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Build 5 Thoughts

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Son, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Son

    Son Simracer

    The 5th build for ACC is coming up in just over a week, a build in which I am quite excited for due to the fact we are getting Zolder, a track I am quite familiar with, as well as the anticipated Emil Frey Jaguar XK G3, a car which I have never had the pleasure of driving in a sim before, along with some optimisations and multiplayer enhanced. With that, here are what I expect/hope we will get within the newest update scheduled to arrive 16/01/19.

    Firstly, the car - Emil Frey Jaguar XK G3. This car was supposed to be replaced by the Lexus this year for the Emil Frey team, but because the car was such a fan favourite, they decided to run one car, the #54, for one final year along with two new Lexus', and as a brilliant goodbye gift the team had their best ever year with the Jaguar. The car also managed to claim some of the best results it had ever seen over the years since it's first running back in 2012, with a P4 overall finish in the cars final race at Barcelona this year, as well as the title as the Silver Cup champion within the endurance series.

    As only one Jaguar was run this year, the #54, we will only be getting that single car with the update. Emil Frey ran the car throughout the endurance series, which includes Spa, meaning we should be getting the endurance version of the car, as well as the one with the Total sponsorships (seen below).

    (I was unable to find a good picture of the car running with the endurance lights, so had to take a screenshot from the Paul Ricard video).

    Emil Frey also chose to run the Jaguar for the Misano round of the sprint cup series, meaning we should also get a version of the car that we can use within the sprint series races, as well as the car without the endurance lights (seen below).

    As for the track, we are are getting Zolder, a track well known in the sim racing world. This year it was the first round of the Blancpain Sprint Series, as well as the first round for the Blancpain Series as a whole this year. The tight chicanes can make for some good overtakes, especially for those that are brave enough to brake late and maximise speed through the first one.

    The mid engined cars seemed to be the most dominant on this circuit, with 7 of the 10 top cars all being mid engined for the start of the first race, so expect the Lamborghini and Ferrari to out perform the other cars that we currently have access to.

    Multiplayer enhanced was another section that the roadmap says will be delivered. What enhanced multiplayer could be is a question we cannot answer, as the expectations of it will vary for every person. I myself would like to see driver swaps implemented, as well as general all round improvements to what we currently have, which I have no doubt Kunos are working hard on.

    What does everyone else think of the update to come?
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019

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  3. Fernandito

    Fernandito Racer

    Well when the new build finally arrives and everybody try it we will be able to tell you what we think about it then
  4. Son

    Son Simracer

    I meant it as in what do you think we will be getting?
  5. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer news.
  6. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    I am excited about the update like you mentioned i also did not drive Jaguar in any game...so it will be fun learning the car.. Also Zolder i only ran it on AC Mod one..track is interesting but cant wait to play it on ACC quality (laserscaned and a lot of details on track surface)

    Now Multiplayer Advanced first think i hope to read about it Driver Swaps the feature i am most interested in. Now it is hard to figure out what they mean under Advanced it could be just current stuff fixed and penalities added and done... :D
    because last patch we had Spectator mode writen on the roadmap and in the end we got Brodcasting..(i love the feature) but it should be writen brodcasting so people are not mislead.

    TBH i wanted to start similar thread just asking what people think Advanced MP means and what features do they think to see what could it be what is possible. but in the end i did not want to because i thought thread will turn in the wishlist etc. but yea hard to figure out what would advanced MP mean...

    Multiplayer advanced in my opinion should have:
    - Proper working races events (thinking about the fixed start of the race and end)
    - Penalities should be working (along with safety car PLS :D)
    -Drivers swaps for sure because it is main part of the Blancpain
    - Podium for the winers? :D (i have been checking out that Hungaroring podium looks High detail would love to see characters standing on them and celebrating sort of :D
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  7. Son

    Son Simracer

    Never thought of Podiums before, would love to see that as it would be pretty unique.
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  8. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    Well at least a little more than only showing the leaderboard at the end of a race would be necessary to create some immersion. Physics, graphics etc might be the core but a good realistic presentation is also important I think.
  9. Son

    Son Simracer

    I fully agree.
  10. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    What do I think about the update? Is that it’s an update and we are getting it :p
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  11. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Advanced MP I assume races will actually work, more admin control and ratings in use plus first look at filtering/matchmaking. Would like something like ACservermanager to make it easier to set servers and not have to dig through txt files guessing what each function is.

    Changeable weather would be a nice inclusion and generally just make races work unlike the very basic functionality we currently have.
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  12. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    My hope is that they clean up multiplayer because that is the area which needs more work. Right now I cannot even sort the server list by name or ping or traffic, the race start is chaotic, race results are wrong, and I get disconnected all the time. When it works though it's really great, close racing feels awesome. Also loading times are really good.
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  13. New content is always welcome. Personally i am awaiting some graphics tweaks. Right now level of details changing right in front of you. I hope Kunos can fix it.
  14. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    All I want from the 5th release is a more consistent multiplayer experience (crashes & d-sync), reworked race logic and flag system (valid time/qualifying, pit-stops & rules) and server browser; which is very confusing and limited.

    Any additional content such as the Emil Frey Jaguar G3 and Zolder is a plus, but I won't be able to fully enjoy my game until I've got the three remaining German machines (Audi, Mercedes & Porsche) and once the rating system is golden.

    I'm not going to go into the obvious graphical issues (blurry textures, low-quality shadows, lack of anti-aliasing & lods), but I do hope they fix those pixelated rear-view mirrors, because it makes any serious racing difficult.

    However that goes without saying that I've had a good time since v0.3 with my BMW M6 (despite of my full share of bugs & crashes) and going forward I do think everything will turn out alright in a few months.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  15. Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton Simracer

    This part of the track looks like it might claim a few people :eek::eek:
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  16. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    for me the important things is :
    - Multiplayer with the penalities and a good race start with safety car, driver catégorie race and maybe matchmaking
    - Some ajustement in cars sounds ( low rpm transmission, pit mode... )
    - Maybe a full course yellow button?
    - day/night transition in quick race
    - Vr night race ajustement ( because is not very night, i don't even need my light )
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  17. Jynnantonix

    Jynnantonix Simracer

    Maybe advanced multiplayer means it doesn't crash every time when going from quali to race?
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  18. This would be awesome :)
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  19. I just hope we will have an operational and full multiplayer... The multiplayer in 0.4.2 is really bad... wrong flag, wrong learderboard after the race, UE errors... But it's still early access, and basic multiplayer. Hope this will be acceptable in 0.5... But a trust in Kunos ! They are working hard for us !
  20. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Zolder is by far my favorite track of those announced in ACC. I can't count how many awesome races and clutch wins I've had on this track.

    This is the only reason I'll be firing up ACC again, simply to drive this track. Of cause, I'd love to be surprised by performance improvements, but maybe my 4690k is just not gonna cut it any longer :)
  21. Are people still caring about this game? lol (j/k):confused:
    I'm just waiting for Porsche 911 GT3 CUP whenever it comes out. :D
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