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PS4 Bugged AI level

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by RotaxRider, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. RotaxRider

    RotaxRider Rookie

    I know this game's difficulty has been discussed a lot, but i think that my situation is worth being considered.
    Whenever i start a race, there is no difference between very easy and very hard, because on very easy the first 2/3 opponents tend to disappear while the others are quite fast too (like a medium-hard) but i can challenge them.

    Anyway,the bug is: if i'm fast enough to overtake everyone at the first corners then all the cars become slow and i give them like 5 seconds each lap or more (probably the difficulty becomes very easy).

    So i can choose between winning with 30 seconds gap or failing each race.
    How can i fix this? The game would be quite fun with my t150

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  3. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Support on the game is finished, they even didn't port the last 12 special events from the Bonus Pack 3... So don't even expect that they will bother to fix something like the difficulty levels that are broken and being reported since launching day from the console version practically 2 years ago ..

    I would be easy to have ported the Ai difficulty slider as it is on the PC version ... But no... They "made" a level system for console version...

    It will be the same game as the the PC version with a different IU and no mod support they said 2'5 years ago....:rolleyes:

    It's not even near
  4. RotaxRider

    RotaxRider Rookie

    Such a shame. I can understand minor bugs,crashes online...but realeasing a game with broken difficulty and not fixing it simply is too much.
    Even if i still enjoy the game,i hope this company will close soon. It's what it deserves.

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