mix?
    Or indeed what 5.1 soundcards should be recommended if any?

    General audio gear I use for audio and tactile monitoring etc
    (Behringer X-Air X18 Channel Interface / Ipad Pro 2018 11" via various apps for monitoring - Korg Control 1 Midi Controller - Behringer HA6000 Mixer)

    Headphones Used:
    Phillips Fidelio X2 (my fave for soundstage/comfort)
    Sony WF-1000X Bluetooth Earbuds
    Sony MDR1 Bluetooth
    Sony MDR HWDS 700 (9.1 Digital Wireless)
    Hyper X 2
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  8. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    No worries Late4Apex, unfortunately, every camera/mic out there sounds different, so this kind of video can't be taken as reference (especially the cheap/compact ones).
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  9. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Hi MrLatte, thanks for your feedback and criticism. About the downmixing from surround to stereo, it's completely managed by FMod itself. Of course the project is made with surround in mind, in fact some channels are exclusively driven to the LFE channel (if present of course) as well as some bass frequencies of engines and other sound events (this was one of the bugs of the first AC project), but the stereo downmixing is IMHO very very good and well balanced.

    FYI, I use a Native Instrument Komplete6 and a pair of M-Audio BX5 for working on the single samples and then a normal Creative Sound Blaster Z for the final mixing in 5.1. I need about 10 to 15 days to complete a car from scratch. Almost a month for some VERY difficult cars. One of the aspects that most people don't know (not you of course), is that the ear gets quickly used to a sound (e.g. a car engine), so you need 2 to 3 days of rest to "reset your ears" and when you back to work on that sound... you will hear a completely different thing. :D
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  10. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte Racer

    Thanks Luca

    I am putting together a very special audio and tactile based rig, beyond anything I have seen.
    So the games audio has been very important aspect of the title to look forward to.

    ACC has some of the best feeling sensations from its audio that I have experienced.
    The feel from some of the cars even when off throttle as an example is superb and yes one way to experience each cars character being more evident is through usage of the "audio tactile" with good quality transducers and then combined with speakers or headphones. I dont know if you guys use this on rigs at HQ but oh my muti-channel tactile brings so much life to the immersion......

    Thanks for feedback on what you use and about the 2.0 Vs 5.1
    Amazing the amount of work you put into some cars, some may not appreciate it but others do...

    I was considering a 4.0 audio install as I am not convinced racing titles need the center/sub channels as to front and rear stereo.
    What I wanted to do was go through each audio setting and monitor them to see exactly what channels were used in the mix.

    Can I ask of examples where the sub or center channel is used that have specific benefits over 2 or 4 channel configurations? In going beyond the norm with the build I am doing it will have 4x subwoofers to use (via crossover) on 4.0 audio paired with other speakers rather than using 1x sub on the .1 channel for bass. So I'm not convinced using 5.1 output will be better, thoughts?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  11. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    But every single onboard ever taken of the car shows that the transmission is far more prominent than it is in ACC (and AC for that matter). I don't believe that they're all wrong and none of the other cars/brands seem to have the same discrepancy between publicly available recordings and the game audio. How do you verify that your recordings were true to reality?
  12. Oskar556

    Oskar556 Gamer

    If i may ask, what made you decide to make the Porsche's transmission so quiet ?
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  13. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    I'd also like to hear/read some words on the Porsche's interior sound @AC Support ..maybe in the corresponding thread, that'd be very kind :)
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  14. khrop

    khrop Racer

    All the other onboard sounds are comparable to iRacing, which while using a decade old engine with not as much "ear candy" like the sound reverbating from the environment are pretty accurate, for example the McLaren:


    The only difference between the various cars iRacing and ACC share is perhaps the transmission whine and general mix of the sound, ACC being more fleshed out with a lot more noises coming from other parts of the car, but the base engine note between the games seems to be nearly identical except for the 911:

    It's so sad that by far my favourite car in the entire GT3 stable lacks so greatly in the sound department both compared to other sims and real life footage, both the onboard one and professional race coverage (which I assume isn't shot with smartphones). Perhaps there is an explanation?
  15. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    maybe for or after 2019 saison we will have big changes in sounds but it's already good for the majority i think
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  16. HeavyGroovez

    HeavyGroovez Rookie

    Would just like to add that the audio is on a whole new level. All the cars sound fantastic both inside and outside the cockpit.

    I spent all day in the Bentley at Paul Ricard yesterday and it sounds so bloody good.
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  17. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte Racer

    Oh please, make a fix with this "sound effect" issue...

    The sound of the dirt/stones hitting the car that is mixed in with the volume control for "TYRES" is REALLY starting to drive me BONKERS. It's much too frequent and too loud when we set the volume for this slider high, reminds me of THIS

    The problem I am raising is, for immersion, it's good to have the sound of the tyres high for tactile usage as its the only way we feel the independent wheels/kerbs in the tactile from the audio.

    Appreciate if this can be noted for a future patch.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  18. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    Before i criticise anything i must say that sounds in ACC are at the top,best in any simulator.
    I have some problems with porsche sounds though so i'll just add a reference interior video which has best sounds i've ever heard in any porsche onboards.

    Now you just can't deny that this the kind of sounds game is missing.
    IMO interior sounds needs more fixing than external sound(which is good but has some tiny problems hence it has quite a room of improvement).
    Please make in-game sound better otherwise people and me personally will lose interest in this car.
  19. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    Yes, the Porsche sound is the only one that I don’t like and it doesn’t look like the one in reality.

    Howl transmissions can drive you crazy, to be honest. Not sure I would like to hear it all the time. It would be great to be able to separate the sound of the transmission and engine.

    Not sure that they can be divided - are they written on the same track?(now in the game)
  20. Willsuhr77

    Willsuhr77 Gamer

    Good job! Cheers!
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