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BMW Z4 GT3 Imola help to get better

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Steffe82, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Steffe82

    Steffe82 Rookie

    Hallo, i am trying to get better. My best time whit BMW Z4 GT3"stock" at Imola is 1:49:264

    Aids ABS and Stability control 30%. Wheel G25

    Driven allot off Sim but haven't get much better, absolute love Assetto Corsa and i am whiling to train a lot to be a ok driver
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  2. Simon Roberts

    Simon Roberts Simracer

    Turn off stability, its not on the real car. I'll check the video now.
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  3. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    this may help..

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  4. Simon Roberts

    Simon Roberts Simracer

    OK, Villeneuve chicane braking WAY to early, just dab the brakes at 50m and then turn in.

    You let off the throttle too much at Acque Mineralli, just a slight let off touch the apex and then on the brakes with straigh wheel and into third to power out.

    Variante Alta you are way to much to the right for entering that, keep left and go across the whole chicane diagonally and use the green on the exit.

    Rivazza again letting off a little too much.

    Overall i think you just arent pushing the car to the limits, having stability on wont help this.
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  5. ChrisR

    ChrisR Alien

    this will help for the corner names

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  6. Simon Roberts

    Simon Roberts Simracer

    Im going to broadcast live now on twitch, its only the replay though. But i just took the lead in the Rivali World Record at Imola.

  7. Steffe82

    Steffe82 Rookie

    thanks four the input. I whas to lat four your twich, youtube?

    I think i have to work hard on my throttle and brake control. Should i have one foot on throttle and the other on brake?

    I thinking on buying LFS, just to try there lessons.
  8. Shaddix

    Shaddix Alien

    1. Brake too early.
    2. Shift up to early.
    3. Drive more aggressive.
    4. Turn off Assists except ABS maybe.

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