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Barber Motorsports Park In A Porsche 911 GT3

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Orne, May 31, 2017.

  1. Orne

    Orne Alien

    What a great track! I drove this track a bit in iRacing, reminded me alot of Bilsterberg although much bigger with more elevation changes.


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  3. André57

    André57 Racer

    Strange that you post this tonight, I just saw an AC version of this track this morning on YouTube. Don't know where it is come from or the author, no link in the description. Anyway nice track and nice driving, thanks for the ride.:)
  4. ElPueblo

    ElPueblo Hardcore Simmer

  5. Rigel

    Rigel Alien

  6. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    I think he was hinting at the source for the AC "version" *coughRIPcough*

    I'd like to see a version of Barber in AC, I have the mod for AMS and it's a fun track. IF you would mod it that would be an added bonus ;)
  7. ElPueblo

    ElPueblo Hardcore Simmer

    oh, snap. you are right! I was convinced this is for AC, thou. Oh well, back to search :)
  8. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    There is a conversion available on a site I will not link to. I guess the source is either the old rFactor mod or one of the modernized SCE/AMS versions of the same mod. Looks like your typical rF converted track.
  9. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    I freaked out when I heard you would be doing Barber MSP :p I love the middle layout there. I hope you manage to finish it one day. I would use it frequently :)
    Ace Pumpkin and Rigel like this.
  10. dodge33cymru

    dodge33cymru Simracer

    Never sure how to reply to a post like the, where I want to express gratitude but without feeling like I'm pressurising, but can't pass this one up - whenever or if ever you find time to complete this, I will really enjoy it! Thanks for the work you've done on it already, even if you can't get time to complete it :)
  11. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    BMP is great track, love it for AMS (available as mod). Very nice elevation changes. Would be great to see as mod for AC indeed.
    Ace Pumpkin, DaveS78 and Orne like this.

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