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Beginner guide to Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Silversurfer, May 9, 2019.

  1. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    I'm interested in this. I've heard this advice before, and I notice that I do modulate my braking quite a lot. I'm also not that fast (PC 69, and I can struggle to keep up in a lot of servers) is this really holding me back?

    EDIT: Apologies to OP for temporarily hijacking thread!
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  2. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Do you look at your brake trace data through motec?
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  3. Luatz1

    Luatz1 Racer

    You can check if you brake at 100% by using motec, otherwise you can record yourself normal multiplayer race, and watch it afterwards.

    What i suggest is that while standing in the pits, press the brake pedal until you think it should be 100% and see where the bar is. Then adjust it by your wheel options or the ingame advanced options.

    It is important that you are aware when you are braking 100%.

    About the braking, it should be done at 100% unless you are trail braking ( but thats a different story). Lets say that while you are braking in a straight line, you have to brake at 100%.

    Maybe there is a turn where you just need a small brake touch, but that is something you need to see and feel.

    Edit: i am not an expert, so please don't take my words too seriously, just give you an advise following what i think i do right
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  4. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    To both above, I don't use Motec, and I don't need to check if I'm braking 100%. I'm deffo not, and deliberately so. I modulate brakes when slowing down, and modulate the accelerator coming out of bends. Maybe I should experiment with my driving style a bit... sounds like I need to be more aggressive?
  5. PiretSS2000

    PiretSS2000 Racer

    You should be braking 100% when you start braking, and then modulate the brake like you do
  6. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    @Coanda had some particularly good advice I think. For sure, stay away from the Lambo and use the Nissan. Nurburgring or maybe Paul Ricard are decent tracks to start with (PR is a bit more demanding to go fast on, but at least you have clear visibility of most of the track). It sounds boring, but the number one piece of advice all new racers get is - start slow and speed will come. Just concentrate on getting around the track without going off the tarmac. Once you've done that you can slowly increase your pace, paying particular attention to braking points for each corner. Memorize those.

    That's it. Stick with that as a plan, and speed will come, I promise. Unless you're super talented it's unlikely that you'll get within 3 seconds of the fast guys on here any time soon, but that really doesn't matter. Us slower guys are still able to have amazing races experiences, once you can run clean and consistently.
  7. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks. I think this is what I do. I have reasonable CC (70-80ish) so maybe there is another reason for be being off pace... food for thought. Right, hijack over.
  8. Silversurfer

    Silversurfer Rookie

    Just an update, I sadly haven't had time to play ACC, have some crazy deadlines that's keeping me at work longer than I would like. But on the plus side, I've been watching videos on Youtube when I can on how to improve my driving. In case someone like me is reading this post, a tip I found that would help learning how to drive any course better is to watch your lap replays and see what you could do better. As thing stand I think it may be 2 weeks before I can play ACC properly so lots of youtube till then.

    @Luatz1 not sure what motec is and where do I look for it.
  9. PiretSS2000

    PiretSS2000 Racer

    Search MoTeC in this forum
  10. Silversurfer

    Silversurfer Rookie

    I managed to get about an hours gameplay today, (I know I said 2 weeks, but after watching the videos I couldn't help it. Zombie mode tomorrow at work for sure!) I switched to the Nissan GTR 2018 and took a few laps to get used to the car and the track, keeping an eye for the braking point references that I can use. This car was a lot easier to drive, thanks for the suggestion! I started off on a 2:24 lap and with some practice got it down to 2:09. I felt I could go a bit more faster and after a few laps, came down to 2:07 and earned my 1st medal towards getting the consistency stamp. Alas despite getting the time down, my consistency on the track wasn't great. Partly coz I was pushing the car a bit hard in some areas thinking I could. Overall though I am happy with my progress. Honestly watching those youtube videos makes things in the game more clear. I just have to slowly work my way to being a lot more consistent and learn to coax the car than brute force it to do what I want.
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  11. PSIRUS

    PSIRUS Gamer

    Keep at it silver surfer I have been racing since mid march couldn't break 2 mins at nurburgring and yesterday managed a 1:54.8
    There's quite a number of lap guides on YouTube that will help also.
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  12. Silversurfer

    Silversurfer Rookie

    Congrats on the time! I'm a good 10 seconds off that mark :D. Yeah I watched those lap guides and also followed the AI and watched how they take certain turns that I was struggling with.

    With some practice and was able to do 2 laps at just under 2:05 back to back. I realized that I'm not braking 100% unless I really put my foot through the pedal. I landed up reducing the brake gamma to 1.25. I assume that the default value is set for the more higher end gaming wheels? But after lower the brake gamma, I was able to brake better and later too, so have to relearn my braking points now. But slowly getting a bit more consistent than before. I do land up botching some sections still, but personally feel a lot better than when I started
  13. PSIRUS

    PSIRUS Gamer

    I was also a good 10 seconds off it around 4 weeks ago.

    What's helped me the most is having reliable consistent braking points.

    Good luck in dropping the times
  14. PSIRUS

    PSIRUS Gamer

    Forgot to add I didn't just drop my time that much straight away.

    When I first got into the 59s my aim was to get that consistent, then it was 58s and so on.
  15. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    what track are you testing? If you can share a video I would be more than happy to give you some pointers. If it is PR it is not as easy as some make out particularly in the last sector. There are many lines that can be taken with that track. 1 hour is not alot. You need hundreds of hours. I have over several thousand hours and I am still learning... like i said in my original post practice, practice, practice & then practice some more :)
  16. Silversurfer

    Silversurfer Rookie

    I'm practicing on the Nurburgring track. I've uploaded a video to show my lap, forgot the exact time but it was a 2:05:5 I think. I can see some of the mistakes I'm making, some areas oversteering or understeering and compensating for that and in some cases missing the brake point. Any input on how I should improve will be grateful, I know there are areas where I think I'm doing well but I could be wrong. This lap was using the safe setup, didn't tweak any settings.

  17. PSIRUS

    PSIRUS Gamer

    Take this with a pinch of salt as not too long ago I was getting the advice but, a lot of it looks like braking points too early then having to get back on the throttle too early, missing apex, running wide on exit.

    I'd highly recommend finding the car control thread, it has a hell of a lot of good advice from some good people, a few videos of laps in there too one being a 2.02 I think.

    It's quite a lengthy thread but we'll worth the read.

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  18. Silversurfer

    Silversurfer Rookie

    Thanks for the thread! I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism, I'd rather be shown what I'm doing wrong than think I'm nailing it perfectly. The 1st thing that thread pointed out to me was the steering wheel angle, I set mine to 360, didn't realize that makes a huge difference.
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  19. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Thanks for posting your video. I hope you don't mind some constructive criticism (see below). Keep practicing and in no time you will brake 2:00 :)


    These suggestions are not aimed at making you a 1:53 alien. Just some little things to work on to improve your current lap time.

    T1- Trail brake more whist carrying more entry speed and pick up 100% throttle earlier. You can really put your boot in here.
    T2- You turned in too early on entry whilst putting a front LHS wheel off track which put you wide on the exit. The green AstroTurf is dangerous for lack of grip that's why you lost traction and had a wobble.
    T3- Not to bad. You can carry a little more speed and come a little more to the LHS mid corner which opens you up for T4 exit.
    T4- Let the car go all the way out to the LHS apex on this exit as you have scrubbed off a lot of speed by over steering right.
    T5- N/A
    T6- Not to bad. Your braking too much. You can carry more speed through there with some trail braking. I find brake bias and rear rebound damper adjustments works well for this corner. Test this corner with the aggressive setup and see how you feel.
    T7- You missed the entry on braking so you had to brake too much. Try and keep a tighter line on entry. Exit was ok.
    T8- Going down the straight position your car as close to the LHS white line. Keep it very tight on entry on the RHS. You missed the entry and ended up wide on the marbles which compromised your exit. Perhaps you went a little early and too hard on throttle for the safe setup.
    T9- Not too bad.
    T10- Not too bad. Could let the car go a little wider and ride the apex on exit.
    T11- Not too bad. Could carry more speed.
    T12- Not too bad. Could carry more speed.
    T13- Not too bad. Could carry more speed.
    T14- Not so good. Position your car as close to the RHS white line to gain more entry speed. You lost a lot of time and speed here as you almost come to a halt. This chicane can be taken fairly hard and fast in 4th gear. You should be using both apex's and you missed the RHS side apex on exit. Trail braking and confidence is key here.
    T15- T14 compromised your exit for T15. Could be wider if you carried more speed on exit.
    T16- Not too bad. I prefer a slightly wider line to straighten the car to get more exit speed however each to their own.

    In conclusion. Two areas I would mainly focus on are corner entries and learning how to trail brake better so that you carry more speed through the corner. In time as your skills and confidence grows you will learn how to pick up the throttle earlier in the mid & exit of each corner.

    Good luck :cool:
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  20. PSIRUS

    PSIRUS Gamer

    Also if you can get a lap recorded showing your pedal inputs that would help a much more knowledgeable person give some better feedback, and maybe a view from the cockpit showing steering inputs
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