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PS4 Best settings for Thrustmaster wheels

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Pistonprick, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Pistonprick

    Pistonprick Rookie

    Played game this morning and tinkered with ffb settings using t150 wheel would love to try other players settings out of interest always trying find best feel for my wheel

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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

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  4. Pistonprick

    Pistonprick Rookie

  5. delahosh

    delahosh Rookie

    T500 RS
    I have to set Master FFB = 20
    and all Other: Zero / OFF
    to get out of Clipping..
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  6. AC2016

    AC2016 Rookie

    Could someone please explain what clipping is and how do you know if it is happening.

    Thank you
  7. delahosh

    delahosh Rookie

    Clipping is too strong FFB-Effect.. for Examle Curbs are too hart.. lower FFB-Strength will give you more detailed Feeling/FFB-Effect

    Excuse my English - last Lesson is long Time ago ;-)
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  8. delahosh

    delahosh Rookie

    ffb 20%
    curb 10%
    road 100%
    slip 20%
    understeer ON
  9. I assume that is a Thrustmaster Wheel and Pedals? I don't know any settings but my question is will it work with a PC through Steam?
  10. Pistonprick

    Pistonprick Rookie

    Thrustmaster wheel and T3pa Pro pedals on ps4 works with pc to my knowledge
  11. Okay sorry. I am new to Steam.
    However, I do not have this game yet so I have no 'logs' to zip. I simply wish to know if a Thrustmaster Wheel and Pedals will work through Steam with the Assetto Corsa before I purchase the game.
    I do not want to buy a game that I can not use my T150 setup with....
  12. psychobrazil

    psychobrazil Rookie

    Thanks it's perfect
    at the beginning i was thinking that the direction was not enough strong but with this setting i'm fast than before
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  13. RSR Schumy

    RSR Schumy Rookie

    Bonjour, je me presente RSR Schumy. Fondateur de la team RSR Motorsport sur Xbox one. Nous sommes une team qui voulons nous demarqué des autres team du simracing. Et je me permet de vous demander si vous pouvez, nous permettre de donner notre avis et suggestion a propos de votre jeu. Car nous discutions et remarquons avec d'autres teams qu'ils se permettent de baisser la force feedback du jeu afin d'etre aisée a jouer mais aussi etre plus precis et donc plus rapide. Et nous aimerions que vous faites une mise a jour afin que tous le monde soit sur le meme pied d'egalité et donc de bloquer ses parametres. Merci de votre comprehension et de votre temps de lire notre communiqué et je me permettré de vous tenir au courant d'autre souci encouru. Bon jeu
  14. mr_malavey

    mr_malavey Gamer

    I'm running t300 with the following
    Understeer off
  15. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox Gamer

    Is there anyway to turn off the centre spring for Thrustmaster wheels on the PS4. On the PC you an go into the control panel and turn off centre spring.
  16. Xherdani

    Xherdani Racer

    Yeah would be awesome to do this...any ideas?
  17. elvisfeet

    elvisfeet Rookie

    I have a thrustmaster Ferrari red legend wheel and have been fighting with it for two weeks now with assetto corsa. Just not happening. will this wheel work with this game. does anyone know?
  18. darthdukes

    darthdukes Rookie

    I got the wheel today, it works good, needs some fine tuning, what problems are you having?
    two problems I had, was that the pedals were "inverted" uncheck that and the gas worked, and for now under general settings I turned off a setting called.. something like "modify assists for controller" I have it on automatic clutch and blip. for now...

    I am trying to find settings to fine tune it, will post when i do
  19. Fuliest J

    Fuliest J Rookie

    can u tell me your advance steering setting?
  20. darthdukes

    darthdukes Rookie

    thrustmaster Ferrari red legend wheel Asseto Corsa PC settings

    Gamma 1.00
    Filter 1.00
    Speed Sensitivity 0.90 (this may need to be changed)
  21. Fuliest J

    Fuliest J Rookie


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