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Blancpain Series Event by ESR-RACE.ORG

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Vasracing, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Vasracing

    Vasracing Gamer

    Looking for racers from pro-beginners.


    ESR is the largest US/Canadian based Sim Racing community with events on a global scale, and have added Assetto Corsa Competizione to our roster of multiplayer events. Season 1 has commenced and we are in Round 2 at Brands Hatch. We have a very stable, low latency connection to a super fast, dedicated server with ping averaging in the mid to high 30's located in the Mid West USA. This is a well established group with members experienced in IT networking, PC building and Management, beta testers for RR, sim rig construction, direct drive / commercial wheel setups and more, who all have a love for automotive sports and willing to assist in getting the best experience from Sim Racing in general. We have over 650 members and a long list of exciting events and want to build onto that with the Competizione Blancpain Series.

    Round 2 at Brands Hatch
    Practice (90 minutes): June 23rd at 17:00 EDT, 21:00 UTC
    Race Day(40 minutes): June 30th at 17:00 EDT, 21:00 UTC

    Visit http://esr-race.org/ to get the link to our discord channel and get to racing!
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  3. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    I’ve raced a little with ESR, mainly for Raceroom. I’d like to join the ACC event series too (I’m in Austin, TX) and will hook up in Discord. Thanks for posting here!
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