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Can't believe I can have this much fun for $12...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by racinjoe013, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. racinjoe013

    racinjoe013 Rookie

    I built my new computer to run RRE because I kept reading about their fabulous AI and I couldn't get that from any racing game on the PS4. I have to admit, AI racing in RRE is pretty good, but while I was waiting for my parts to arrive, I saw AC Ultimate was on sale for only $12 and figured i'd add it to my racing collection just for a change of pace from RRE every once in awhile. Honestly, I spend more time with AC right now because of all the great mods, especially Sol and CSP. Those two mods have made me a worse driver because i'm too busy sight seeing instead of concentrating on the track. They are incredible.

    And I haven't even touched the surface as to what's out there mod wise. Cars, tracks, other environmental mods, it seems endless. How can $12 get me this much content and have this much fun. Only wish I would have got back into PC sim racing a long time ago because I feel soooooooooooo late to the party.
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  3. norbs

    norbs Alien

    If you did it years ago, it wouldnt have cost you $12 :)
  4. St3fan

    St3fan Alien

    AC Ultimate is indeed insane value, although I have no regrets having spent a lot more than that to support Kunos since the EA days.
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  5. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    better late to the party than missing it entirely. ;)
    welcome and have fun. :)
  6. Formaer

    Formaer Rookie

    Anyway - better than NFS: Most Wanted, even in 2020 is better than everyone. And there is also a lot of content) And it’s inexpensive. There is almost nowhere to buy.
  7. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Consider on top of the mods what you are actually getting in the Kunos content. Laser scanned tracks including Nordschleife, meticulously recreated cars from all eras up to modern Ferrari F1 cars. And these aren’t just random guess cars but made with a huge amount of research and assistance from the manufacturers.

    AC is a magical sim that will be races and loved by many for a very long time to come.

    Now go and experience this stuff in VR and be amazed.
  8. Full_Ninja

    Full_Ninja Racer

    Get the Crew Chief MOD.
  9. norbs

    norbs Alien

    HeliCorsa would be my first mod.

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