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Cags - the champion motorsports gt3 series

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by wheeler, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. wheeler

    wheeler Rookie

    Champion Motorsports (www.cmsracing.com) is a large international racing league. Our latest "toy" is Assetto Corsa, and we are currently running the

    CMS Assetto Corsa GT3 series - CAGS

    using the GT3 cars from the basic game and the dream pack. The series is inspired by the Blancpain GT series. It combines 2 hour endurance events with 2 race sprint nights. The calendar for the rest of the season looks like this:

    Sept. 5: 120 min endurance at Imola
    Oct. 3: Sprint night at Misano
    Oct. 31: 120 min Endurance at Korea GP
    Nov. 28: 144 min extended endurance (Track to be determined)

    The timing of the event makes the accessible for both drivers from EU and the American continents: Races are in the evening for Europeans and during the afternoon for people on the American continents.

    Sign up and register at www.cmsracing.com where we also have great racing using other platforms!

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