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Car and track setup subforum

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by TheMarshal, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    In ACC setups are important to set good laptimes and be competitive. At least, that's how I experience it.

    Lately I've been searching for some ACC setup threads, but as the number of threads quickly increases, finding things back becomes more and more difficult. Which is a shame because there is valuable info around here.

    Isnt it an idea to open a specific 'setup talk' section where we can talk about setups, share them, talk about motec analyses and such?
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  3. Proody

    Proody Racer

    SetUps in a beta-phase of the game may not be a good idea ...
    It could change a lot.
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  4. TheMarshal

    TheMarshal Gamer

    Good point if it would be a 'car setup database'. As good car setups from v0.3 may drive terribly in v0.6, a setup repository would make not so much sense before the definitive game launch.

    Though the argument not to make such a forum is 'because the game changes' does not hold for just talking about setting up the car and understanding it better. This is an ongoing process that is now shattered across the forums.

    Even with a changing game I think it is valuable to discuss understanding the cars better in a place specially setup for that.
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