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Brake not fully working

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Pazzer.fx, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Pazzer.fx

    Pazzer.fx Rookie

    This may or may not be a stupid question but someone please help. I have a thurstmaster t300rs wheel and pedals and when I press the brake pedal as hard as possible, I can only brake a quarter of the way in on the game. I couldn't find anything in the settings to tune the brake to the game. Could someone please help me? Thanks alot

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  3. SnakeBT6

    SnakeBT6 Rookie

    Theres a brake adjustment in the control settings. I think its the last page of it. You can move the slider to adjust the brake parameters while your depressing the brake pedal.

    Its in there.

    If your talking about ACC I don't believe they have this adjustment available yet.
  4. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    I have a similar problem with my Thrustmaster T3PA pedals. Are you on console? If not, ignore the rest. If you are on console, we don't have the option to calibrate the brakes through the menu. I read on the forum that when the track has loaded, press the pedal all the way, release and repeat a couple of times. If you don't, when you brake for the first corner the amount of brake you use will become the maximum you can use (until you switch off the console). E.g. if you only press the brake 25%, it seems like the game sets this as maximum braking. From the moment I turn the PS4 on, I don't touch the brake at all until the track has loaded. I click drive then stamp on the brake pedal and quickly release a couple of times.

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