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ACC Blog Broadcasting & Company

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    It's release day again!
    Assetto Corsa Competizione version 0.4 not only introduces a very exciting new car and track combination - many of you also eagerly await what is hidden behind the simple word "spectator mode" on our roadmap. Let's unveil this first, then go to a few other remarkable entries in our patch notes.

    Broadcasting SDK v1

    With 0.4 we will release the first version of the broadcasting SDK, which will allow modders (yes!) to build rich applications supporting the actual broadcasting crews to make the most professional and immersive livestreams. During the design process we obviously contacted many of the best broadcasters out there, and aligned our visions and concepts with what they actually use, or even dream of. We found many common perspectives, but it was also common that the actual tools used were highly customized, and there was little chance to try to deliver a compromise that tries to suit all needs.

    Which was great news, as we originally planned to focus on supporting the cool features, and deliver a SDK for a moddable broadcasting interface. Actually this is what the guys were doing before - but instead of using APIs directed to modding, we found patchworks of (quite genious) hacks around problems that shouldn't exist.

    So given a real interface dedicated to broadcasting, we are proud to open ACC to support:

    - Live timing updates: cars, drivers, race numbers, teams, track data, categories, positions+pic, deltas, laptimes, splits, session information, etc.
    - Track + condition live updates: temperatures, (rough) rain and wetness, cloud level
    - Tracking: Focused car is updated live and can be set via API
    - Camera control: Active camera is updated live and can be set via API
    - HUD: Active HUD page is updated live and can be set via API (also note we have 2 new HUD pages for shared use, so you can e.g. cycle through "Blank", "Timetable", "Broadcasting")
    - Live replay: Instantly jump back to a certain point and show a replay just by time and duration, or use one of the events
    - Networking: Applications are free to connect to multiple ACC clients, and clients will accept multiple connections from different controller applications. This should allow a flexible setup allowing multiple broadcasters across the world to collaborate and for example let one master application control what the audience and commentators see, so they will never again comment on something that isn't even on the livestream

    Practically, you will see modders creating windows applications (or even mobile apps) that are run on a 2nd screen on the same PC, or on a secondary PC in the same network, or even connect via internet. We will place our test client next to the C# sources inside the steam folder, so everyone can just fire up something and get a better picture what this is about. However please note that this is not meant to be a real broadcasting client application, it's just the example showing what could be done, and how the API is meant to be used.

    We also have some features still work-in-progress and to be added to the SDK during the remaining Early Access process:

    - Pitstop+tyre data
    - Events with live-replayable timestamps: offtrack, accidents, loss of control, overtakes, fights
    - Plausible weather forecast
    - Replay highlight saving
    - Communication channel, connected controller applications can exchange data and messages (from simple chat messages between broadcasters up to synchronized saving of replay highlights for later use)
    - spectator mode

    Ironically, the "spectator mode" is only a small tool in the big picture of our broadcasting support - and is not part of 0.4. The ability to join a server without actually occupying a slot or having a car entry will complete our approach, but the broadcasting mode is completely usable without the necessity to enter a special mode - it even works for Singleplayer races, which is a huge help to efficiently develop and test applications using the broadcasting SDK (and probably enables some creative ways of "using" this feature).

    In a last note, we are also looking into different solutions to improve TV cameras; but as usual, I won't give promises about features that aren't decided yet.

    I will open a thread for anyone who is interested in developing with the SDK, or just playing around with our testclient.

    The road to Multiplayer

    With 0.3 we released the very first step to Multiplayer racing, followed by very valuable weeks of observations and optimizations. Parallely we opened up the Race weekends, means from now on server admins can setup Practice, Qualyfing and Race sessions.

    This is another very important step to observe and get feedback from, with the nice side effect of (finally) seeing you racing each other.

    Horizon lock

    Not only VR users may get a small present with this build: Using this new option found in the video options (Alt+H will also toggle it), "Lock to horizon" will stabilize your view in a similar way the real eye movement works. Especially for VR this is interesting and should reduce motion sickness.

    You can seamingless move between the "Fixed view" to "Horizon locked", also ingame by using Shift+H and Ctrl+H.

    Rating adjustments

    As usual, various rating adjustments and fixes have been.
    Most remarkable is the fix of false-positive "way too hard" sections for the TC, CN and CC rating. But also the CC rating parameters have changed, to be less punishing in a range where alien drivers do the best laptimes around (it's still detected as overdriving, but not as much).

    Total Rating + Driver Categories

    In your Driver Profile/Rating page in the main menu, you will now find your new TO rating value. It is meant to be a simplified aggregation of our actually quite complex ratings - just a single number between 0 and 9999 describing your performance, mileage and total completness as a racing driver.

    The value works straight forward: Drive more, do better, number goes up. Unlock more ratings, number goes up. Once you reached your actual level, you will need to improve your driving to even improve it more.

    (In)Directly derived from the TO rating: Driver categories. Everybody starts in the Bronze category; around 7000 TO points you will upgrade to Silver. This is something that should be obtainable for everyone, given enough dedication and practice.
    At around 8000 points, the Gold category is handed out. This should indicate a really good simracer, while the Platinum rank at 9000 TO points will be reserved for only a small number of the world's best simracers.

    The Total Rating is obviously sensitive to changes to the underlying ratings, so it will need time, tweaks and data to settle down at the expected numbers. At the moment, I would suspect that we see more Gold and Platinum categories, until the CC Rating is finally adjusted.
    So don't get too attached to your rank, again ;)

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  3. ignission

    ignission Rookie

    I cannot wait for this build, sounds awesome! :)
  4. ZioYuri78

    ZioYuri78 Hardcore Simmer

    I stopped reading at "modders (yes!)" and started jumping around.. ok ok, now i will continue to read :p
    MathMilitary, Turk and Freddie Seng like this.
  5. ignission

    ignission Rookie

    Man, the spectator mode, sounds incredible - above and beyond anything I expected, and Minolin's rating system just keeps getting better and better!
    VtViper and Turk like this.

    GRFOCO Hardcore Simmer

    BLOG -> Mino's teaching -> "like" without reading
    chksix, Freddie Seng and ZioYuri78 like this.
  7. ZioYuri78

    ZioYuri78 Hardcore Simmer

    Let me understand, is the Broadcasting SDK an external library?
    If yes i will start work on an engine Plugin for it ASAP!
  8. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Not an UE plugin, but a UDP interface*. But placed a C# library using this in the ACC steam folder; additionally you will find the simple UI both in binaries and sources for a good starting point.

    *having networking capabilities appears as one of the hard requirements to maintain more professional setups with multiple commentators and actors involved
    ZioYuri78 and NeRo2 like this.
  9. th3o

    th3o Racer

    hope you guys also contacted the youtuber SuperGT, he really does outstanding and entertaining commentary i find.
    Salvatore Amato, chksix and Son like this.
  10. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Hardcore Simmer

    Sounds like a lot of fun...and cant wait what crazy stuff moders will do with spectator mode...
  11. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Hardcore Simmer

    I watch him and spectator is not meant in that direction he comentates his videos they were thinking more along the lines for example

    Example you have person controling track cameras and person comentating on the race. There is a lot of groups that do racing stuff and livestream it but with or widouth commentary this will give them huge boost and will make rqces way way more fun.
    Salvatore Amato, th3o and ignission like this.
  12. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Hardcore Simmer

    I must dream more often! :eek::eek::eek:


    I'd like if in 0.5 Kunos give us the Lotto's numbers :rolleyes:.
    Salvatore Amato, ignission and Son like this.
  13. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    So horizon lock is now similar to what real head motion is doing, rather than just the basic horizon lock in ac1?
  14. anything-but

    anything-but Simracer

    @Minolin Do I take it us server admins now get the full commands to ban/kick ect?

    Great set of notes there though!
  15. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Not yet, but it's quite high on the list. Getting a stable P/Q/R operational is still ahead in terms of priority.
  16. Nupss

    Nupss Rookie

    I'm extremely excited to be participating in race weekends online, thanks for the heads up Minolin!
  17. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Uhh, this could be offtopic so pre-emptive sorry if it is but since broadcasting features are being discussed here @Minolin any chance a proper free camera like the old F7 camera we had in AC will be implemented anytime soon? It is pretty handy to zip around the track with it and use it like a chopper cam. :D
    Tino66, D.Jankovic and JnJ | Rayleigh like this.
  18. Cool stuff, seems a lot of focus is placed on transmitting the races.

    Can't wait to test multiplayer.

    Talking about it, I would like to learn more about what is planned and I can't wait for the hotswap driver feature... will it make use of the one gold/platinum driver paired with bronze ones?
  19. I'm kind of blanking here....how exactly do I enter broadcasting mode for instance in SP?
  20. Hello, Is horizon lock like real head motion in AC ?
  21. An other question :
    Is there something available to create an online session from linux ? (for leagues under linux)
    Salvatore Amato likes this.

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