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XB1 Bmw @ imola hotlap

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Beastmode, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    Is the bmw at Impala special event doable. I'm at tier 3 and it's being hard. Wondering if I need to start tuning

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  3. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    I did it

    Pedal to the metal
  4. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    On Xbox with controller. If so did you tune the car and what race settings are faster if any
    Example manual gears clutch on or off blip on or off stability ect ect
  5. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    I was driving on a wheel m8, without TC and full throttle :)

    Pedal to the metal
  6. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    And the rest of my questions ?
  7. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Ohhhh sry. I didn't tune nothing bro. You can try to lower the tire pressure two click in - (minus) front/ back only one minus, and the fuel of course set lower to few laps.

    It's another feeling when you're on wheel though so don't expect now magic still you've to drive smoth through first and middle Section. Keep the car balanced and fluid.

    Pedal to the metal
  8. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    Is the fuel load still considered with fuel turned off. And are you running more fuel if it's turned off. Is it faster to turn fuel on and set to lowest as there's no clear instructions on this
  9. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Dunno exactly. Mine files is set ON, I turn it but low manually so I keep faster when the race is almost done. :)

    Pedal to the metal
  10. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    I don't get what you mean by files! But think your saying you have the fuel turned on then set it low to like 5 laps?
    Thanks for replying
  11. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    whats the event called?
  12. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Mine "fuel" type mistake, sry :)

    Pedal to the metal
  13. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    It's the z4 at Impala special event. Called demon on wheels

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