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Generic BMW M6 GT3/Audi R8 LMS 2016 DLC?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by barkx_, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. barkx_

    barkx_ Racer

    Hey guys,

    is there anything known about a DLC with the M6 GT3 / 2016 Version R8 LMS? I'm not sure where But I think I read some posts in the past where was written that These 2 Cars should come via DLC to AC. Would Love to See the new BMW M6 GT3 in Game.

    Any concrete Information?


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  3. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    They have been licensed, they are in the most popular class in AC. I dont see any reason as to why one or both will not be in the next ac dlc that comes after the porsches.
  4. barkx_

    barkx_ Racer

    Hopefully we get this Beast (M6 GT3) next year on console before VLN starts :D:cool:
  5. xela1

    xela1 Racer

    You know 2 mods BMW M6 GT3 bustle in www ?
  6. barkx_

    barkx_ Racer

    I'm running on PS4. No Modsupport.
  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    There are a few pretty cool cars due out at some point next year after the final Porsches are out. Laguna Seca is in production and there will likely be 6-10 cars with that when its ready as with all other track dlc's ;)
  8. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    First DLC that will come after Porsche DLC, probably with Laguna Seca as well.
    Should be Q1 2017 for PC, not sure for console though.

    Check both links in my signature for a full overview of what is coming & what has already been released to AC.
    kofotsjanne likes this.
  9. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    dont think laguna is coming out first next year, didnt they say the free track was coming, simone will have his work cut out for him if he has to get both ready in one go.
    PhenOm likes this.
  10. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Are the P4/5 (road) and the Hybrid version of the Competizione still coming?
  11. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    To my knowledge there's no recent info on that. In the summer live stream Marco mentioned something about the P4/5 I think(?) but wasn't very specific, maybe he thought about Ferrari.

    Don't see any reason against the P4/5C hybrid race car but I guess Kunos and Glickenhaus have been too busy.
  12. Scuderia Paul

    Scuderia Paul Hardcore Simmer

    Marco said the BMW M6 GT3 is due January / February. I would expect the Audi R8 LMS 2016 pretty early next year too.

    The big ones for me, the Toyota TS040-HYBRID and Maserati MC12 GT1 at expected in early too. Can't wait! I'm on console so probably Summer then.
    Mauler_77 likes this.
  13. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Im still waiting for the ford gt3. :(
  14. ZX636

    ZX636 Hardcore Simmer

    Hopefully we'll get a better picture of the upcoming DLC in the "2016 and beyond" report.
    Scuderia Paul likes this.
  15. Dont forget the street version of these cars.

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