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Car Decision/Selection

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by onlyhorizon, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien


    It's literally 6 lines of text :D
  2. Tobus

    Tobus Gamer

    Who cares if you are "not competitive" on online races? As long as you drive safe, you can learn a lot from the guy in front just a tad faster than you. Forget about setups. I've tried many, making me actually slower before I get slightly better than the default aggressive setup with tire pressures adjusted. I'm happy to just finish in the top half ;-)

    go try all the cars, you'll find your fit soon enough, and build from there. Once mastered you can always grow tired of it and try a new one.
    I am/was totally Porsche minded, but now moving towards the AMR's in both GT3 and GT4. Not as fast yet as in the Porsche's, but funfactor is key for me. And I'm actually eyeing the BMW as well as the #10 Boutsen Ginion paint for the Spa 24hr is so awesome :-D
  3. Ah...my 24 year old son has just explained it to me! Too long;Didn’t read (the face palm emoji doodad)
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  4. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Ahhhh, you were asking what TL;DR means? Hahaha, I thought you wanted a TL;DR for the text I wrote :p
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  5. By the way what are all the D1, JP, RTR references?
  6. No, I always read what people write, they take the time to bother. I haven’t done much of this social media stuff and when I was last on forums it was a while ago.
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  7. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Not sure, where did you read these?
  8. They are under your profile pictures below the red ACC Licensed banner.
  9. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    It's DLCs from the original Assetto Corsa game.
  10. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    JP = Japanese Pack
    RTR = Ready To Race
    and so on
  11. DaReaLDeviL

    DaReaLDeviL Gamer

    I need to chip in here. Are the 2020 cars like the ferrari evo oder the new mercedes equal in setups or do I have to finetune them when I already have setup for the old one?
  12. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    ".... PHYSICS:

    See our blog post on the official support forum for more detailed information on the above changes/improvements.
    Old setups might need revision and it is generally recommended to run safer setups."

    very good answer in the forum bout this topic


    Its porsche related but its the same more or less with every car.
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  13. RE_brotakul

    RE_brotakul Gamer

    Wow, this thread is (was) still in 2020 :D

    The top 3 GT3 cars on 2021 servers (at least the ones i race):
    - Ferrari Evo
    - AMG
    - Mclaren
    Out of the 3, i feel the Mclaren got a serious bump up, getting really competitive and preferred by many because of its “FR” style safer handling.

    On the other hand, less and less Audi’s and Aston’s on the track. Porsche’s are more or less of the same participation, maybe with a slight reduction on some tracks, but nothing crazy. And so with the rest of the cars.

    PS: to keep up with the trend, I switched from my Porsche/Lexus/Audi trio to the Ferrari Evo. New setups to do, new habits to get, lots of work for 2021 :)
  14. bhowe83

    bhowe83 Racer

    I decided to switch into the Lexus. Always loved the engine note and coming from stock car oval side of racing it really suites me with how heavy and lumbering it can feel.
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  15. Tobus

    Tobus Gamer

    I feel the Bentley's are completely disappearing from online server, having myself switched to the Aston V8 for full learning curve.
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  16. Wolkenwolf

    Wolkenwolf Rookie

    nobody likes the nissan it seems. Whats wrong with it ? I like it, it feels very stable, predictable and is a bit more lively then the BMW.
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  17. Unf

    Unf Racer

    Propably most of them think that if jardier, dalking or trotellini drives mostly AMG , Ferrari nad Porsche then they are the best and fastest cars...
    Oh wait - Nils drives BMW :D
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  18. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    I don't know why, but I've always liked the Audi and always try to drive it even though I can never drive it properly.
    It was the same on AC1 with the 650S, for some reason I'm always gravitating towards cars I'm bad with.
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  19. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    I like it too! I have driven the BMW a lot but got sick of being too far off the pace at a lot of the tracks, so was looking for something a bit quicker without going to the op cars.
    Then did a 12h race at spa last month with my team so we took the Nissan, I had never driven it until a week before the event.
    The Nissan was great, it rained for the whole 12 hours and we finished P2; 49 seconds behind the leader.
    So I was in love! I decided to take it for the next season of a league that I do, in which 1/3 of the cars are Ferrari, 1/3 are Maccas, and again I’m the only one driving my car, but at least now slightly more competitive in the Nissan than the BMW :)
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  20. drukqs

    drukqs Racer

    I 'only' drive the Nissan so i think i'm in a position to talk about it.

    Car got worse on the latest BoP (let's see if there are changes in a few hours with 1.7), specially on European Tracks. The thing is on a non top-end spectrum of drivers, if well driven, it can be as competitive as any other on most tracks (more on that below), but on the real top-end it's just not worth driving because there, every milisecond count and apart from 1 or 2 tracks (maybe Laguna being the only track really) the Nissan is not a top contender, so that's why you never see the big guys driving it. Also once you have the fame to suck, it will stick until momentum shifts the other way (usually by a top streamer driving it): BMW being a wierd exception, Nils drives it, and no one really cares about it anyway.

    Anyway Nissan, great on the kerbs, good top speed, very stable platform in my opinion, albeit quite understeery at corner entry (just compare with with the AMG for instance on that).
    And without a doubt, if not the best, it is in top 2 or 3 of breaking performance and feel in the game. <- this is where the car really shines, under breaking.

    Now the bad?
    Pretty simple, Aerodynamic package in the Nissan is sub par, like a lot. So fast corners it is absolutely horrendous compared to other cars.
    That, joined with unfavorable BoP makes the car absolutely HORRENDOUS on certain tracks, i.e. Silverstone where it is at least a second off the pace.

    Also the car likes to overrotate on slow/mid speed corners specially coasting.

    So tracks where i feel it is competitive:
    Laguna Seca (one of the best actually), Zolder, Imola: anything with lot's of big breaking points and not a lot of fast corners.

    Tracks to avoid:
    Silverstone (by far worst car on the track of the 'current gen' cars at least), Suzuka...anything with few breaking and lots of fast corners.

    Most of the other tracks it is allright but don't expect to be the top dog car.

    Hope it helps.
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