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Car Decision/Selection

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by onlyhorizon, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. onlyhorizon

    onlyhorizon Rookie

    Hey Folks,
    i want to ask if theres a tier list for all the avaialable cars in regards to competetive league races. so which cars are viable on most tracks and which cars are simply not viable?

    and what is the best track to find my personal car? which track got all the type of corners combined? some friends told me that barcelona got a good mix of fast and slow corners to find the best car for me.

    Thanks for the help and see you on track!

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  3. f1200racer

    f1200racer Racer


    No list that I know of. Online you mostly see Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari used the most. As for Car/Track combos every car has a BOP (balance of performance) per track. A car may be good on one track but not so much on another. I find most cars are fairly close over multiple tracks.

    I use Silverstone as my testing track personally as its the track I know it the best. As for my car selection I just pick cars I like. I don't personally use a certain car just because it could be the fastest on a particular track. The challenge is to make what ever car you choose for a season consistent at all tracks to perform well. Lately I like the Honda NXS because you hardly see it used. Its a tricky car to drive and doesn't have the most favorable BOP. For me it was the challenge of finding the right setup for myself and I have it competitive at a few tracks now (with still lots of work to go).

    It all depends on your driving style as well. I found I favored the big front engine cars like BMW or Lexus and I had to change to adapt to the what the NXS wanted.
  4. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Unless your fighting for first place in most races, and matching record times, I don't think there's enough of a difference in the cars for most people to worry about it.

    If you can drive a car comfortably and consistently it's worth as much as driving the fastest car. I spend a lot of time just driving one car. I did a stint with the Ferrari, the Aston, and now I'm on the McLaren. I like how the Aston handles, I can be pretty competitive in the Ferrari, but I think the McLaren is probably the easiest to drive consistently with.

    Most of the rest of us aren't aliens, we have time left to extract from the cars we're driving. If you know one car like the back of your hand and can drive it safely and consistently you'll probably beat someone who's driving a slightly faster car but isn't consistent. So just pick the car you like. You won't be losing out that much.
  5. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    Your looking for the golden bullet that doesn't exist.
    All of the cars are capable of winning.
    A lot comes down to driving style and how the car feels to you.
    Sometimes I find I lap faster in say a lomborghini and spa, only to have the tyres drop off faster than say, ferrari or Aston, and usually a spend the second half of the race just trying to keep the car on the circuit . Again, this is based on how I set the car up and my style.
    Fast doesn't mean consistent. I've seen some really fast drivers pull out a few seconds of a lead after a few laps, only to bin it into Eau Rouge, or get it all wrong through the Schumacher S at nurbs. I've also been this poor person .

    It's all personal preference. If your gonna race a wild cat of a setup on a car, you'd better have had your espresso before commiting to a 30 minute duel with it.

    I coined a saying a few weeks back as I reversed my car out of the raddilon barriers... , just because I can get pole with it, doesn't mean I should roll with it.
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  6. Unf

    Unf Racer

    Pick your favourite track. Set a Hot Stint for 30min. Prepare tyres to good pressures and then... pick cars, one by one.
    At the end check with which car you were fastest. And probably it is good idea to make a note after each car what was ok for you and what was bad.

    I did it three times and each time Porsche was the best fitted for me... but I am still not 100% sure that this is the best car, since it's lack of speed on straight is so painful during the race. So I am going to do it 4th time :D

    It is also important how flex you want to be. For instance - I like "one trick pony" idea. Just stick to one car and go deep with it.
    Although probably the best idea is to be common with 2-3 cars and choose them depend on particular track.
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  7. CSJ92882

    CSJ92882 Rookie

    But also be aware of consistency. The Porsche especially drives extremely different with a full tank vs. an empty tank. So it can put up fast individual lap times, but hard to maintain consistency.
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  8. drukqs

    drukqs Racer

    if you are asking this question on a forum like you are, then you are not at a level where minmaxing car choice really matters.
    As for track, Nurburgring or Catalunya might be good ones to test some cars as they are a mixed bag in terms of track layout.
  9. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

  10. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    easy & fast = rari, merc
    demanding & fast = porsch, audi
    turbo noises = bmw
    schumi in the wet = lexus

    keep in mind that every track has it's own bop... there are definetly cars that draw the short stick.
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  11. RE_brotakul

    RE_brotakul Gamer

    I found this chart and the results online, somewhere, i cannot remember where. So sorry to the creator/s, i hope it’s ok to share.
    Regardless, just like the other guys, i’d say the cars are quite equally capable thanks to a well implemented BoP. The difference is in the handling and driving style, so you need to find your own best match.
    Give each car 1 week and ride them hard. Don’t give up on them right away if you feel one car is unmanageable, stick with it dor the entire week and make it work, meaning adjusting your driving to the car.
    I started with the Ferrari, loved it. Changed it for the Bentley, loved it. Then moved to the Audi, loved it. Then the Porsche, loved it. Now i’m in the Lexus, i love it! Plan to properly check the Merc and the Aston. But i’m pretty sure i’ll l.. you know... and don’t get me started with the GT4s!
    In the end i guess i favor the Porsche and the Audi more, but i keep getting back to the other ones quite often, each car has it’s personality and they are all great on their own ... that’s where Kunos really nailed it with ACC.
    So you need to try them all, there’s no clear winner here.
    My go-to test tracks are Nurbs and Silverstone, perfect blend of kerbs, slow turns, straights and fast corners. Nothing too extreme like Zolder and Monza. Works for me.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2020
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  12. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    I always see BMW's going down straights just like a warm up lap, yet to see one win. Maybe they just love the dump noises too much :D

    When I started out, as others say, You just have to practice do at least 20mins in a car to judge it. My driving style just gelled very well with the Bentley, it's very forgiving and is capable at all tracks, it's a good package - it's all I drove until GT4 DLC. Then I wanted to Learn MR cars as they are very different. So I tried the R8GT4 then moved onto 720S GT3, it's actually so nice to drive and but can remind you if you over drive it. Then tried the Lexus, and it's so smoooth, just like the Bentley but so much more grip through corners
  13. Hello folks,
    I’ve recently transitioned from the PS4 to a decent PC. On the PS4 I used to favour the Bentley. Now with the PC view settings I thought I’d give the BMW a go and (once I could see over the bonnet!) I found it was my quickest car. I really enjoy driving it and I seem to get the best lap times from it.
    Problem is, it isn’t nimble in my hands. I’ve been racing at Imola and the cars ahead jink about around each other. I can’t seem to do that in the Beemer. When I get into a McLaren or Ferrari, no problem.

    Should I stick with the Beemer and try to understand set up or should I forgo lap speed and go for something more nimble?
    Is the BMW competitive in online races? (I’m a place holding 88%, Occasional position gain at 86/87% but get more Safety at 85%)
  14. Tobus

    Tobus Gamer

    first: For getting a better view over the bonnet, start a race. when in pits dont drive off, but escape and go into view settings. You can set things like height and distance for a better viewing position. save when done, settings are saved per car model.
    second: do single player quick races of 15-30 minutes, start a the back. this will give you time to get acquainted to a car, and it's now altered view. As you are in the back you can play with AI settings to see what you can match. And as you are constantly trying to overtake, thus closing in on others, you will up your SA fast as well.

    have fun!
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  15. Thanks Tobus,
    I’m at that point. The PS4 version doesn’t change Fov but since having a PC I’m adept at changing it all. I’m doing the racing and that’s where the issue seems to be.
    I’m not nimble in a pack with the BMW, whereas I seem to be better in more agile cars. I fear that the BMW is a bit like an oil tanker, it’s great when pointed in a line but deviation is difficult.
  16. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    Yeah just switch to another car, the nimble cars are more fun to race, and it's easier to outbreak others. BMW might be good on laptime or something if driven well, but it's just more fun to have a better turning car.

    I would go with Porsche (not as good anymore in 1.6.0 my impression, but fun) or new Ferrari or Audi.
    If you just want to be fast I think everyone now drives that new Mercedes but I haven't tried it.
  17. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    I'm not entirely sure what this sentence means, I believe it means you play against 88% AI difficulty? If so, don't worry about being competitive in online races yet. Pick a car you like to drive and practice with it until you can keep the car on track comfortably and become decently consistent.

    Just set up a practice session with optimum grip, drive 3-4 laps and then return to pit and adjust your psi so theyre in the optimal range (27.3-27.9).
    Now just drive laps, then drive more laps and then drive some more laps.

    If you want to have fun and drive with other cars on track, just join a race or setup an AI race. If you want to become faster, start a single player session.
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  18. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    Basically you can compete with almost any car on almost any track. Try out the different cars and stay with one that you enjoy. Good in the beginning are e.g. Aston Martin V8 or Bentley. The BMW is the biggest one in the field and somewhat special. The more agile a vehicle is (e.g. Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) the more difficult they are when they are pushed to the limit.
    If it is true that you can handle <90% AI at the moment then you should first work on the basics. You will only have serious fun online when you can win against AI >90%.
    Try something around and then stay with a car for a few weeks.
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  19. Thanks folks,
    I’ve been putting some hours in with the BMW but, as described, but as Henk guesses, when I’m racing and try to outbreak cars into turns like 2 and 14 at Imola I end up “dive bombing”. I can’t seem to carry enough speed out of the corner to overtake on exit either.
    Oblitor, you were right, I can hold my own against 88 but no better, I can gain a few places at slightly lower and get from the back to the front at 85%. I appreciate that I’m not ready to race online yet and need to put hours more time in. I just don’t want to put the time into a car that won’t work for me later.

    Here is a question...I’m racing custom Championships or trying to select the BMW when I select the “real” Endurance season. I imagine the BMW is great when a race is over 3 hours long but at 30 minutes the pack is still very tight. This is when the McLarens etc seem to be better. Is it possible that some cars are better for smooth consistent fast laps without hold ups, whilst others suited for tight, short races (sprints).
  20. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    It makes sense that you don't have speed on exit of the corner when you 'divebomb' into the corner :p If you enter the corner too fast, you will lose speed on the exit. Slow in, fast out.

    You can definitely join online races, anyone can. If you want to race against people, just join a lobby. Racing against others also improves your skills of racing with others on a track, but if you want to become faster I would definitely recommend starting in a practice session without other cars on track. Then you can work on your lines, brake points and cornering without any distractions.
    This way you will see your laptimes improve a lot faster. But if you're stuck and can't figure out why you don't gain any more pace, you can just record some footage and ask the community for help.

    I don't think any cars are more fit for shorter or longer races. Some cars are just more suited for certain tracks, but endurance races are basically just 1 hour stint sprint races with a bit more caution not to get off-track warnings and with less battling on track because it makes no sense to fight during the first 22-23 hours of a 24 hour race.
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