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PHYSICS Brake ducts and Tyre damage

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Rallystu2

    Rallystu2 Rookie

    Will these physics updates be present in the console version?
  2. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Hopefully? I don't see why not unless the console version is that far behind the PC version - no real point in two massively different code bases to maintain. AC1 didn't set a great example but... ACC should be easier to port...
  3. p4thos

    p4thos Rookie

    These posts should be compiled and introduced into the game, not only as a user manual, but also as descriptions in the setup menu.
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  4. John g

    John g Racer

    This seems strange? If you do a 24h race in real time you'll end up with very different pad wear to if you do the same 24h race but with 4x accelerated time...
    But good to know, I just assumed everything gets accelerated (I only got the game a few weeks ago so not done any endurance races yet)
  5. Tyre wear and brake pads are not accelerated, it's the normal wear that would accrue during the 6 hours (taking your 4x multiplier for 24 hours as an example).

    We did a lot of 24h races with a 6x accelerator and you could use two to three sets of tires during these 3 hour races according to your driving style. Most people did one stop for tires and fuel and one for brakes, tires and fuel as a 3 minute stop was mandatory from the rules of the league.
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  6. Alpha_GT

    Alpha_GT Rookie

    anybody cached something on brake pads in GT4? Do they have same endurance 1-4 as GT3 cars?
  7. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    They are the same said Aris in on of his stream, but(!) the GT4 are heavier and will use more brake pad than the GT3.
    So if a GT3 can use brake pad 1 for about 1hr a GT4 may use it only around 45m (or less) before it ruptures and the brakes are gone.
  8. Alpha_GT

    Alpha_GT Rookie

    Ohhh good point, cheers!
  9. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    why is this info baout pads not in game? after 2 years is a bit of text really that hard? also engine maps, no idea what any of them are as they have literally zero info in game
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  10. C3PO

    C3PO Hardcore Simmer

    “1” does not last three hours ...

    Attached Files:

  11. I am assuming this is the right thread :D.
    Does anyone know which is the maximum G force Pirelli tires can handle??? This is so important.
  12. #snajdan

    #snajdan Gamer

    Dunno if the recent changes are good. The Screenshot above from C3PO was on monza and for me its a heavy brake wear track so the brakes should hold 1:30 - 2:00 hour.
    Maybe the 2 brakes could be hold a bit longer, because at the AOR 9hrs kylami this year and it was really hot 33°C air and above. After around 7.5 hour we needed to change them.
    On an 12hrs Nurburgring Event they died after ~10 hours.
  13. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Simracer

    Yesterday's patch addressed exactly this.
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