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Blind Competitive Racing ACC Test event [24-11] [PC]

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by BlindeVinkje, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. BlindeVinkje

    BlindeVinkje Rookie

    ACC Test event information We are wanting to start our own Assetto Crosa Competitizione league. But before we want to open sign ups for the league, we want to familiarise ourselves with the way ACC races are held. Please note that we are not well known with hosting ACC races and that there might be some issues here and there. If you are familiar with hosting a ACC server/league and are willing to help us out a bit, please contact @Jesse or @BlindeVinkje on discord. Our test race will be held on tuesday the 24th of november with qualifying starting at 20:00 CET. We will be racing at Zandvoort. Please note that we have not decided a day for our actual league. Down below are a few details about the race: Event organisers:

    Discord server to singin: https://discord.gg/APsR2SA

    The event organisers are @Jesse and @BlindeVinkje. If you have any questions ask us. Signing up:

    As this is only a test event we will have a limit of 16 drivers. We will increace the number of drivers once the actual league will be underway. It will be first come first served. Practice server:

    We will be running a 24/7 practice server which will continuously hold 2 hour practice sessions. You will be able to hop on to this server at any time. Time table:

    The event will take place on 24-11-2020. The practice session is for drivers to join the lobby and allow them to practice.

    Practice - 19:00 CET - 60 minutes
    Qualifying - 20:00 CET - 15 minutes
    Race - 20:15 CET - 60 minutes Rules:

    We expect drivers to take this race seriously, any servere incident during the race might influence your chances of getting a racing seat in any BCR event/league or can lead to a removal. There is 1 mandartory pitstop you have to make. Refueling and tyre changing is allowed, but not required. We might add rules down the line Assists:

    All assists will be allowed Weather

    Probably dry, unless I **** something up

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